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Learning to Fall




After that morning, James and I were inseparable. Wherever he was, you could bet a galleon that I would be right by his side. We balanced each other in a way that felt right. He helped me learn to live with my new life and helped me get over a large fear of heights, and I helped him with his school work.


With James came the obvious package deal of the Marauders. Remus had previously been my friend, but I became companions with Sirius and Peter. They made my dull life interesting. Honestly, I have no idea how I lived without them by my side every waking minute.

Of course, not everyone was willing to accept this rapid change as openly as the four of them had. Their fan clubs were less than thrilled that I had managed to become friends with the Marauders, whereas they couldn’t even get an autograph (unless it was Sirius’s).

Whispers of disbelief followed us everywhere, and it was mighty annoying. I nearly ripped a gossiper’s throat out; she was getting on my nerves so bad. Nobody seemed willing to allow the five us to be friends without there being some overly dramatic story behind it.


James and I had started spending more time in the library as the NEWT exams drew nearer, even though they were months away, as Sirius frequently reminded us.

After a per-usual late night study session, James and I were walking back to the common room. It was late, and I felt a little disoriented by the darkness. James began reminiscing on a prank Sirius had recently played on Snape, and we both started laughing hysterically.

Without warning a light flutter in my stomach happened. It was like a mass of butterflies on cappuccinos spazzing in my stomach. When I looked at James, tears rolling down his face he was laughing so hard, I got the same jittery feeling multiplied by a hundred. I was fully aware of what this meant, but I hoped it would disappear. That was not something I needed to happen at the moment.

Unfortunately it didn’t, and every time I was with James it happened.

I started having dreams of him sweeping me off my feet and kissing me. They were always the same. I would be walking towards the Quidditch Pitch and he would be right there beside me. And suddenly he would stop, hold my hand, and lower his mouth to mine. And then he would murmur that he loved me.


No use denying it now. I love James Potter, the most amazing, gorgeous, sexy guy on the face of this earth.


*I knew I was right! Hahaha you were wrong, and I was right. *


Would you stop doing that! It gets a little annoying. If it will make you go away, you were right and I was wrong.


*Thank You* 


A week after my revelation, James started to notice my weird actions. I would blush when he smiled at me, and when he came up to me after Quidditch practice, shirtless, I would stare at his very sexy abs for a little longer than usual.

He would question if I was fine. While blushing, I would tell him nothing was wrong, but I think he could tell that I was lying.

One evening I sat in the common room reading one of my large novels, James within three feet of me tinkering with his toy snitch. Seven consecutive gongs from the large clock signaled that it was seven o’ clock. We shared a knowing smile and left the common room.


A couple of weeks ago we’d started a tradition of walking just the two of us to the Quidditch Pitch and talking about random things.

We followed our usual path towards the Quidditch Pitch. We walked and talked about our classes until James stopped and turned to me. Dear God, this was turning out exactly like my dream! I smiled at him waiting for him to say something, but all he did was slip his hand into mine. A silent moment passed in which he stared into my eyes. Hazel locked on Emerald. Emerald locked on Hazel. Neither of us moved. We just stood there gazing into each other’s eyes. Until he lowered his mouth to mine.


If his other arm hadn’t been clasping my back, I would surely have collapsed. That kiss was far better than the one I dreamed off. His lips were warm and soft, and the light pressure applied against mine was enough to make the toughest girl sigh with pleasure.

Slowly he took his mouth away, but only an inch, so I could still feel his hot breath mixing with mine.

“I love you, Lily Evans. When I hear your voice, my insides mush. When you sit next to me in class or on the couch, it’s all I can do not to snog you senseless then and there. I wish you could understand how much you mean to me, and how much I want you there by my side always and forever. So would you grace me with your presence on a date with me?”

I could feel every word he said form against my own lips, and I nearly died. I didn’t trust my voice to say what I needed to, so I just pushed my mouth on his. A more passionate than the first kiss ensued.

When we broke apart, he mockingly asked, “So is that a yes?”

“What do you think?”

“I think that you are a very naughty girl that should be punished. Like with tickling!”

I squealed and sprinted off towards the castle, James hot on my pursuit. Just like old times.

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Love ~K


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