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A Love to Remember by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 2 : Game On
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Chapter Two: Game On

After Breakfast the next morning Dominique and Lily made their way to Potions class, which they had first thing with the Slytherins. Thankfully for them they could do no wrong in Professor Slughorn’s eyes. Both Lily and Dominique were in what was known as the Slug Club; a very exclusive club for those of exceptional talent or high standings in the wizarding society.

“Ah Miss Watkins, Miss Evans! Wonderful to see you again! I trust you two have been studing your potions over the summer.”

“Yes Professor Slughorn,” they answered together.

“Excellent, excellent. Well take your seats, class will begin shortly.”

“You know normally I would hate this, but being a teacher’s pet has its advantages.” Dominique whispered to Lily.

“Just don’t cause too much trouble,” Lily whispered back sharply

“Me? Cause trouble? Now what would make you say that?”

“Oh be quiet.”

Two seconds before the bell rang James and Sirius came walking casually into the room taking a seat next to Remus and Peter who had arrived earlier with Lily and Dominique.
Sirius took his seat and propped his legs up on the table reclining in his chair. Several girls sighed and looked adoringly at him. Dominique who had noticed all this gave Sirius a disgusted look. Sirius blew her a mocking kiss; Dominique scowled at him before facing the front of the classroom.

“Settle down class, settle down,” Professor Slughorn said walking out of his office. “Ah it is nice to see you and Mr. Potter decided to join us before class started, Mr. Black.”

“No problem Professor.”

Professor Slughorn ignored him. “Please remove your feet from your desk.” Sirius did so. “Thank you. Now for class today you will be trying you hand at making Polyjuice Potion. Tough, I know, but I am extremely confident in my N.E.W.T students.” Professor Slughorn beamed at Lily and Dominique.

“Now you are going to make the potion in pairs-” before he could get another word in the class begin to find their normal partners. “Wait one moment!” Slughorn bellowed. Everyone stopped dead. “I will be choosing your partners.”

Slughorn surveyed the room and began paring people off. Poor Remus got stuck with a Slytherin and Peter got paired with Snape, he looked rather scared. Now only Dominique, Lily, James, and Sirius were left. “Let’s see here…hm…I think Miss Evans will be partners with Mr. Potter. Leaving Miss. Watkins and Mr. Black. Now off to work! Directions are on the board.” With a flick of his wand the instructions for Polyjuice Potion appeared on the board.

“Looks like we are partners Watkins,” Sirius said smugly as he sat down

“Goody goody.” Dominique busied herself with getting everything ready.

Dominique was a very intense worker; once she got started she hardly noticed anything around her. Sirius watched as Dominique worked feverishly at getting all the ingredients ready that were to go in first, as this project would take about a month.

Getting frustrated with her hair constantly falling in her face Dominique turned around to get a hair band out of her bag. As Dominique reached into her bag she noticed for the first time that Sirius wasn’t working. Instead he was reclining in his chair asleep.

That jerk! Thinking that I would do all the work and he would get a good grade? And I thought he was supposed to be smart? Ha! Let’s see how he likes this wake up call.

“Wake up and work you lazy ass!” Dominique snarled kicking over Sirius’s chair and sending him crashing to the ground.

“What the hell was that for?” Sirius yelled looking up from the floor.

“Did you honestly think that you were going to do nothing while I did everything?” Everyone in the class was now listening.

“Yes,” Sirius matter-of-factly replied.

“Like hell you are! Now get your sorry ass off the floor and work!”

“What is going on here?” Demanded Professor Slughorn who had just come out of his office to check on their progress.

“Professor, Sirius is refusing to help me with the potion. He seems to feel sleep is more important,” Dominique said in her most innocent voice.

“I suggest you help Miss Watkins that is unless you would like to fail.”

“Yes Professor.” Sirius picked himself up off the floor.

“Very well then, get back to work.” Slughorn went around and check on the rest of the class before heading back into his office.

“That was cruel Watkins,” Sirius hissed under his breath.

“You’re welcome.”

The Seventh years quickly found themselves berried under pile…no mountains of homework by the end of the first week. If they weren’t in classes they were in the library or the common room finishing as many assignments as possible.

The only two people who didn’t seem to care much were Sirius and James. Sirius did his work whenever he felt like it, which was almost never, so how he got it all done no one could even begin to guess. James on the other hand was focused on Quidditch he really wanted to win the cup, what else was new.

