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R.E.C. by pearluna
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. EXCEPT Rachel, Anne, and the plot!
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Chapter 4: Mischief Managed

Bear with me as I skip forwards, past a handful of detentions, some study halls, O.W.L.s... and nasty names, to what is my seventh and final year at Hogwarts. Whoops. I have a few more events to tell you about in first year... Today’s stop: a very significant day in our (as in, me and Anne) history: just after Halloween, at a study session.

Prof. Ginny and Hermione seemed unuually excited. After our usual study time on wandless magic and random jinxes and hexes, Prof. Ginny told us to sit down. So we did.

“Now,” Prof. Ginny said, bearing a mock-solemn voice, “we know that, as teachers, we shouldn’t pick favorites. Or help individuals. Hermione and I have bent those unspoken rules. And, in an effort of extra self-protection,” she winked at us, “Hermione and I have some things for you.

They handed us two shimmery, silvery cloaks and a piece of what appeared to be a very old, yellowed, crinkly piece of parchment.

Anne and I looked at them, confused. They smiled. Prof. Hermione took the cloaks back. Prof. Ginny came over, stabbed the parchment with her wand and said, “I solemnly swear I that I am up to no good.”

I heard Anne gasped. I didn’t see her, I was to busy staring. Words were appearing on the page, right before our eyes. You’d think I would have been use to that sort of stuff, but I guess it takes a while to get used to magic.

Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs...
Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers
Are proud to present
Are proud to present the Marauder’s Map.

A map of Hogwarts. A BIG, fully-covers-everything-map of Hogwarts. It had little dots clearly labeled all over it. And the dots were moving!

“It shows everyone,” began Prof. Ginny.

“At every moment,” continued Prof. Hermione.

“Of every day,” the finished in unison.

“The dots are people,” Professor Ginny continued, answering my unspoken question.
“Mischief Managed,” mentioned Prof. Ginny while tapping the map. It immediately, well, wiped itself of all evidence that it was a map. It looked like an old piece of parchment. Professor Hermione then handed one silvery cloak to me, and one silvery cloak to Anne.

“THESE,” she said, gesturing to the cloaks we were holding, “are invisibility cloaks.”

I was speechless. Anne was not quite: “Wha... how.... why?”

The professors grinned. “For protection from Malfoy, of course,” they chorused.

I distinctly saw them wink at us. “Oh,” I said shortly. I was still shocked. I wonder how much these things COST!

“And, of course, a bit of pranking as well,” added Professor Ginny.

“Specifically a Leonard Malfoy and all of his conies, but you didn’t hear it from us,” Prof. Hermione said slyly.

I estimate we thanked them for about five minutes straight. Finally, Anne asked, “Professors, who are Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs?”

They grinned again.

“That’s a very long story. You should get comfortable, you’ll be here a while,” said Professor Hermione, before beginning...

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