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Chapter 17 “I just want to talk to you Ginny.” Said Draco sitting on the seat opposite of her. “You CAN’T Draco…” she exclaimed, sitting up straight. “If somebody sees you in here they might get suspicious.” “Just for a few minutes.” He said smiling weakly. “It will mean so much to me.” “I want to talk too, but I can’t…” “Why not?” he asked, putting an arm on the windowsill. “It’s wrong.” She declared, pleading silently. “Go… please.” Draco stood, and looked at her sadly. “Can you promise me something then Ginny?” “What?” “Promise you’ll write to me.” He said, opening the door slightly. “I don’t make promises that I don’t know if I can keep Draco.” She said, staring out the window sadly. “Then I’ll write to you.” He said and slipped out, shutting the door softly behind him. Ginny sighed and picked up her book. It was the newest book that Hermione had asked her to read. Something about the muggle world, something that she didn’t want anything to do with but she’d promised Hermione she’d read it. That was a promise that she could keep. ~*~ She sat her book down impatiently. The book was just too complicated and to be honest she didn’t care if muggles were treated unfairly or not. They were just people that didn’t have the talents that they did. Ginny rubbed her temples; her head was pounding from trying to stay awake. It was spitting rain and the sun had gone down a short while ago but she stood up anyways. As she walked down the hall she couldn’t help but notice that everybody was asleep except Draco. He was in his compartment staring out the window as she had been doing, except Goyle and Crabbe were there too. She turned to go back to her cabin but Draco had seen her. He winked and stepped over the snoring body of his “friends.” “Hey.” He whispered. “Hey, listen… I’m sorry.” Said Ginny, placing a hand on his arm and smiling. “It’s alright, I’m sorry too.” Ginny started walking, not sure if he’d follow or not, but didn’t want to attract attention to herself standing in the hall. She felt his presence by her side and eventually made her way to the compartment she was in. She opened the door, assuming that nobody was in there; she had been alone all night anyway. “Ginny!” exclaimed Hermione. She seemed in a panic. Ginny gasped and waved at Draco, he nodded sadly and silently made his way down the hall, unnoticed by the sad Hermione. “Her Mione, what’s wrong?” asked Ginny, letting herself into the compartment. “Oh… Harry and Ron are fighting again.” She said, rolling her eyes. She sat on the bench and stared out the window. “I dunno Ginny, since Harry’s always going off to places it’s hard, very hard to have a relationship. I’m not sure if he loves me or not. Then there’s your brother Ginny.” “What about my brother?” asked Ginny, sitting up in alarm. “Oh Ginny… please don’t tell anyone what I’m about to say.” She exclaimed, leaning towards Ginny. More damn promises… Ginny hated them because she never knew if she would be able to keep them or not. “He likes me Ginny. He won’t admit it, but I know it’s true. When Harry’s not there he acts different around me.” Ginny groaned, this was not good. Harry, Hermione and Ron were a trio, the trio. They were not supposed to be split up over stupid problems over relationships. Not during times like these. “He needs to find someone.” Said Ginny. Hermione bent her head to the side in confusion. “He needs a girlfriend.” “Yes! That’s what he needs.” Said Hermione happily. She stood up and embraced Ginny in a tight hug. “You’re so quick on your feet Ginny.” “Thanks…” said Ginny awkwardly. “There’s still a problem though Hermione.” “What?” “Who would go out with Ron?” “Loads of girls would.” Said Hermione sitting back down again. Ginny raised her eyebrows in doubt. “Come on Hermione… tell yourself the truth.” “Well... well…” muttered Hermione. She twirled a curl in her fingers. It was a bad habit she’d picked up when she was in danger. “Let’s forget about it for now. Are you staying with us for all of Christmas Break?” asked Ginny. “No, I’m coming after Christmas. My parents are having a special celebration this year and I promised to come home.” She said sadly. “That sucks, it won’t be the same without you at the Burrow.” Ginny muttered into her sweater. She pulled it tighter around her; it was getting cool as the snow started to fall. The weather was so odd. The door opened quickly, as two figures stood outside it. Harry and Ron fell into the compartment and closed the door behind them, taking no care to see just how loud they were. “Hermione… I’m sorry.” Exclaimed Harry, jumping up and sitting beside her on the seat. Hermione nodded and looked out the window. “It’s just that, since I’m always gone it gets hard to stay with you all the time and not think of Voldemort and what’s happening right now.” He said, putting an arm around her shoulder. They continued to talk, in a whisper. Ginny couldn’t make out what they were saying though, but Hermione’s face looked strained, she seemed to be in a bad mood with him. “Jane’s coming after Christmas.” Said Ginny, looking at Ron. She was sick of not talking to anybody. “Jane?” he said, he was so clueless. “She’s in my class, she has black hair, blue eyes.” Said Ginny, she watched him carefully waiting for his reaction. He nodded and looked out the window. Ginny tried to talk again. “She’s nice, I can’t believe you haven’t noticed her before.” Ron turned and looked at Ginny carefully. “Oh I’ve noticed her Ginny.” He said. “I just don’t want her to know that.” “Why not?” asked Ginny. “She’s perfectly nice.” He moved closer to the wall, and stared at the falling snow. Ginny loved the snow; Ron however, just liked to hurt people with it. “I don’t know Ginny, I just... and she’s your best friend.” The compartment door slid open again. “Hey!” said Jane. She closed the door and squeezed between Ginny and Ron. Not realizing that she was the topic of the conversation. “What’s going on in this cool place?” Ginny smiled and watched as Ron looked out the window. Thank god it was dark, he was blushing like mad. “Nothing Jane. Just relaxing.” Jane nodded and looked at Harry and Hermione, they were still in deep conversation so she turned to Ron. “Ron! My man! How are ya?” she asked, slapping him on the back playfully. “Fine thanks.” He mumbled. “Well aren’t we a little stiff.” She exclaimed, turning to Ginny. Ginny burst out laughing. There was no way that Ron hadn’t noticed Jane. Ron looked at her back, staring at her sadly. Hermione sat across from him in Harry’s arms. He was supposed to move on right? If he couldn’t have Hermione, he didn’t want anybody else. Not even Jane. Or so he thought. Author's Note: Hope you liked it! Please Please Review!

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