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1. Mama’s Boy

“Goodbye!” screamed a plump woman as her two sons were attempting to leave for the third time, and were spotted again.

“Mother it’s okay,” said the muffled voice of the older boy. “This is my third time doing this.”

“(Sob) I know. But this time you have my baby Aris to take care of.”

“Mum, I’m eleven years old. I’m going to Hogwarts in a month. I’m not a BABY,” said the younger boy. “I’ll be okay. I’ll stay with Tim the whole time.” At this point, Aris crossed his fingers behind his back.

“Mum, can you help me with Kelly? She’s being weird,” said Aris’ sister Rinoa, who had just walked in.

“Oh for god sakes, Kelly!” screamed his mom. As soon as his mom left the room, Rinoa winked at Aris, which was a signal to get going. In a flash, Aris and Tim were gone.

“Rinoa lied. She shouldn’t have told Mother that. She’s only trying to look out for you.” Tim said angrily. “And you,” he said as he turned to Aris angrily. “Why the hell did you pull me into the fireplace? I didn’t get to say goodbye to Mom properly. She won’t be around forever. You need to appreciate her while you have her.”

“I guess you don’t have to worry about that, since you have a dream to live with her forever.” Aris snapped. Tim pretended not to hear him, though Aris suspected that Tim had just had a wet dream during his waking hours.

Aris had three siblings: Kelly, Rinoa, and Tim. He and Rinoa got along well. This was most likely because they were only one year apart. Tim was two years older than Aris and Kelly was 3 years younger than Aris. Kelly, being 8 years old, went out of her way to annoy everyone around her as much as physically possible. Tim, on the other hand, was the god awful mama’s boy that every family seems to have. He would back up everything that his mom said, as if he had no identity of his own. He knew that he constantly sent letters home to her, so much so that he was surprised that his mom didn’t get sick of hearing from him.

“So here’s the plan. First, we go to Gringotts to get money. You have your key, right?” Tim said.

Aris took it out of his pocket and showed it to him

“Good. We didn’t give you your own bank account just so you can lose the key,” snapped Tim.

Aris’ face flushed. He actually had a very good memory. He was just shy and had a hard time coming up with retorts. The only reason that he had thought of the one about his mother was that he had been planning it for a while. He decided he would have to work on talking to people before he got to Hogwarts.

They walked all the way through Diagon Ally to get to Gringotts. It was huge. Aris was certain that he would get lost. Aris didn’t mind. He loved exploring.

When they arrived at Gringotts, the first thing Aris noticed was that the goblins were not very friendly. They were completely content with letting them stand there for thirty minutes, even if they were the only ones in line. Eventually, a goblin came over and snapped at Aris for his key. Aris pulled it out of his pocket, same as he had done for Tim, completely dazzled by how rude they were to their customers. They snatched it from him and barked at his brother and him to get on the cart. They did so.

Tim and Aris took separate carts, as they had separate vaults. When Aris got to his, his jaw opened in shock. “Where had all this money come from?” Inside the vault, there was more money than he had ever seen. He opened his bag and stuffed as many galleons, sickles and knuts as would fit in the bag.

When he got back to the lobby, Tim was already there. He was grinning. “I bet your wondering where all that money came from,” he said. “Our parents won’t tell me so they probably won’t tell you either.”

“Our parents don’t make that much,” said Aris. “How can they afford to just give us that much money?”

“I don’t know. I can tell you this; when I started Hogwarts, we were dirt poor. I barely got enough money to buy my supplies. Then, last year, we suddenly had mounds of gold. Mother would not tell me where she got all the money, and I stopped pressing her because I was happy to have that much money.”

The next stop was Ollivander’s. Aris and Tim agreed that this would be the last place they would go together. When he walked in, he noticed how many wands there were. How was he ever going to pick a wand when there were this many to choose from? He waited for twenty-five minutes before a man slid over on a ladder. “Hello Finitys,” he said excitedly. “So this is Aris. I’ve been waiting for you.”

“If you were waiting for us, then why were we waiting for so long?” Aris asked indignantly. Mr. Olivander didn’t seem to hear him.

“I remember when I sold you your first wand Tim,” said Mr. Olivander. “Phoenix feather Ivy 8 ½ inches. One of my best wands. Let’s hope your brother gets one just as good eh?” Tim shrugged. “Now, let’s get your measurements.”

Mr. Olivander began measuring him in the strangest places. Aris could not understand what his shoe size had to do with getting a wand. Surprisingly, it only took Aris four tries to get the right wand. Dragon Heartstring, Alder, 11 inches. They left the store and Tim gave him his supplies list. “If anyone tries to mug you, wave your wand at them and say Relashio” Tim told him. “It will knock them back until they hit something solid.”

“Cool,” Aris replied.

They both set out on their own. Aris decided to go to Flourish and Blotts first. He looked at what he would need to get from there and did a double take. There were fourteen books that he needed. Seven of them were written by a man called Gilderoy Lockhart. Aris had heard his name before, but he didn’t know who he was. Carrying the books wouldn’t be a problem. Aris owned an enchanted duffle bag that could store infinite stuff. All he had to do was reach in, think about what he was looking for, and it would come out.

Aris walked to Flourish and Blotts, which wasn’t a long walk. Aris decided that he would ask the store clerk why there were so many Lockhart books. After he got all his books, he put them in his bag and got in line. His bag was almost weightless, but the Lockhart books would be costly. After waiting in line for ten minutes, he finally got to the checkout. “Why are there so many Lockhart books?” he asked.

“I have no idea,” said the store clerk. “I’m not in charge of the school lists.”

Aris cursed but he knew it was stupid. This guy was just a worker. There was no way that he would know anything about the school lists. He thanked and paid the man for the books and walked out. On his way out, a pretty girl said hi to him. Since he wasn’t in a great mood, he just said hi back and walked out. Little did he know, that two word conversation was soon to turn his life around completely.

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