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Chapter Eight
Fights, Dreams, and the Strongest Power


I was reading ‘Hogwarts, A History’ while eating my breakfast when Ginny came and sat across from me. It was then I remembered her hugging that one kid in that empty corridor. I glared at her.

“ What did I do?” Ginny asked a little sheepishly.

“ I know you like Harry,” I said. Ginny frowned and turned red.

“ Yeah, well, I wasn’t really trying to HIDE it.
He just won’t be with me. He keeps pulling away,” Ginny said, “ I don’t care if You-Know-Who wants to kill him. I NEED him,”

“ Yeah, well, I was forming the perfect plan to get you two together when Hermione and I ran into you in a corridor hugging some guy that should be Harry,” I said glancing down at my book and acting like
I was reading.

“ I’m not going out with Jacob. He was feeling a little down. I mean, his only friend is Colin Creevy and all Colin does is talk about how wonderful Harry is. He needed a hug and someone to talk to,” Ginny explained. I looked up and saw that Ginny looked totally honest.

“ You still want me to get you and Harry back together?” I asked with a smirk.

“ Please do,” Ginny said as she stood up to leave, “ I just wanted to tell you your hair looks awesome,”

I smiled and didn’t realize that the Great Hall was practically empty until I felt someone standing over me. I glanced up and saw Draco. I looked around and saw only a few stragglers were still cramming a piece of toast down their throat or trying to get the last bit of their homework done.

“ Hi, Draco,” I said closing my book and putting in back into my bookbag. Draco smirked.

“ Running late, are we?” He asked. I laughed and looked up at the staff table. All the teachers were still there except Claythorn. She never came down to meals. Snape was eyeing Draco and me talking.

“ I didn’t realize everyone was leaving,” I said standing and pushing my new bangs out of my eyes.

“ Who cut you’re hair?”

“ Ginny,”

“ Weaselette?” Draco asked, “ She did a
nice job. Well, we better be getting to potions,”

“ You mean, walk together?” I asked.

“ Yes. Just until we reach the dungeons. Then you’ll have to walk like way ahead or behind so we don’t look like we were walking together,” Draco explained. I cocked my head to one side.

“ What if someone catches us?”

“ Then we act like we’re arguing and you
walk ahead all hissy,”

I narrowed my eyes. Draco smirked and I had to admit that was pretty clever. I shrugged and we started out of the Great Hall. I felt eyes on my back and turned around. I caught Dumbledore’s eyes and smiled. He gave a smile back and a nod. He seemed to know that Draco and I have made friends with each other.

We didn’t have to pretend to fight or have me walk ahead. We were both late for potions because Draco’s bag ripped as we left the Great Hall. I helped him mend it and put everything back. It took us a while because we kept laughing and cracking jokes. Then we saw the time and ran towards potions. We came bursting through the room and Snape looked up.

“ Mr. Malfoy, Miss Potter, you both are ten minuets late for class,” he hiss darkly. I looked at Draco with a nasty look and saw he was giving me a similar look.

“ Sorry, Professor, Potter held me up,” Draco sneered.

“ I held YOU up?” I asked coldly, “ You held ME up!”

“ Quiet, both of you! I know what you were doing and because we are starting a partner project today and everyone else already has their partners, you two are stuck together,” Snape said slowly.

“ What?!” Draco and I yelled in unison.

“ You heard me. Now find a seat,” Snape

Acting like we hated this new arrangement, we went to an empty table in the back of the room and sat down. I took out parchment and wrote down the point of the project and what we were supposed to do. Together, we had to find an antidote for a poison we would be giving. The antidote has to work and will be tested with the proper antidote at ready.

This was an outside class project. Today we were just given the poison we were supposed to fix and told to talk about it before actually making the potion. It was due in two weeks which meant both Draco and I would have an excuse to have some time to be able to talk and be nice to one another without having to wait till 2:00 in the morning.

Our poison was very complicated. I barely understood what half the stuff was and Draco was acting like how he usually would if we weren’t friends and not doing anything but rolling his eyes and snapping at me. I was relieved when the class ended and Draco left with a good-bye muttered under his breath.

