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Fades out to Harry and Ron getting out of the elevator. Harry and Ron pulled open the doors to the room. The room had a big window that took up the whole back side of the room looking down on the streets. There were paintings of beautiful and famous landmarks that moved. On one side was a giant buffet and on the other side, a big table and nine chairs going on the sides. Harry knew everyone there. Fred and George were all the way down the buffet table. Harry recognized Sirius and Lupin picking on Snape, who looked drunk. And the person that was closest to him and Ron, to Harry’s surprise, was Hermione. “Hey guys,” Hermione said excitedly. “I see you also won.” “Yeah,” Harry replied, “but I thought you didn’t gamble.” “I gave it a shot and I won!” Hermione squealed even more excitedly. “Your pretty bloody lucky,” Ron said disappointingly, “I won nothing.” For the next five to ten minutes, Harry, Ron, and Hermione talked to Fred, George, Sirius and Lupin. Snape was left to eat by himself. Then, they heard a door burst open. They turned around, expecting to see another guest, but at the door, they saw Lord Voldemort. Everyone drew their wands, all except Snape who was bewildered to see his master. Just at that second, John Cleese rushed in from a secret door and pulled out his own wand. “There will be now fighting needed,” John Cleese said calmly. “Now, if you all will lower your wands and take a seat, we will get started.” "Who the hell are you?" Harry asked coldly. "I am John Cleese. The owner of this casino," John Cleese replied. “Get started with what?” Fred asked. “You shall see,” John Cleese said. Everyone sat without another word and waited anxiously for Mr. Cleese to speak. “Now,” John Cleese started, “all of you know that winning the jackpot down in the casino is a million to one.” Lupin looked very surprised at this news. “You must journey to Silver City, New Mexico. At the train station are lockers. In a locker numbered 007, there is a suitcase. In the suitcase is 100 million galleons,” Mr. Cleese explained. Everyone looked like they have been struck by lightning. “I shall give you all keys. Aw, here comes my assistant, Filch. He will give you your keys” Once all the keys were handed out, one for each team of people (Harry and Ron, Hermione, Sirius and Lupin, Snape, Fred and George, and Voldemort), Cleese started again. “Now, you will race to get to the locker. The first one there, keeps it all. Any questions? Yes red-headed one?” “But we’re in Europe!” Fred burst out. There was a long pause as John Cleese tried to function the words together in his head. “Yes, yes of course I knew that,” Cleese said finally, “right, hold on a second.” “Wow! A hundred million galleons!” Ron whispered quietly. Harry looked around the room at the people faces. Everyone looked amazed. 100 million galleons. That’s a lot of money. Cleese finally snapped his fingers. There was a huge bang and a blinding flash of light. Then there was an even bigger bang and the whole building seemed to shake. “There, I have moved the whole casino to Las Vegas, Nevada,” Cleese said, “Now, ready, set, go!” Cleese said excitedly. “Aha! Fools! I shall win this contest and use the galleons to take over the world!” Voldemort shouted as he ran out of the room. “Wait, wait, wait. So what are the rules?” Sirius asked. He had not noticed Voldemort’s evil laughing. “There’s only one rule: No magic allowed,” Cleese said. “Go!” “Wait, but Voldemort doesn’t know there is no magic allowed,” Hermione said worriedly. “Don’t you worry, I have deactivated your wands. He’ll find out sooner or later. Go!” Cleese said again as he cracked a smile imagining how Voldemort will find out. “Just go?” Lupin asked. “Yes, go!” Cleese said a little more anxiously. The smile left his face and was replaced with a frown. “Go, as like, go get the money?” George asked. “Yes. Now, get out of here and go get the money!” Cleese said with a tone of angry in his voice. “And, by the way, the elevator has been shut down so take the stairs,” Filch added. Once the door opened, they saw Voldemort trying to pry open the elevator doors. “Bloody doors!” Voldemort muttered but turned around and saw the whole group watching him. He punched Snape hard in the mouth and ran down the stairs. “Bloody son-of-a-“ but Snape didn’t finish because he started running towards the stairs. The others started down at a walk trying to make since of what just happened. “So that guy did say that we could win 100 million galleons, right?” Lupin asked. They could hear footsteps running down the stairs and people cursing like mad at each other. “Yeah, I think he said that, but I just can’t believe it,” Ron said. “Are you going after it?” “I don’t think it’s possible without magic,” Lupin responded. They heard someone scream and tumble down the stairs. “We can walk,” Sirius replied. “Walk? We don’t even know where the place even is!” Ron exclaimed. “We can take a plane,” Harry said. “A what?” Lupin asked. Harry had forgot that only he and Hermione knew what a plane was. “A plane. A plane is a muggle type of transportation,” Harry explained, “You can get one at an air port and it can fly you there.” “Ok, then, me and Remus will be off,” Sirius said and with that, they jumped over the railing to the next row of steps and ran full speed down them. “Damn them!” Ron said as he grabbed Harry and ran after them, going two steps at a time. Fred and George ran after them. Hermione, however, started to run down the stairs but could not catch up. In no time, Harry, Ron, Sirius, Lupin, Fred, and George were out the door. Hermione trailed. “Aha! There they go!” John Cleese said. Millionaires surrounded him. “I hope all of you have placed your bets on the person you assume will win. No, rules, no boundaries, nobody can offer you this. No one. Just sit and enjoy the race.” In your reviews... post who you want to win!

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