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A Love to Remember by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 1 : Are you New?
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Disclaimer: It all belongs to the wonderful JK Rowling! I only own my OCs.

A/N: I cannot believe it has been nearly four years since I first posted this chapter! I am very pround of this story, however it does need a little bit of editing. Therefore I will slowly be reposting chapters that will be edited and have chapter banners added. For those of you who have read this story before I hope you like the changes. For those of you who are reading it for this first time I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Please don't forget to leave a review. I really enjoy hearing from my readers! 


“Remus are you sure you won’t join us for some dinner?” Molly Weasley asked me as I made my way towards the stairs of Number twelve Grimmauld Place.

“Thank you Molly, but I’m not hungry.” How could I eat? I had just buried my last best friend. I felt so alone.

“Remus I…” 

“Molly I know your just trying to help but I really just want to be alone right now.” I turned and walked up the stairs. As I did, Harry ran right pass me up to where Buckbeak slept.

I made my way to Sirius’s old room. As I opened the door I saw that papers and photos had been strewn across the floor. I picked the photos up smiling as I did. They were pictures from our days at Hogwarts and some from after. One picture in particular caught my attention; it was from James and Lily’s wedding. Sirius was dancing with a young woman. The story of how they met is one I will never forget.

Yet there are some stories that hold such painful memories that we never tell them. Stories that were once full of happiness and love only to be torn down and the dreams they held smashed. Sadly I have experienced two such stories. I, Remus Lupin, am all that is left of the Marauders. Sure Peter Pettigrew is still alive, but I no longer consider him a friend, not after what he did to Lily and James. I am the last of six friends who meant the world to each other.

You may be wondering why I say six friends and two painful stories. You see there is a story that has never been told, not that there has ever been a reason to really talk about it, nor did Sirius, when he was still alive, want to talk about it. You see the story I am about to tell you involves Sirius Black and a young woman by the name of Dominique Watkins.

I am sure by now you are wondering whom Dominique Watkins was. Dominique was a brilliant, talented, beautiful witch and even though she was cold at times, she came to be one of my good friends. I met her in my first year at Hogwarts, as I did my other friends, but it was not until second year that we became good friends. Professor Slughorn seemed to like group projects and Dominique and I ended up being in the same group. During that time we became friends.

Yes I admit that later on I did fancy her, but do to my, er…fury little problem as James put it, I never let myself get that close to anyone. So I settled on friendship. That was not the cause, however, when it came to James, Sirius, and Dominique, mostly Sirius and Dominique.

During our third year James and Sirius decided it would be amusing to play a little prank on Lily and Dominique. Well needless to say Dominique refused to stand by and let them get away with their prank. So in turn she pulled one on them. From that moment on it was war, glares, and animosity. Yet, something happened in our seventh year that changed everything.

So it is in our seventh and last year at Hogwarts that we begin our story. A story that was six years in the making, a story that was just as amazing, humorous, and miraculous as that of James and Lily Potter.


Every memory of walking out the front door
I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for
It's hard to say it, time to say it
Goodbye goodbye



Chapter One: Are You New?

“Come on Dominique!” Lily yelled running towards the barrier between platforms nine and ten her red hair whipped out behind her like a mane of fire.

“I am coming!” Dominique looked like she could fall over on the spot. Dominique had spent all summer getting up at ten or eleven, because according to her anything before ten in the morning was an ungodly hour. So having to get up early to catch the train back to school had proven difficult.

Lily disappeared through the barrier closely followed by Dominique. Dashing across the platform the two girls quickly boarded the train and proceeded to look for an empty compartment. Finally, after a long search, they found one towards the back of the train. Opening the compartment door Dominique and Lily walked in, storing their things in the overhead rack before collapsing onto the seats.

“I can’t believe you made us almost miss the train!” Lily snapped her green eyes boring into Dominique.

“We would have gotten to Hogwarts one way or another,” Dominique said waving her hand casually. “Besides I don’t do mornings remember?”

“You’re hopeless.”

“Just until ten.” Dominique smirked pulling her notebook out of her bag. “Now if you don’t mind I have some writing to do.” Dominique sat back down on the bench her back against the wall, with her knees pulled close to her body and her notebook resting against them.

