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FINALLY up. Took long enough… But, yeah. This chapter’s icon doesn’t have anything at all to do with the story, but hey.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Dear JK Rowling
This belongs to you

POV: Tanya

Laura ran into the dormitory with a large smirk on her face.

“Tanya. Guess who’s in the common room?”

“I don’t know. But it better be good. I’m doing homework right now.”

“It’s Sirikins, Remmy-poo, Jamesie, and Petey-pie.”

I frowned, partially because the Marauders were currently in our common room, and partially because of her odd use of nicknames. I followed Laura down the stairs into the common room to find, just as she said, Sirikins, Remmy-poo, Jamesie, and Petey-pie.

“Hi Tanya,” Black said to me with a wide grin. He pointed over to the Sirius Black shrine that my sister’s friends had made. “Nice shrine. Did you make it?”

Laura rolled her eyes. I looked over at the shrine. It consisted of a half-eaten sandwich, several moving pictures of him playing Quidditch, a piece of homework with who-know-what-kind-of-stain on it (probably the only homework he’s ever done in his life), a toothbrush, and…”

“My jock strap!” Black yelled out excitedly. “I’ve been looking for this forever! I thought Prongs just took it but I guess not!” He promptly ran over to the shrine, and attempted to retrieve his jock strap, but was shocked when he reached his hand near the shrine. “Hmm…” he said, rubbing his hand. “This shrine must shock anyone that gets near it, except for the creators.”

“I never would have been able to figure that out,” Laura said sarcastically.

“Well,” Black said, beaming. “Then it’s a good thing I figured that out. We wouldn’t want you to get shocked. But maybe if Tanya…”

“Sirius!” Laura exclaimed exasperatedly. “First of all, Tanya did not make the shrine. Second of all, I’d like to know, is the reason you never understand me because I pee sitting down instead of standing up?”

Peter gasped. “You pee sitting down? I thought everyone went pee standing up!”

“No.” Black shook his head. “Unfortunately for girls, the world is not their urinal.”

Peter gasped again. “The world is not their urinal! I thought it was everyone’s!”

“Well, its not like you go around peeing behind the couches in your common room or anything,” I said with a slight smile.

“Well… er…” Peter looked very confused now. “I thought everyone did.”
We all made a face and inched away from him.

“Okay, anyway…” I continued, a bit freaked out by this new piece of knowledge. “How did you get here an why are you here?”

“How did we get here? Marauder trade secret. We can’t tell you,” Black said, almost proudly.

“But we’re here because we are bored, and we wanted to see the Ravenclaw common room,” Potter added, “Cool statue.”

“Okay.” I looked over at a muggle board game the Marauders appeared to be playing. “But what are you doing?”

“What is this? Twenty qu—“ Black began, but Remus interrupted him. 

“We found this in the corner of you common room. Its called Scrabble.”

“I’m loosing terribly,” Black said miserably. “How was I supposed to know that names don’t count? Prongs used Potter. Besides, I thought Sirius was a word.”

“It is,” Remus corrected. “Just not spelled like that. You know, you could have used Black.”

“Black is a word?” Peter asked, wide-eyed.

“Er… yeah,” Potter said with a frown.

“Oh yeah!” Peter exclaimed, suddenly comprehending. “Black was in my word-a-day calendar three weeks ago!”

Although this was highly amusing, I was starting to get impatient, AND I had a transfiguration essay to finish. “Well, you guys have fun with that. I’m going to go finish my homework. Good luck with figuring out the English language.” I walked towards the stairs.

“Well then, I guess you don’t want to go for a little stroll by the lake then, do you.”

A stroll by the lake at this hour? What were they thinking?

I shrugged. “I guess I don’t.”

Peter looked at me strangely. “Are you sure?”


All of the Marauders and Laura stared at me angrily.

I threw my hands up. “Well, what do you expect? We’d be breaking,” I counted on my fingers. “FOUR WHOLE RULES!”

“Oh, wow,” Potter said, sarcastically. “On a normal night, we break about twenty.”

I turned to Remus. “Remus, you allow them to do this?” He shrugged.

“Laura? Don’t tell me you want to break the rules too, now.”

“I’ve broken plenty of rules before.”

I stared, wide-eyed, at her.

"Well, where do you think Sirius and I go every night?” 

I made a face.

"No, Tanya!” she said, exasperatedly. “Don’t think that way.”

“Well, at any rate, I would rather go by the rules.”

Laura frowned and stared at me.

POV: Laura

I looked at Tanya. “Come on Tanya! Can’t you break a rule just this once?” I said, slightly annoyed.