“ Where were you?” Harry asked me as he, Hermione, Ron, and I all walked out of the dungeons.

“ Draco held me up,” I said.

“ Draco?” Ron asked in amazement.

“ Malfoy, whatever. I’m not used to calling people by their stupid last names,” I snapped. Hermione gave me a funny look and Harry was glaring at me.

“ You’ve never had a problem before,” Harry said. I raised an eyebrow.

“ The guy is always around me, Harry, it rubs off, okay?” I asked.

“ No, it’s not okay. You’re right. Malfoy always is around you. At night, in corridors, everywhere. And what did Snape mean when he said he knew what you two were doing?” Harry shot at me angrily.

“ If you think we were snogging, you’re crazy. I haven’t even snogged Jadon yet and as of Saturday night, he’s my boyfriend. Besides, I wouldn’t dare cheat on any guy,” I said in disbelief.

“ Then what were you doing?” Harry asked as he stopped and looked at me in the eye. I stopped, too, and didn’t lose eye contact.

“ Why do you care? It’s my time. So I was late for class, big deal! After this potions project, Malfoy will be out of the picture and we can go back to ignoring him!” I snapped.

“ I’m not so sure about that!” Harry countered, “ I’ve been watching how you two act around one another. He never insults you and you never insult him. You never look each other in the eye and pretty much ignore each other when the Malfoy I know would pick on you every chance he got because you’re related to me!”

“ Don’t think so highly of yourself, Harry. Not everything is about you, you know,” I shot back. Harry glared and then turned on his heels and stalked off. I glared at his retreating form as he walked away.

“ Geez, Amber,” Ron said quietly. Then he went after Harry. Hermione looked at me with angry eyes.

“ What in the name of Merlin was that all about?” she asked me. I looked at the girl I had become so close to over the past week.

“ It’s not important,” I said as I started to walk again. Hermione followed.

“ What’s going on between you and

“ Nothing,”

“ It’s seems like something,”

“ Well it isn’t! Hermione, just leave me alone, please!” I turned and ran to the only place I knew no one would find me if I didn’t want the to.

The Room of Requirement
I walked past the wall three times thinking desperately about a place where I could hide and not be found. When the door appeared I walked in and saw a different room then the last time I was here.

This room had a big comfy chair sitting in front of a fire that crackled happily. ‘Hogwarts, A History’ was sitting on a table next to the chair with hot chocolate and twix bars. I sat down and started to read and eat my candy when I dozed off.

I was standing in the middle of an eerie looking hall. Harry was at my side. We both had our wands out and there was a figure up ahead. I looked at my brother and he was looking at me with concern.

We started to walk forward. The figure I saw was a man. We got closer and I gasped out loud. It was Draco Malfoy. He was tied up to a stone wall. His shirt was ripped off and blood was dripping down his chest. He looked hot and sweaty and he looked up in pain.

I couldn’t hear anything, but it looked like he was telling me and Harry to go back. I shook my head and said something. Harry said something, too. We looked around and the locked hands.

A gold light formed around us and I felt this sudden power of energy rise inside my chest. It was nothing like the last time. I felt powerful and strong. Harry and I pointed our wands(A/N: Amber is left handed) at the binds holding Draco to the wall. Before we could open out mouths a curse hit Draco. Even though there was no sound in this dream, I could hear Draco’s screams of torture and agony and pain. Harry and I spun around. I saw the man–no, a thing– and woke up screaming in Dumbledore’s office.

Dumbledore’s Office
I looked around in total confusion. How did I get into Dumbledore’s office. He wasn’t in here. I looked at my watch and saw that I missed Transfiguration and lunch. The office door opened and Dumbledore smiled.

“ Miss Potter, I would ask how you got in here, but I think I already know. You fell asleep and had a terrible dream, didn’t you?” Dumbledore asked kindly.

“ Yeah, but how would you know that?” I asked sounding a little rude, “ I mean, I was in the Room of Requirement, not in here,” I added.