James kept dogging Dominique, asking her repeatedly if she would try out for the team. Her answer was always the same, no. Dominique was an excellent flyer, but she only flew for pleasure. She had no desire to play Quidditch at all.

After about three days of nonstop begging to try out, Dominique put James in a full body bind and shoved him in a closet where Remus found him four hours later.

“Dominique!” Sirius yelled barging into the common room that same night.

“Yes.” Dominique lay in a chair by the fire.

“Why did you do that to James?”

“Because he wouldn’t leave me alone. Now go away before I do the same to you.”

“Never do that again!”

“So it is okay when you do it to someone who is bugging you, but it is not okay if someone does it to you or your friends?”

“Pretty much.”

“You know one day someone is going to pop that ego of yours and when they do I am going to be right there laughing.” Dominique had gotten to her feet.

“First you make me look bad in class then you hex James. You do realize this means war.” Sirius stepped closer but Dominique held her ground.

“Hasn’t it been that why since third year?” Dominique asked.

“I think it is time to turn the heat up a little. What do you say?”

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with fire? Because you do know what happens don’t you?”

“My mother never taught me hardly anything at all, but please, do enlighten me.”

“You get burned.”

“Um did you guys want some alone time or something?” James and Remus had just walked into the common room and weren’t quite sure what to make of the scene in front of them.

“Actually I am through here.” Dominique gave Sirius one last glare before heading upstairs.

Over the next few days nothing happened. No pranks were pulled, no jokes were told, and no one got hurt. Dominique figured Sirius had either forgotten or chickened out. Dominique, however, refused to waste anymore time or energy on Sirius Black. Not when she had homework to do, tests to study for, and N.E.W.T’s to prepare for; there was no time for playing around.

“So what happened to the whole war thing with Sirius?” Lily asked one morning at breakfast.

“Who knows and who cares. Frankly I am happy ignoring him like I have for the past six years.”

“Well at least I don’t have to worry about one of you blowing up the school.”

“Why would I do that? I like it here too much to blow it up.”

Lily noticed Dominique seemed quite bored by the conversation and dropped it. Besides there was no time for talk with a long essay do for McGonagall’s class, an essay on the pros and cons of Polyjuice Potion, and Ancient Runes homework among other things, talk was far from their minds.

“Knew I would find you here.”

“Hello Potter,” Lily said not bothering to look up.

“I will warn you right now if you ask me anything about Quidditch and I will do another Full Body Bind and throw you in the lake. And don’t think I won’t.”

“Don’t worry, I learn my lesson.” James held up his hands in submission.

“Good, then go. If you can’t tell we are busy.”

“Don’t worry I won’t be staying long. I just wanted to let you know that you might want to watch your back.” Dominique looked up at the smirking James.

“I will tell you the same thing I told Black. Play with fire and you will get burned.”

“We shall see.”

“Potter just leave,” Lily hissed. She had always been very annoyed by Dominique, James, and Sirius’s on going ‘war’.

“You’ve been warned Watkins.” James stood to leave. “Lily.” He nodded his head at Lily then left the library.

“Don’t you think this is getting a little old Dominique?”

“It is not like I started the whole thing.”

“Yeah well you haven’t exactly tried to stop it either.”

“What? Do you think I’m going to back out of a challenge?”

“Oh that is right I forgot about you and your pride,” Lily scoffed. “You know you and Sirius are more alike than you think.”

“I do hope you are joking Lily.” Dominique was very offended.

“Maybe, maybe not.” Lily said going back to work.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Snapped Dominique. The mere thought of dating Sirius Black made her want to vomit. He was cocky and egotistical and then there was the fact neither of them had ever gotten along. Sure they had their little war, but that had always been to prove who was better then whom at pranks.

Dominique never claimed to be better than Sirius Black in way of personality; in fact she would be the first person to admit that she too could be arrogant and prideful. However, she had never been a show off or attention seeker. She would never dream of strutting around school the way Sirius did or hexing people simply because he could.

Sure Dominique had a nasty temper when angered and had hexed a fair number of people in her time at Hogwarts, but never because they existed. No, she was different from Sirius and was in no hurry to find away to get along with him.

Awesome chapter image by Ande @ TDA
 Thank you to my awesome beta Cedriclover

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A Love to Remember : Game On


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