“Whatever.” Lily buried her nose in a book.

Halfway up the train Sirius Black and James Potter walked down the corridor laughing their heads off. They had just finished their first round of torching Serveus Snape, otherwise known as Snivellus. Close behind them was a not so happy looking Remus Lupin and an admiring Peter Pettigrew.

“Did you see how he squirmed Prongs?” Sirius asked well trying to catch his breath.

“You do realize that Lily is going to be extremely mad at you if she finds out,” interjected Remus.

“Who said she is going to find out? Besides he actually deserved it this time.”

“Yeah I guess he did.”

“You only guess!” Sirius was taken aback. “He threatened to tell your secret!”

“Dumbledore wouldn’t let him.”

“Moony the man can only do so much!” James stated.

Before anybody could get another word in Peter announced that he had found Lily and dark haired girl he didn’t recognize.

“I wonder who it is,” Remus mused.

“Probably someone from our fan club.” James words dripped with sarcasm. “You know after so many years it gets annoying.”

“Agreed Prongs,” Sirius said rolling his eyes at the thought of more fan girls.

Sirius and James were two of the ‘hottest’ guys in Gryffindor and pretty much the entire school. Girls would swoon left and right whenever they walked by, always trying to get one of them to go out on a date. At first James and Sirius enjoyed the attention, but as the years went by it became rather annoying.

The four boys made their way down the corridor to the last compartment where Lily and Dominique sat in silence, too caught up in their own little worlds to notice the boys walking into the compartment.

“So, Peter here tells us that there is a cute new girl in this compartment,” James said leaning against the doorframe.

“Huh?” Lily and Dominique said looking up with confused looks on their faces.

James and Sirius spotted a dark haired girl across from Lily.

“You must be the new girl,” Sirius said leaning against the opposite end of the doorframe.

Dominique raised an eyebrow. “You hear that Lily, they think I am new.” Her voice sounded amused.

“Well you did grow you hair out, lose the glasses, and tone up. Not to mention somehow you managed to grow like two or more inches taller.”

“You gotta love those growth spurts,” Dominique said laughing.

It was true. Dominique once short bob cut was now long, sleek, layered hair that fell to her mid back. Her blue eyes, which had once been hidden behind glasses, now shown luminous with a glint of mischief. She had toned up over the summer improving her figure, not that Dominique cared much. Dominique had always been thin, but never had any muscle until now and she looked good.

“Hey Dominique!” Remus said walking into the compartment completely missing the baffled looks on both James and Sirius’s faces. “Sorry I am late, but I stopped to say hi to another friend.” Remus sat down next to Dominique.

“No problem buddy!” Dominique said slapping Remus on the back. “So how was your summer?”

“Dom-Dominique?” Sirius stuttered before Remus could answer the question.

“Yes, that is my name.” Dominique sounded as if Sirius had just asked the world’s dumbest question. “Now close your mouth, it is not very becoming of you.” Dominique shook her head as Lily laughed.

“Wow! You look-er-different.” James stuttered.

“Oh my gosh! A girl renders the famous James Potter almost speechless. Geez Lily you might have some competition,” Dominique mused for a moment. “Then again I only caused him to be almost speechless, unlike you who causes him to be completely speechless every time you enter the room.” Her words dripped with sarcasm.

“Shut up!” Lily threw her book at Dominique. “You’re lucky that was a small book.”

Dominique just stuck her tongue out.

After they got over the shock James and Sirius joined the girls and Remus. Peter inched his way into the compartment. No one but Dominique had noticed this. Most people, including the guys, forgot Peter was even there. Dominique, however, liked to keep an eye on him whenever he was in the room. Something about him made her not trust him; maybe it was his rat like appearance or they way he snuck around. Whatever it was Dominique did not trust Peter.

Talk quickly turned to Quidditch, what else was new? James ate, drank, and slept Quidditch. That was when he wasn’t pulling pranks or trying to impress Lily.

