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I Always Loved Him… I Just Didn’t Know It Yet
Chapter Seven

Lily and James walked around the school for an hour. They didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, so they went back up to the common room.

“Odd,” thought Lily as they were approaching the Fat Lady. “Potter hasn’t said anything to me all night. Well, except for the thing before we left.”

James looked at Lily, smiled and thought, “Okay, this is good. She’s not mad and/or upset! Don’t screw it up!”

The pair reached the portrait and James uttered the password. They walked into the common room.

James looked at Lily and said, “’Night, Lils.”

Lily sighed. “Goodnight, Potter.” James walked up the stairs to his room and Lily went over to her book bag. Slinging it over her shoulders, Lily climbed the stairs and entered her dormitory.

All of the girls were already in their beds and Alice was snoring loudly. Lily smiled to herself and sat on her bed. She was very tired, so after placing her bag by the side of the bed, Lily changed into her pajamas and went to bed. After a few minutes of lying in bed, Lily fell asleep to the sound of Alice snoring.
The next day, Lily woke up to hear running water. She sat up in bed and thought, “Someone must be in the shower.” She looked around and noticed that everyone was still asleep except for Alice, whose bed was empty.

Surmising the obvious, Lily got out of bed and gathered some clothes to change into. She sat back down on her bed and waited for Alice to come out of the bathroom. After a few minutes, the bathroom door opened to reveal Alice fully dressed and ready for breakfast.

“Hey Lily,” said Alice, sitting next to the girl in question.

“Hello,” said Lily, standing. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Alice nodded and Lily walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

Once she was finished with her shower, Lily and Alice walked down to breakfast. They both had their book bags, planning to study for a Potions test. The girls walked into the Great Hall. None of the food had appeared on the tables, so they sat down at the Gryffindor table. Alice yanked her Potions book out of her bag, a couple quills spilling onto the floor. Lily reached into her bag and noticed a sheet of parchment that was definatly not hers seeing as it was pink and scented. Lily took it out, unfolded it and started to read:

Dearest Lily,

Every time I see you my heart flutters with love. I don’t understand why you hate me so much. Me, James Potter, with my dark hair and my awesome Quidditch skills. Every girl in school wants to be with me, but I only want to be with you. Somehow, you can’t understand how lucky you are. Well, I love you Lily.



There was a huge inkblot underneath the word love. It looked like the author had crossed something out.

Lily looked at the letter and whispered, “What in the name of Merlin?”

Alice looked up from her textbook. “What?” Lily handed Alice the letter with a disgusted look on her face.

Alice’s eyes scanned the page for a minute before she burst out laughing. “His heart flutters with love?”

The Marauders had entered the hall in time to hear Alice’s cry. Sirius smiled, thoroughly pleased with himself. Remus shook his head and Peter stared at the floor.

James turned to the other Marauders. “What’s she talking about?” Sirius shrugged, Remus shook his head and Peter continued to stare. They walked over to the Gryffindor table and sat down next to the girls.

“What’s going on?” asked James.

Lily snatched the letter out of Alice’s hands and stuffed it into her bag. She glared at James. “Nothing.”

“Okay,” said James slowly. Sirius grinned to himself. People filed into the Great Hall and Lily sighed. They had never studied. And she hadn’t finished her essay. Lily took out the necessities for her essay and set to work. She only needed to add a few more sentences while the Marauders talked and Alice studied. Food appeared on the plates and Lily put her completed essay in her bag, shoving the love letter farther down. They all began to eat and Lily studied out of her Potions Book, ignoring James whenever he tried to talk to her.

James, meanwhile, was extremely confused. Things had been going was great last night, even though hardly a word had been said. Now Lily was ignoring him and refusing to look his way. James leaned toward Sirius and whispered, “What’s going on with Lily?”

Sirius tried to withhold his grin. “Dunno. Maybe she got a special note or something.”

James looked at Sirius suspiciously. “A note, huh?”

“Yup!” exclaimed Sirius, nodding vigorously. Remus shook his head at Sirius’s horrible plan, extremely disappointed at his complete idiocracy. Peter had already consumed half the contents of the food on the table. James and Sirius noticed this and started to eat at twice the rate of Peter, trying to consume their normal amount. Remus sighed and began to eat too, though quite slower.

After breakfast had ended, the 7th years in Advanced Potions, which included Lily, Alice and the Marauders (except Peter, who had somehow gotten a T on his Potions OWL), walked out the Great Hall. They headed down to the dungeons and into the dark classroom.

Professor Slughorn was standing in the front of the room, waiting for them. “Sit down and pass your essays forward.” Lily and Alice sat at a table near the front and James, