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Hermione emerged from the stairway. She and 8 others had just learned that 100 million galleons were up for grabs. All they would have to do was get to Silver City, New Mexico without using any magic. Hermione could see that all the way on the other side of the lobby that Sirius, Lupin, Fred, George, Harry, and Ron were fighting to get through the doorway out onto the streets. Mr. John Cleese had turned everyone against themselves. Harry and Ron were paired, so was Fred and George and Sirius and Lupin. Snape and Voldemort were participating, but not on the same team. That left Hermione alone! All that changed with two words. “Hey Hermione,” Ginny said, “do you have any clue what the hell they are doing?” she asked with a nod towards the heap of people that were Harry and the others. “Um,” Hermione had to think quickly. Is the race supposed to be secret? “Uh, I don’t know what the hell they are doing.” Ginny looked at Hermione for a good while until someone yelled out “Bloody hell!” It was the Security guard. “What are you all doing” “I’ll rape you if you don’t let us go fool!” Sirius threatened the guard. The guard let them go. “Hermione,” Ginny started, “you’re a hell of a bad liar.” Hermione wasn’t surprised. “Now, what is going on?” Hermione told Ginny the whole story. When Hermione ended, Ginny was as surprised as they were when John Cleese told them. “Who the hell is John Cleese?” Ginny asked. “I don’t know.” Hermione answered “Ok,” Hermione said. “That’s what happening.” “Are you going for it? The money that is,” Hermione hadn’t thought about going to win the money. She intended to just stop Voldemort from getting it. “I guess so,” Hermione said slowly. “Good. Can I come?” Ginny asked. Hermione looked shocked. Maybe she can win if she had a partner. 1 is better than 2, or was it 2 is better than 1? Screw it. “Um, I guess so,” Hermione said. Ginny looked surprised at the answer. “Cool! When are we going?” Ginny asked excitedly. “Now because we got to hurry and get on an airplane” Hermione said quickly grabbing Ginny’s arm and dragging her to the door. “What’s an airplane?” Ginny asked. Meanwhile, Voldemort was on the streets trying to transport himself to the train station. “Ah! God damn it wand!” Voldemort shouted. He turned around and headed straight to the first muggle he saw. “Tell me muggle, how do I get to Silver City, New Mexico?” “Well, you can take a plane,” the muggle suggested. “How do I get this ‘plane’?” Voldemort asked Snape Snape was standing at the Casino entrance looking at cars. A person walked by him. “Excuse me, but what are those things?” Snape asked pointing towards the car. “What are you retarded something?” the muggle asked. He noticed that Snape looked drunk. “Are you drunk?” “Maybe,” Snape replied. The muggle walked away. Snape ran up to a yellow car. The muggle had a window open. “You need a lift?” the muggle asked. “Um, yes, I think,” replied Snape, “Can you take me to Silver City, New Mexico?” “Sure,” the driver said with a grin, “hop in,” Snape took the driver seriously and ‘hopped’ in, banging his head. The driver laughed. Sirius and Lupin “Excuse me, but where is the heir port?” Lupin asked. “First of all, buddy,” the muggle said, “it’s called an air port.” Lupin nodded not understanding his mistake. “It’s about 3 miles from here. You can take a cab there.” “Great! Now, what’s a cab?” Sirius asked. The muggle rolled his eyes and pointed towards a yellow carriage on wheels. “A cab is a type of car. A taxi,” the muggle explained. Lupin nodded again but still did not understand. “Just ask the driver to take you to the airport.” The muggle finished. “Ok, thank you” Lupin said. “And, buddy,” the muggle said “Yes,” Lupin replied. “Get on some medication and don’t take as much crack,” the muggle said as he turned around and left. “What the hell is crack?” Sirius asked. “I don’t know but it sounds good to me!” Lupin said gaily. Fred and George “Where’s the hair port, Fred?” George asked. “I don’t know. Lets ask the guy in the yellow muggle car,” Fred said. “Excuse me, but do you know where the hair port is?” Fred asked. “The hair port?” the driver started to laugh, “you mean the air port, right” “What ever, do you know where it is?” Fred asked. “Of course I know where it is! I can drive you there too,” the driver requested. Harry and Ron “Ron, come on!” Harry shouted. “Where are we going?” Ron yelled back dodging traffic. “In the taxi! Come on!” Harry yelled over traffic. “Get in!” He threw Ron into the vehicle. “Where you two going?” the taxi driver asked once Harry and Ron where in. “Take us to the air port, and hurry!” Harry commanded. Airport “How many tickets would you like?” the muggle asked. Hermione and Ginny were getting their plane tickets. “Two,” replied Hermione. They could see Harry and Ron a couple people back. Fred and George were near the back and Sirius and Lupin just entered the airport. “There you go and have a nice flight,” said the muggle as she handed them their tickets. Hermione grabbed Ginny and they hurried off. “Damn it,” Ron whispered. “What?” Harry asked. He had not seen Hermione and Ginny. “Hermione got my sister into this and they got tickets before us,” Ron said. Finally, Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Sirius, and Lupin got their tickets. Then, the airport doors flew open to reveal Voldemort. He looked exhausted because he ran the whole way. He caught his breath and ran towards the front of the line. “Give me a ticket to Silver City, New Mexico god damn it!” Voldemort demanded. “Hey you!” the man behind him spoke up, “we were here before you!” “Shut the hell up or you shall have a life of pain!” Voldemort threatened. “I’m sorry, but we are booked for that flight,” the muggle working the tickets said. “Ah! If you don’t give me a ticket, I will torture everyone one here!” Voldemort shouted. With that, the muggle picked up her microphone. “Alerting all security personal. We got a terrorist at the entrance. Requesting all security personal,” said the muggle into the microphone. “That’s right! I’m going to terrorize all of you!” Voldemort shouted just as a bunch of security guards came out. “I’ll take all of you! Avada Kedrava!” Voldemort shouted but nothing happened. The guards lunged at Voldemort. “Holy…” Voldemort screamed. Meanwhile… “Attention. We are canceling all flights,” the voice said. There were groans. “Repeat: We are canceling all flights. Thank you. “Damn it!” Harry cursed. Ron turned around to see Sirius and Lupin running towards the door. “Come on Harry! There they go!” Ron said referring to Sirius and Lupin. Both ran off, meeting up with Fred and George. Ron and Harry were both knocked down. “Now what Hermione?” Ginny asked. Hermione was thinking. She really didn’t want to take a car all the way to Silver City. “Um,” Hermione said, “I guess we’ll have to take a car.” Remember to vote for who you want to win!

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