“Let me think about it. No.” She folded her arms.

“Come on!” I said, throwing up my arms.

“Fine.” She put a hand on her head. I rejoiced by doing a little dance that Sirius seemed to be doing as well.

“Let’s roll,” I said, opening the door that was the entrance to Ravenclaw tower.

We walked out of the castle like we owned the halls. Sirius and Potter were doing something that looked like a strut, as Tanya and Remus used a clever disillusionment charm to cover us. Then we came upon the lake.

“Oh look at the fishy!” Peter said, pointing to a disgruntled looking merperson. Tanya gave him an odd look that seemed as if she was deciding rather to take pity on him or laugh at his stupidity.

We decided to sit under a large tree next to the water. I used one of my clever little spells to conjure up some bluebell flames.

“Well hello there,” Sirius said, as I hit his upper thighs. He had swiftly sat in the place I was about to sit down so I ended up on his lap. I folded my arms.

“I won’t get off unless you move,” I said trying to cover the fact that I was kind of enjoying it.

“Well I won’t then.” Sirius smirked. He seemed to be enjoying it too, but then he made a sort of it’s-not-what-it-looks-like face at Tanya. Remus got a worried look on his face as he sat down next to Tanya, who was next to Peter (she had made sure she was at least a foot away), and Potter next to Peter (he was following Tanya’s suit), then Sirius with me on his lap.

“So now that we’re here and have a bonfire lets talk or something,” Remus said, seemingly trying to get his mind off the fact I was on Sirius’s lap.

“How bout we talk about Potter was snogging a pair of Lily’s socks in the hall!” I sniggered.

“What!?” Sirius laughed as he turned his face so it was opposite mine. Potter stared in horror.

“Well, he was in the third floor corridor and thought he was alone. I noticed he was doing something odd, so I stayed hidden. That was before I realized it was socks that he was snogging. I looked again and saw that it they were labeled ‘Lily Evans’ on the side.” 

Lily had always stuck me as the type of person who would indeed label her socks. 

Sirius fell back laughing and seeing as he was the thing supporting me, I fell back too.

“Wow,” Tanya said, with a very shocked and freaked out look on her face.

Sirius and I sat up, but I had entered a fit of laughter and was balancing myself with my arms around his neck. Remus was looking even more troubled then before, and Potter had a look of absolute horror on his face.

“Can we change the subject please?” Potter had gotten over embarrassment and was now verging on anger.

“Alright, alright,” I said, gaining composure, yet I still had my arms around Sirius.

There were crickets. Well there might not have been but the silence was unbearable. Then suddenly out of the blue Tanya became her random psycho self. (If you hadn’t met this part of her yet, be warned, it gets worse.)

“Does Peter have moobs?” Tanya asked, sounding genuinely curious.

“What the bloody hell are moobs?” Remus said with a confused tone. It took something that odd to distract him from the fact that I was straddled over Sirius’s left leg with my arms around him.

“I means man-boobs, it’s an American term,” Sirius answered, not seeming too aware that I was all over him (in a non-skanky way mind you).

“Okay…” Remus was even more confused then before.

“Well does he?” she urged.

“Yeah he does.” Potter answered, with a disturbed look on his face.

“Ew! How would you know that?” I asked, turning my attention to Potter.

“Well, he changes blatantly in front of me,” he said, with a painful twinge in his voice.

“Only you?” Tanya asked oddly.

“Yeah. That’s what worries me.”

“What!” Peter said, turning to Potter.

“Relax! I was only kidding,” Potter said patting Peter on the shoulder. I looked around at everyone, and then back at Sirius. Even he looked tired.

“I think its time we headed back to the castle,” I announced.

“Agreed,” Sirius said, as he gently nudged me to get up. Tanya nodded and put out the fire. We silently walked back to the castle. Once we got to the hall that led to each of our towers, we said our goodbyes.

“Night,” I said as I gave Sirius a hug that he took as platonic.

“Night,” he said back.

Then we went one way down the corridor, and the Marauders went the other. Oh, how I love those boys.

POV: Remus

Maybe I was just being jealous. That’s probably right. Whenever I see Laura and Sirius together, every action is probably just magnified in my eyes. That would make sense. I need to stop that before I start getting territorial. Now, if only I could stop sounding like a wolf…

It just bothers me so much whenever I see Sirius and Laura together. I’m not entirely sure that its just jealousy, though. They tend to act rather… touchy feely. But I probably am just overreacting. I need to act more mature.

Well, Sirius does say that he and Laura are just friends. But, Sirius never has been particularly good at deciphering girls’ feelings for him. Tanya is an excellent example of that…

I looked up at the sky. It was getting greyer by the second.

