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Chapter 9: Jumping isn’t Dancing

So here I am again back at my front door, not knowing what to expect when I open it. I looked at my watch, it was 8:44pm, they were probably just finishing up getting ready to go to a new year’s party that some old friends of theirs were throwing.

I took out my key, took a deep breath and put on my game face. Then I opened the door with such force that it hit the wall on the other side.

“Paige, watch how hard you open that thing” My dad scolded me as he fastened on his tie in the living room.

I gave him a stone look that immediately told him something was wrong and our eyes moved to my mom who came out of the bathroom. She was to busy concentrating on getting her silver earrings through her ears that she didn’t notice me yet.

“We should be going soon the Smiths are expecting….” she trailed off and stopped when she saw my dad’s curious look and my angry glare.

I took another key out of my pocket and placed it on the counter in front of her and put a piece of paper beside it. Than I stepped back and resumed my glare at her.

“What’s that?” she asked uncertainly.

“Your new vault number and key for Gringotts” I said quietly and briskly.

Dad looked even more confused. Mom went a little pale and looked as if she wanted to start defending herself but I cut her off.

“Sorry you won’t get all the money you had planned on, I only told them to move one third of my trust fund to another account.”

At the words trust fund I held up my fingers and made an exaggerated quotation gesture. I studied her face at the same time, it wasn’t a face of someone who had no idea what was going on, it was the face of someone who knew they had been caught. My stomach sank a little; I hadn’t known a part of me had been hoping this was all one big mistake.

“Don’t be too disappointed, that amount of money still makes you a very rich lady.” I spat as bitterly as I could.

Dad walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. “Honey what exactly is going on?”

Right there in front of her I explained what Malfoy had told me and my mother stood in the background with her back turned, silent.

“So I went to Gringotts after” I said after I told him about the alley “and I told them who I was and they accommodated me after I gave them sufficient proof, I was lucky they hadn’t sent out my key and vault number yet.”

I looked at my mother again, still silent.

“Anyways, mother be sure to tell the rest of your family that they aren’t poor either, I opened another account for them and put another third of my fortune, but only under the condition that they never talk to me again, which coincidently is your condition as well.”

She turned and looked at me. I could see anger, surprise and frustration in her face, and maybe a little guilt as well, but only a little.

“I’ll pack my things” She finally declared. Of course she didn’t even hesitate and grabbed the key and the combination first. Not an apology or anything, she was disappointed that she wasn’t as rich as she had thought she would soon be.

As soon as she left the room I glanced at my Dad, and he looked livid. He glanced over at me and his face softened a bit and he came over and gave me a hug and whispered “Your mother and I are going to have a talk before she goes, and don’t worry I’ll make sure she never comes here again.”

I reached in my other pocket and took out another key and piece of paper.

“I want you to hold onto this until I graduate and become all responsible or something, it’s my inheritance minus two thirds” I told him, holding out my hand.

He reached out and closed my hand “It’s yours now, there is probably enough for you not to worry about how much you spend.”

“I’ll try to be sensible about it” I promised him.

He chuckled and reached out and ruffled my hair “That’s going to be tough for you” he teased and added “but if you want to splurge and buy me a few nice things, feel free.”

I gave him the best resemblance of a smile and went to my room. I turned my ACDC record on as loud as possible and lay on my bed, and somehow instantly fell asleep.


I looked at my watch and stood at a door uncertainly for the second time that night.


Crap. I may be a bit late for Sirius’s little bash.

I had slept for so long and my Dad thought I needed the rest and hadn’t woken me up. When I did wake, I made the tough decision to go, the only way I was going to forget about this was if I was distracted. Unfortunately I had to rely on directions Sirius owled over instead of apparating since I had never been here before.

I reached out to knock but the door swung open and two girls laughing walked out and down the hall. They barely saw me and I had to move sideways quickly. I poked my head into the doorframe and saw a HUGE crowd of people packed into the room.

They were also all dressed to the nines in what looked like was the hippest clothing they owned. I looked down at myself, jeans and a T-Shirt Amy got me last year. It was what I had been wearing all day and hadn’t bothered to change. For some reason at that moment I actually cared that I looked crappy and tried to smooth the wrinkles in my shirt.

“Today sucks” I said to myself and walked in.

I looked across the room, over all the heads while feeling lucky that I was at least tall. I spotted Amy pretty quickly, she was sitting on a couch talking to Lily. James was sitting on the couch arm while Remus was standing near by. I wanted to walk over to them, I really did but instead I panicked at seeing familiar people and went to find the bathroom.

There was a huge line but as soon as the door opened I pushed through and shut it quickly which sort of droned out the sound of annoyed “heys” from the people I had cut in front of.