“ Amber, I think I need to tell you something important. Harry should know this, too, but he hasn’t felt the bond you two hold, yet,” Dumbledore said.

“ Well, duh, Professor, we just had a fight because I walked into a classroom late with Draco Malfoy,” I scoffed.

“ Harry and Draco have been enemies since the first day they arrived at Hogwarts. I cannot stop that, but I saw that you and Draco get along quite nicely. It’s good to finally have a Gryffindor find the courage to befriend a Slytherin,” the professor explained. He sat behind his desk and I sat in a chair infront of him.

“ That’s the second dream I’ve had that something odd happens. In the first one I was able to cast a spell without ever having to wake up! Now I appear in your office? And in both dreams Harry and I would hold hands and we would glow gold and suddenly we were really powerful,” I said. Dumbledore nodded and smiled.

“ That light symbolizes your bond of brother and sister. You and Harry are the only ones that have it and no one knows. I just figured it out a few weeks ago, myself. You and Harry need to work together to destroy Voldemort. I think those dreams are about the ones you are afraid of hurting. If you fail, Draco, who is more attached to you then you think, might freak and his Lord will know that he was friends with you. You are dating Jadon Smith, I have heard, and you are probably scared for him, too. You don’t want him to get hurt, because he might if you fail and even if you succeed. Then Harry, you love him already because he is your brother. You won’t be able to defeat Voldemort without him,” Dumbledore said slowly so I got every word.

“ Whoa, wait. Draco’s a Death Eater?” I asked. Harry has talked of Death Eaters a few times in the past week. They seemed as bad as Voldemort just not as powerful. I would hate to run into one.

“ Yes, he has taken his father’s place, however, I don’t believe that Draco wants to be on the Dark side of the world. I am trained a Occlumens and I saw that Draco would rather tell me everything that goes on in meetings but is holding back because he doesn’t want his family to be ashamed of him,”

I started at Dumbledore. So, Malfoy was good, but on the evil side? I somehow felt like I knew how Draco felt. Not only would he be hated by his own family if he told Dumbledore Voldemort’s plans, but he would also be hated in his house and by the Death Eaters and Voldemort himself.

“ Why was I seeing him tied up and being tortured?” I asked, “ Would I be seeing Jadon tied up? He’s the one I’m really caring about right now,”

“ Oh, Amber, sometimes the strongest emotions are hidden underneath the fear of the reaction of others,” Dumbledore smiled. I raised an eyebrow. What the hell was that supposed to mean?

“ Draco and I are just friends,” I said.

“ Amber, listen to the sentence. ‘Sometimes the strongest feelings are hidden underneath the fear of the reaction of others,’ It means that there is a feeling there you are afraid to show because of the way your friends may react,”

This guy is crazy! I have no feelings what so ever for anyone but Jadon and that’s because I’m dating him! I looked at Dumbledore.

“ So, who was that scary man? How’d I get into this room?” I asked.

“ That man was probably Voldemort, but I
cannot be sure because I was not in your dream. I’m not sure about how you got into this room except that you had such a strong emotion of fear for yourself, Draco, and Harry that you came to a place you thought you could get answers. However, I cannot be sure,”

“ Why am I getting these dreams?”

“ To warn you that you and Harry need to be as close as possible before you even dare to find Voldemort. For now, you must tell your friends that you are indeed friends with Mr. Malfoy or there will be a wall between you and Harry that can throw your power off. It won’t work even if it is slightly thrown off,”

“ Do I have to do it now? Can’t I wait just to talk to Draco about this whole Death Eater thing?” I asked.

“ You may. Now, off you go. I will give your teachers a notice on why you were not in class. For you have missed you next class,”

I thanked Dumbledore and left the office. Everything was sinking in. But what the heck did ‘Sometimes the strongest feelings are hidden underneath the fear of the reaction of others,’ What does that have to do with anything I was just told?

OKay!! There is the new chapter. Um...yeah. Okay please review makes me happy and post faster. I've been posting every 100 reads which is why it's going so fsat and i want to thank everyone who has indeed been reading this!!

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