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It was all a lie!

Harry woke up in the bed near Ron’s. He was exhausted. He traveled all night to get to the Burrow. He left the Dursley’s without anyone knowing it, not even them, who were now, probably, celebrating his depart.
He got up from the bed. The clock showed him that it was 7 o’clock. Mrs. Weasley must have gotten up already preparing breakfast in the kitchen, so he put his clothes on and went downstairs without waking up Ron.
He came in the kitchen, but for his surprise he found Ginny there trying to heat up an omelette.
“Err… ‘morning Ginny!” he said.
“Good Morning Harry! Are you hungry?” she asked trying not to leave an empty space in their conversation.
“Would you like a half-heated omlette? Please say yes, cause I’ve got nothing else!” she said blushing
“It will be perfect!”
“Great!” she said taking the omelette from the pan and putting it on a plate
“Where are Mr. and Mrs. Weasley?” he asked
“Dunno! When I woke up I found a note. It said they will be back tonight.”
“That’s strange!”
“I know. Since I was born, or since I remember they hadn’t ever left and stayed for so long somewhere.”
Ginny put the plate on the table in front of Harry.
“Thanks Gin!” he said
“No problem! Why did you wake up so early!”
“Guess it was Ron’s fault!” he said smiling tricky
“He snores hard, doesn’t he?” she said giggling
They both laughed. Ginny took a stool, put it near Harry and sat on it.

He’s so sweet and kind. I don’t wonder why I’ve fallen in love with him. How could anyone resist him? She thought looking at him.
He turned to her and smiled. She smiled back with a shade of light red in her cheeks.
She’s so beautiful. I can’t believe that this is the girl I’ve seen on the platform in my first year, it can be her. He thought to himself
He couldn’t resist it. He had to do it. Without any rational thoughts he bent and kissed her. She turned back his kiss. They both felt as if they were floating. It was magic.
“HARRY! GINNY!” Ron yelled from the door.
They both separated fast.
“Ron, idiot! Can’t you knock at the door?” Ginny asked furious
“Knock at the door in my own kitchen? That’s silly! How was I supposed to know that you two were doing … what you were doing in here.
“Ron. Listen mate!” Harry started
“No! You listen Harry! I won’t let you make a foul of my sister!”
“WHAT?” Harry and Ginny asked in the same time.
“What are you talking about Ron?” Harry continued. “I’m not making a foul of your sister! I love her! And if you have a problem with that, you’ll just have to deal with it!”
Ron was taken aback by the response Harry gave him.
“Come on, Harry! We both know you love Cho!” Ron said
“No, correction: We both know I loved Cho, but as I can well see, it’s just me knowing that!”
“Really? You do have feelings for my baby sister?” Ron asked astonished.
“BABY SISTER?! RONALD WEALSEY!! I’m not your baby sister any more. I’m just your sister! Kapish?” Ginny yelled furious.
“Ok, sorry sis! It’s just I’ve grown overprotective with you!”
“Believe me! I know that very well!”
“So, is it all clear? There is no problem against this relationship, Ron?” Harry asked uncertain
Ron looked at him.
“I guess not! At least you’re better than Dean, or Seamus, or Neville!” Ron said
“I’ve never been Neville’s girlfriend!” Ginny said revolted
“But you went with him to the Youth Ball.” Ron said
“So what? That doesn’t mean I dated him!” she said
“Well, I saw that as a clear date, Gin!” Ron said
“Well, then you need a pair of glasses. No allusion made to you Harry!” she said
“I really don’t think so!” Ron said.” That was certainly a date!”
“No it wasn’t! Stop annoying me Ron! I hate when you do that! Come on Harry, let’s take a walk. The atmosphere in the house is horrible. And guess who made it?” she said ironically.
She took his hand and led the way out in the garden. The grass was covered by a thick coating of hoarfrost.
“I’m actually glad Ron found out about us!” she said
“And why is that?” Harry asked curious
“Because, I wouldn’t have dared to tell him about us, because of his reaction, and I believe you wouldn’t have told him either.”
“Yeah, you’re right!” he said holding her soft hand.
He took her closer to him. He liked holding her that way! She liked too! It was as if they were just one person, one heart, and one soul!
“Lookie, lookie, who’s here!” a cold and harsh voice came from somewhere to their left.
“Malfoy!?” they both said with astonishment.
“Glad to see me Gin? I came to pay you a little visit.”
“Screw you Malfoy!” she said sharply
“That’s no way to talk to an ex-lover!” he said
“That’s exactly the way to talk to an idiot ex-lover as you!” she said
“Ex-lover?” Harry said sharply. ”He’s your ex?”
“No, Harry, I was…” she started
“Yes Potter! Why? Is there a problem?”
“He was your EX???” Harry asked again in astonishment
“No Harry! I’m telling you! There has been nothing between us, just that I used him for…” she started again
“You’ve used me, huh?” Malfoy said. “You didn’t seem to use me when you told me that…” Malfoy started
“Silencio!” she yelled. “Petrificus Totalus!
Malfoy felt down on the ground. Some little gnomes came and took him in a near-by wood and left him there.
“What were you telling him, Ginny?” Harry asked her afraid of the answer.
“Nothing Harry, he was just inventing stuff! Really! He knows that I love you very much and he’ll do anything to separate us!”
“I don’t believe you Gin!” he said sadly
“Why not Harry! Remember! I’m the good one! And you know I wouldn’t ever dear to lie to you, because I love you!”
“And how come you was his girlfriend. I thought you had some dignity! Ginny Malfoy! Well, I think at that time it sounded fabulous.” Harry said hysterically
Ginny slapped Harry.
“Listen to yourself Harry! How can you say such nonsense! It’s absurd! I told you I was using him! To protect you!” she almost screamed.
“To protect me!? This is absurd!”
“No, it isn’t. He told me everything I wanted to know. He told me Voldemort’s plan.”
“Yeah, really, Ginny. How stupid do you think I am?”
“Believe it or not! I am telling the truth!” she said while she started crying.
Seeing her cry was the most horrible thing Harry had ever seen. He wished she would stop, but he was too hurt inside to go and comfort her
“Come on, Gin, I believe you!” he said kissing her on the forehead.
“You do?” she said, a big smile broke on her face. “Thank you Harry, I knew you would have understood!”
They left for the house. After they entered, Ginny rushed to her room and Harry stayed in the kitchen to tell Ron what happened.
She took a notebook from under the bed and started writing in it.

Dear Diary,

You’ll never guess what happened today. I succeeded in making Harry my boyfriend. I’ve been “hunting” him for several years. We went for a walk in the garden. Draco came! He told Harry almost all the truth. ALMOST! I succeeded to make him shut up at ‘that’ part. You know what I’m talking about. That naïve Harry believed everything I told him. Boys! They are so immature. I had to petrify Draco. Those silly gnomes took him in the forest. I’d better go after him and de-petrify him. I'm sure I can explain it to him as easy as I explained it to Harry. I can’t afford to lose Draco. He is such a good kisser, behind his rough look. Harry is a puppy to Draco.

It seems I'm not the girl everyone thought I am. I must be adopted.

Well, anyway, got to go, my other love is waiting for me in the forest.

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