I looked in the mirror and saw that I was slightly sweating.

Okay, breathe deep. So what if you just found out your mother is an evil money hungry backstabber? “GET OVER IT!” I furiously thought at myself.

I don’t know how long I was in there; I amused myself with looking through cupboards and washing my face every 30 seconds. While sitting on the bathtub’s edge, I was startled by a fist banging on the door.

“Hey other people at this party are waiting to use this place!” an angry voice called on the other side that I recognized.

I opened the door and Sirius was standing there, looking very pissed off. His face changed to surprise when he saw it was me.

“Well I’m here” I announced.

“Merlin Paige, where’ve you been?” He asked worriedly while reaching out and moving me out of the door frame as people pushed to get in the bathroom.

I gave him the best sly smile I could and answered “Nowhere special.”

He relaxed a little and we started over to where I knew the others were but the song playing changed and there was a chorus of “OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS SONG” from dozens of people and suddenly we were in the middle of a crazy dance fest. I wondered how the heck we were supposed to get through this and looked at Black for answers.

Sirius held out his hand “Need a guide?” he asked.

I laughed and put mine into his and he began weaving us through the crowd, which was quite difficult because of the crazy dance moves and the crazy girls trying to get him to dance to this crazy song with them.

Suddenly I stopped and let go of his hand. My hand instantly felt the air and I found myself missing its partner. But that didn’t matter now.

When he realized I wasn’t attached to him anymore Sirius stopped and made his way back to me, who was standing doing nothing. The song picked up its beat. I started spinning around and then did a combination of jumping while spinning in a circle.

“What the hell are you doing?” He seemed pretty dismayed by my actions.

“Dancing, I think” I answered him, not stopping my movement, which was very tiresome.

“Looks more like jumping” he commented.

I continued spinning but alternated jumping on one foot at a time.

“That’s still jumping”

“For your information jumping is a form of dancing”

“No jumping is just jumping”

My comeback was to continue what I was doing. After awhile I stopped stop spinning and I concentrated on my feet while trying to attempt some sort of jig.

“May I question as to why you trying to dance?”

“I’m blending”

“By dancing very badly?”

“Do you see anyone else with pop star moves?”

“Good point.”

I gave up on my little jig and went back to jump spinning this but this time I tried waving my arms to the music. I was wearing myself out soon but I didn’t want to stop. After a bit, unexpected hands grabbed mine and Sirius twirled me around and then held me in place.

He put his hands on my shoulders to steady my heavy breathing and told me with a stern voice “Enough you’re going to faint if you keep it up” and started to lead me back.

“NO” I practically screamed and ripped my hand away. He looked at me alarmed.

And then there they were. Those damn tears I had been holding back all day, and it wasn’t just a few, billions of water droplets shot down my face. I wanted to stop them, wipe them away but instead I just stood, slightly swaying in my spot and closed my eyes. The countdown for the brand new year started up.

10, 9…..

I heard a familiar voice call my name and a new hand began guiding me. This hand was taking me away from the other side and towards the door. I liked this hand.

2, 1…. “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” everyone around me yelled happily.

I felt myself being lead into the hall and the front door closing, shutting in the noises and keeping the people away. I nervously opened my eyes to see the only person I wanted to see standing there, my best friend Amy.

“I’m glad its you” I told her and she wrapped me in a huge hug. I sobbed in her shoulder while spewing out sentences that made no sense.

“She didn’t come for me, she came for herself, I’m part of them now, I have what they want and I don’t know if I want it” I rambled.

I was sure she couldn’t understand but she didn’t ask me to explain. Instead she let go of me and gave me her sweater to wipe my face.

“New plan, we’re ditching this party and ordering pizza at my home, you know my mum will be pissed to find empty muggle pizza boxes all over the mansion tomorrow morning” she whispered mischievously.

I let out something that could be interpreted as a laugh from her sweater that my face was still nestled in.

“Okay” I whispered in reply

I handed her a sweater and she grabbed my hand again, we were about to apparate but I felt the need to speak.

“You know I’m rich now” I informed her. I let it sink in. I had money, no more feeling guilty when Dad had to change all that hard earned cash into galleons he couldn’t use or having to let Amy buy me things to get buy at school. Never again did I have to give up buying something so wonderful just so I could afford second hand books.

“You have quite a story to tell me don’t you?” She asked me and I nodded.

We counted to three and apparated at the same time leaving a loud *crack* in the hallway.


Author: So sorry, I wanted to get this out sooner but I was so busy for the last little while. I’m definitely wary with this chapter and its kind of low on the humour front, but I mostly happy with it and hope you found it readable.

Also please check out my new story, Involuntary Laughter, and please review it!

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