Maybe next time I get to talk to Laura… if there is a next time. She’s always with Sirius. I really do need to clear my head. I just need to find Laura and…

There she is now. Emmeline Vance apparently isn’t the only one with good timing.

“Hey, Remus,” she smiled as she walked towards me. I grinned.

“Er… hi, Laura.”

“Remus? We need to talk.” 

I nodded.

They say that ‘we need to talk’ never leads up to anything good, but I waited to hear what she had to say first, before I jumped to any conclusions.

“I don’t think this will work.”

“Think… what will work?”

I had an idea of what she was going to say, but, again, I still didn’t want to jump to any conclusions.

“Well… you know… I just don’t think I’m ready for a relationship, you know?”

That has to be the oldest one in the book. But I nodded and smiled weakly anyways.

“And… well, its not you. Its me.”

Scratch that. That one is the oldest one in the book.

“I’m really sorry Remus.”

It had started to rain. How cliché.

I sighed. “That’s alright. I was kind of thinking the same thing too.” 

Yeah, right…

She sighed with relief as well. “Well, that’s good. But, you still want to be friends, right?”

I forced another smile. “Of course.”

Laura grinned, ruffled my hair (which was rather odd), and turned around. She walked away, looking like she was enjoying the rain, and having no idea about my feelings. But that’s all right. When I was sure she wasn’t going to turn back around, I put my face in my hands and sighed. I stood there for a few moments before walking inside.

So, I guess I was right.

Damn it.

POV: Sirius

I saw Moony and Laura part in the rainy courtyard through an adjacent window. Moony looked really upset, but he waited till she turned to show how sad he was. It had to be something she did, or she would be hiding it from him, not vice versa. I waited for Laura to come inside. I knew Moony wouldn’t want to talk right away.

“What’d you do?” I asked in the least accusing tone I could muster.

“I broke it off. Well, I would have if there was much to end.” She sighed as she wrung out her wet and limp brown hair.

“Why? I thought you liked him.” I was a bit confused.

“Sirius, I never said that,” she said with a wavering voice. I could tell there was something else bothering her but, I could also see she wasn’t going to fess up any time soon. She looked down as we turned a corner. When she looked up again she had that glassy-wet look in her eyes. I didn’t know what to do, so I hugged her. That always seems to work when she’s sad. She squeezed hard; harder then I expected. She wiped her eyes before any tears fell, (though her face was already wet) and smiled weakly at me.

“Thanks,” she said, as Tanya walked up.

“Hey,” Laura said quietly. 

Tanya saw something was wrong too. She gave me a look as if to ask what. I simply shrugged, Laura would tell her when she wanted to. Then Moony appeared down the hall, just as crestfallen as before. Laura let out a quiet “got to go” as she hurried away before Moony saw her. That left Tanya and me alone. We walked down the hall quietly until we passed two first years snogging.

“Ugh” Tanya said and the boy started to go to second base. After we were out of hearing range, I turned to her.

“That was the grossest thing I have ever seen,” she said. “First years these days…”

What was so gross about first years snogging? It was weird, maybe, but not exactly gross. Oh well. I pretended to agree anyway. “Yeah… well, besides Wormtail eating. That’s pretty bad.” 

Then she laughed… 

SHE LAUGHED! HOLY HELL SHE LAUGHED! I mean she’s laughed at me but never at any of my witty observations. I couldn’t believe it.

“Did you just laugh?” I said, just to make sure.

“Er, yeah,” she said with a caustic look on her face.

“Just checking.” 

She laughed again… AGAIN!

“You aren’t half bad, Sirius,” she said, staring out a nearby window, as the rain pelted the glass… 


“Really?!?” I asked, sounding a bit more enthusiastic than intended.

“Whoa! Down boy,” she said, putting her hands out in front of her. “Not like that.”

“Oh…” I said, I little disheartened.

“I mean we can be friends…” she said, with a thoughtful smile… she was smiling…. AT ME! Am I the only one excited by that?

“Brilliant,” I said, standing up straight and raising my head high. I also did a small happy dance. Tanya in turn backed away with a look that told me she was regretting what she had just said

“Eh, sorry bout that.” I shrugged apologetically.

“Its alright.” she gave me a pat on the shoulder… she touched me. Wow, could this day get better? 

“Well I have to go,” she said, turning into the library.

“Okay, see you later!” I waved. As soon as she was out of sight I broke into a full on dance including, some air guitar. The nearby first years were frightened. I can’t wait to tell Laura. In fact, I think I’m going to go tell her now. Hopefully she feels better.

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