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"Weasley!" he yelled. She gave him one last look of apology and slammed the door behind her.

He was leaning on the wall with his arms crossed, he wasn't sure what to do now that his mystery woman had turned into Ginny Weasley.

It wasn't fair. He could never be with her. She was a Gryffindor and he was a Slythern. It was exactly what he'd feared.


"Where were you?" asked Pansy.

"It doesn't matter Pansy." said Draco pulling the covers on his bed back. She looked at him sadly and walked towards him. Her black hair was pulled into a ponytail and the square shape of her face was easily seen.

"Why can't you love me?" she pleaded. Her hands rested on his bare chest. He rolled his eyes and pushed her away.


"Is it the sex Draco?"


"Is it? I'll do anything you want Draco. Anything!" she ran a hand to the back of his neck and massaged him.

"No Pansy!" he exclaimed pushing her away.

"Well if it's not the sex than what is it?" she exclaimed throwing her hands into the air.

"I love someone else Pansy." he said softly.

"But you love me too!"

"No Pansy. I liked you but love is different."

"How Draco?" she asked, hands on her hips.

"Love is... I love her and I know because I feel like I can't live without her." he said.

"So where does that leave me?"

"In my past Pansy."

She stood in front of him and stared confidently. "I will NEVER be your past Draco."A stinging slap then came from her as she reddened his cheek. She turned angrily and opened the door. "You will realize soon enough that she isn't good enough for you. Then you'll wish you had me." She slammed the door, as Draco crawled into his bed. Crabbe and Goyle were never around anymore and everybody else were in the common room so as Draco turned off the lights he fell asleep with no disturbing sounds of the usual snoring.

1.52 am/ Dec. 15th

Draco woke with a start. He was sweating badly from the dream he'd had. Something was different in the room though. Everyone was in bed. A flutter of wings made him jump uneasily. His fathers owl was on his desk.

Draco untied the letter and opened it nervously. The open window let in a cool breeze as the small owl flew out.

Dear son,
You will be joining us for the Christmas holidays. You are to catch the train on the 16th of this month. We will see you then.
Your father,

Draco scowled at the letter and crumpled it in his fist. Some father he was. He shot for the garbage and it landed in perfectly.

He sighed and lay back on his pillow wondering if Ginny was going home for the holidays. He pulled ou a piece of parchment and started writing to her.

Dear Ginny,
I see now why we cannot be together. My greatest hope is that some change in events will happen and I can hold you. Unfortunately the odds are unlikely.
Are you going home for Christmas break? I am, and I won't see you for two weeks, that is not nearly as bad as not having you to write to though. So my Ginny. Will you continue to write?
Yours always,
Draco Malfoy


Ginny threw the oldest pair of jeans in her trunk before closing it tightly. She sighed and stared ahead quietly as everyone else packed. She was going home in one day and yet she couldn't stop thinking about Malfoy.

Ginny watched as Jane sorted through her many clothes. Most of them were very girlie. Ginny scowled. She hated pink with a passion.

That morning at breakfast she'd gotten a letter from Draco. He wanted to keep writing but Ginny didn't know if it would be a good idea. She still didn't trust him and the letters could be getting read for information by spies. For all she knew he was a spy.

"Hey Ginny!" exclaimed Jane, finally shutting her trunk.

"Hey." she replied, Ginny staring straight ahead. Jane sat beside her and looked at her curiously.

"Ummm.... Ginny? What ya lookin at?"


"You're staring at the picture of you and Harry again. Do you still fancy him?

Ginny's gaze broke and she began to pretend she was happy. "I'm sorry Jane! Just lost in space like usual."

Jane laughed and patted her on the back. "So what's up Ginny?"

"Nothing much, just getting ready to go home for the holidays."

"No.. I mean... so where were you the other night?"

Ginny gasped. She was sure no-one saw or heard her leaving. "I just went for a walk."

"Wow... you've never done that before."

"I coudn't sleep."

"Alright. Listen I wanna give you your Christmas present before we leave." she handed Ginny s small gold box and winked.

Ginny looked at her in surprise before pulling the light blue ribbon. Inside the small box was a something totally unpredictable... it was a pair of chandelier golden earrings. Ginny looked at her friend lovingly and embraced her in a tight hug.

"Why?" she asked, "And thank you."

"There's a dance coming up, and if I know you well enough than I know that you are going to have a date. And you don't have earrings so when I saw them I coulnd't resist. " She smiled and returned to her trunk.

Ginny put on the beautiful earrings, they were amazing. They hung to her chin, with webs of designs and small pearls and diamonds mixed in with them. She opened her trunk and pulled out Jane's gift.

"Jane... I feel like I'm giving you nothing now!" she exclaimed handing over the bulky package.

Jane smiled and opened the paper. Ginny had made her a scrap book of memory's since they'd arrived at Hogwarts. There were endless pages of pictures, notes that they'd sent back and forth in class, and even the first ticket that they'd received when they first went to a muggle movie together. Jane smiled and pulled Ginny into a tight hug. She stood with Ginny for a long time.

"Oh Ginny! Thank you so much! It's amazing and so thoughtful." Said Jane running her hands over the books cover.

Ginny smiled and winked at her. Her and Jane were friends forever. She knew that was true, she even told Jane her deepest secrets. Although this one about her and Draco was to remain secret.


Ginny sat in the compartment quietly. She was too tired and just wanted to be alone as she dozed into sleep. Unfortunately she soon was disturbed.

"Ginny?" said someone poking her gently. "Ginny, wake up."

Ginny's eyes fluttered open and she looked at the person in front of her. "Draco!" she exclaimed jumping back-wards. "What do you want?"

Author's Note: There will be more coming soon... only got one review though.

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