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Disclaimer - nothing is mine but you already no that so on with the story Chapter Eight – Deal With the Enemy Dumbledore entered the chamber, his head bowed and his footsteps silent. It seemed to Remus that he glided rather than walked. Remus rose from his seat by the fire, where he had spent the last few hours staring into the flames. “Have you remembered anything yet?” Dumbledore asked as he reached Remus. The werewolf shook his head, “Nothing. I don’t even remember transforming once I was in the cell.” “Alright, I didn’t expect you to have remembered anything. Tomorrow when Sirius and James come back we’ll have to think about using a Memory Charm, we need to know where you’ve been,” Dumbledore said. “Is that really necessary? I mean it could damage my memory permanently and I may never remember,” Remus protested, panic in his eyes. “I should think that you’d want to take the risk of a Memory Charm if it meant you’d know where you’ve been and what, if anything, you’ve done,” Dumbledore said sharply. He turned and strode briskly out of the room. Dumbledore returned to his office and pondered Remus’ words. Why would he refuse the Memory Charm when it was their only hope of finding out what had happened to him over the past few days? Dumbledore knew it was quite hypocritical but at this moment he didn’t trust the werewolf to be telling to truth. But Remus Lupin would never forsake his friends; he was too loyal and too grateful to have the Marauders to betray them. But to refuse a chance that would help the Order even when it would put his mind at risk was not like Remus, who usually put the Order before his own life. Something was not right with Remus Lupin. ***** “Why would we help you?” Sirius hissed, stepping towards Snape before James could stop him. Snape only smiled, “Oh you’ll listen to me and you’ll help me because you need me.” “We don’t need you. Why would anyone need to a slimy git like you?” Sirius took another step towards Snape and would have moved close but James reached out and took a handful of Sirius’ robes to prevent him. “Oh isn’t that sweet. Potter’s trying to protect you from the big bad wolf, Black. Well there’s no need Potter. Black won’t hurt me because without me you wont be able to enter that house.” “Why would you help us, Snape? What do you want from us in return?” James asked, trying to refrain from looking down at his scolded hand. “Let’s make a deal. I’ll get you into the Longbottom’s home and then you can help Frank and Alice before it’s too late. In return you’ll give me what I want, protection.” Sirius laughed, “Protection? Why would you need protection from us, doesn’t your master protect you?” “I don’t need protection from you, you won’t attack me,” Snape said confidently even as Sirius pulled out his wand. “I need a place to go, somewhere where the Dark Lord can’t find me.” James pulled back and tugged on Sirius’ robes, “It’s a trap,” he hissed. “Snape’s trying to distract us for some reason. He’s got something planned.” Sirius nodded, indicating he’d heard James. “Had a fight with your little boss, Severus? Need some help to escape until you can find someone to kill so he’ll forgive you?” Snape glared at Sirius, “As a matter of fact, I’m running from the Dark Lord because I defied him. I left the safe point when he told us to stay. I left because I couldn’t do it anymore. Kill people, hurt them and find it funny. I don’t know why this happened to me and I don’t like it, but I can’t stop it.” “Oh, poor Snape, he’s finally grown a conscious,” James sniggered while Sirius’ smiled. “How do we know your not just going to turn around and kill us once our backs are turned. How do we know this isn’t a trap?” “Well first off, you don’t and you’ll just have to trust me. Second, I can’t kill James even if I wanted to. The most I could ever do to him is draw a little blood.” “How come-“ Sirius asked. “It’s a charm. An old but powerful karma charm,” James said slowly, still working it out in his head. “What?” Sirius asked in confusion, thinking he had accidentally skipped a section in his Charms textbook back at Hogwarts. “Sirius, remember back at school when you tricked Snape into going after Remus when he was going to the Shack? Well, when I had to pull him out of the way so Remus wouldn’t kill him it did something. But I can’t quite remember what…” James trailed off. “It caused a Protection Charm, meaning I can’t hurt James Potter even if I really, really wanted to,” Severus snarled. “Now can we get back to the deal at hand?” “Sirius, I think we need to discuss this with others, don’t you?” James asked, looking significantly at Sirius. “Yes of course, Prongs. What an excellent idea,” he answered. In a synchronised movement the two men took a step towards Severus and cried in one voice; “Stupefy!” Severus fell to the ground, his arms and legs snapped shut and his eyes closed. James looked down at the body. “He looks better that way, don’t you think?” Sirius nodded “You can take him.” “I don’t want to take him, you can take him,” James whined. “But he might wake up and hurt me. If you take him then he can’t touch you.” “Oh alright, you bloody prat,” James reached down and carefully (yeah right) moved Severus into a sitting position and pulled out his wand. “Morbulus Corpus,” he muttered and Severus’ body rose in the air. “Come on Prongs, we have to get off the Longbottom property so we can Apparate back to Hogsmeade. We can’t take Snape through the fire Stupefied,” Sirius said, walking off towards the gate. “Just for the record, I really hate you sometimes Padfoot,” James followed Sirius, with Snape floating along in front of him. “I love you too,” Sirius grinned. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey, i'm back from my trip - i went to the New Zealand (thats where i live) National Badminton Age Group Championships. my team came 2nd in the country!!!!!!!! Anyway please review BI!

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