James’ talk of Quidditch tactics and winning the cup only lasted about five minutes before Remus started talking to Lily about what classes she was going to take. Dominique, however, didn’t take part in any of the conversations. She just sat in the corner with her notebook writing furiously. Occasionally she would pause to tuck a stray lock of hair back behind her ear then it was back to writing.

Sirius found himself watching her every now and then for no particular reason. Dominique had always been the girl that everyone, except Lily and Remus, ignored. She had always been a mixture of geek and tomboy. She could punch and hex like nobody’s business and her bark was a poisonous as her bite. On the flip side she could often be found in the library with Lily incased by piles of books and stacks of notes. Dominique was blunt, sarcastic, crazy, kind, random, tough, she was…different.

Sirius was just shocked at how different Dominique looked. Sure she was no supermodel and she was certainly not the best looking girl in the school, but now she looked as if this was how she was supposed to have looked all along. Like the way she looked before was a disguise, a cover up, and this was her natural look.

Dominique had this weird feeling that she was being watched. Looking up momentarily she saw Sirius Black looking at her with the most curious look on his face. Dominique caught his gaze, narrowed her eyes and glared at him. Sirius smirked and looked away.

What the hell is up with him? Sure I look different, but he doesn’t need to gawk at me.

Dominique had never really liked Sirius or James. Sure she didn’t hate them and on occasions they were interesting to hang out with, but she more or less tolerated them for Remus’ sake. Both James and Sirius were too cocky for her liking. They had this god complex about them and it didn’t help that they had a fan club of girls willing to throw themselves at the two Gryffindor hotties. What Lily saw in James Dominique could not for the life of her figure out.

Oh well. Let him stare. It is not like I give a damn.

Dusk fell over the countryside as the train continued its journey to Hogwarts. Inside the compartment Lily was leaned up against a smug looking James reading her book while James concentrated very hard on looking out the window. Dominique was still the same position as earlier still writing except Remus had dozed off against her legs. Sirius sat across from her snoring lightly and Peter sat on the floor with a glazed expression.

“We will be arriving at Hogwarts in one hour’s time,” A voice announced waking both Remus and Sirius from their naps.

“Well I guess we had better change into our robes.” Lily sat up and stretched leaving James looking slightly disappointed.

“Why? We still have an hour,” said Sirius who was trying to get comfy again.

“Because unlike you idiots, we don’t care to have to wait in line.” Dominique grabbed her things out of her trunk.

“Whatever.” Sirius was still half asleep.

Lily and Dominique made their way down the train corridor to the changing rooms. Dominique quickly changed then leaned against the wall to wait for Lily.

“Think you could take any longer?”

“I was just putting my hair up.”

“Riiight. You are just trying to look good for James.”

“I am not!” Lily sounded indignant.

“Whatever you say Lily. But I still think-” Dominique never got to finish because Lily covered her mouth with her hand as they walked into the compartment.

“What are you two up to?” James asked.

“None of your business Potter,” Lily said with a slight blush.

The rest of the train ride to Hogwarts was quiet with the exception of Sirius’s snoring. Once at Hogsmeade Station the group disembarked the train and made their way towards the carriages. Dominique loved the fact that you couldn’t see what was pulling the carriages, although she, like all the other seventh year students, knew what they were.

“Ladies first,” James said offering Lily a hand up before climbing in himself.

Remus and Peter followed James in. Dominique went to climb up into the carriage when her foot slipped on the footboard and fell backwards. Impact never came; instead Dominique opened her eyes to find that she had been caught by none other than Sirius Black.

“Put me down now Black!”

“Such gratitude. You know most girls would be extremely happy and this point.” Dominique hated that smirk.

“Luckily for me I am not one of them. Now put me down.”

“Whatever you say.” Sirius proceeded to drop Dominique on her butt before climbing into the carriage.

“Damn you Black!” Dominique cursed getting up off the ground and into the carriage where Sirius sat laughing. Dominique shot him a death look then looked out the window watching Hogwarts, home, drawing nearer.
Lyrics from Photograph by Nickelback
Awesome chapter image by Ande @ TDA
Thank you to my wonderful beta Cedriclover

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A Love to Remember : Are you New?


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