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R.E.C. by pearluna
Dedicated to the real R.E.C. (again, u kno who u r!)
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Disclaimer: No, I am not J. K. Rowling. If I was I wouldn’t bother writing fanfics.

Chapter 3: Malfoy, Mudblood, and (unexpected) Magic

I know I’ve kind of sort of skipped along my life, but bear with me. I’ll just tell you some more about my first year and then we will move along. For instance, I want to tell you about those study sessions and how Anne and I used them.

Anyhoo. Let me tell you about my—well, mine and Anne’s—study sessions.

Prof. Ginny and Prof. Hermione (as we were told to call them outside of class) were the best. They knew we weren’t like other Slytherins. They knew we were muggleborns. They didn’t know why we were in Slytherin in the first place.

I won’t tell you exactly what we did in those study sessions, it would take to long. Nevermind, I’ll tell you about a few of them, but to tell all about them would take a year or so.

They began by telling us a bit about themselves. After they had done that, we in turn told them a bit about ourselves and (on their request) our previous encounters with Malfoy. Once we knew each other reasonably well, Prof. Ginny and Hermione gave us a brief summary of what we would be doing (aka PRANKING: how to prank Malfoy without getting caught).

They started to teach us wandless magic. Turns out, not many people can use it, except by accident. About two out of fifty-one wizards and witches can do wandless magic when they want to. Anne and I were the two out of fifty-one. All the better for us, all the worse for Malfoy!

“Now, don’t forget, use wandless magic,” urged Prof. Ginny, “It’s hardest to trace.”

At the end of the lesson, Prof. Hermione smiled and said, “If you are especially good, I’ll teach you how to wandless-ly transfigure him into a ferret.” She and Prof. Ginny burst out laughing.

Well, we were good. Not good enough (yet, anyways) to transfigure Malfoy into a ferret, but we could manage some things. After about four lessons (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday—they gave us extras for the first two weeks. Otherwise it was just once a week), we had our first opportunity. Oh, what an opportunity! We couldn’t resist! After you know about it, you’ll agree!

Well, as I said, it was four lessons (or about a week) later. Anne and I were discussing our potions homework.

“I like Professor Weasley, but thirty inches is a lot of parchment,” sighed Anne.

I rolled my eyes, “TELL me about it. We’re lucky to have Zabini next.”

“Hello, mudbloods,” A voice sounding like a slimy dungeon wall interrupted our conversation.

“What do you want, Malfoy?” I sighed, irritated.

“What? For you to move, so I can walk by without touching your mudblood gunk.”

Anne scowled. I cast a wary eye at her. I may have only known her for two or three weeks, but it was enough to know that she had a short fuse, and when it burned out, she exploded. The look in her eye said she was near blowing up.

“Um, Malfoy? Not that I would do this, but I don’t want to deal with a mess. A bit of advice: leave before Anne blows,” I said nervously, gesturing at Anne, who was fuming.

Malfoy laughed, an annoying, slimy-wall like laugh. That was the biggest—well, second biggest—mistake. The BIGGEST mistake was what he did next. Or rather, what he said next.

“Why should I be scared of mudblood gunk?”

Bad. Bad, bad, bad. I was now getting angry. That was bad. Oh, goodness, that was bad. I shot a glance at Anne, knowing that my eyes would give away my anger. Anne grinned at me and we nodded our heads decisively. I whispered something to Anne, who nodded and grabbed my hand. See, we weren’t wuite powerful enough to do what I had suggested by ourselves, but hopefully together.

“You’re gonna pay, Malfoy,” I muttered savagely. “One.... Two....three.... now!”

We squeezed eachothers hands and concentrated...


A very loud and obnoxious scream filled the corridor. We turned around to face Malfoy. We were a bit late. He was busy running with his cronies, Crabbe and Goyle, in the other direction, which was the way of the Hospital Wing. Lots of black things were above his head.

Anne and I high-fived.

“Yes!” we said, pretty quietly.

“Yes, Ms. Croft and Ms Greene, I believe you have History of Magic? Well, I suggest you run off before someone discovers the magic you used against Mr. Malfoy... Madame Abbot, the nurse, will take care of a simple bat-bogey hex in a jiffy. Of course, I doubt Mr. Malfoy can say you attacked him, if you’re only first years. Plus, you didn’t use wands, so it must have been somebody else. Now off you go, in case Zabini decides to take role call!”

I swear I saw Professor Hermione wink at us before heading back to her class room.

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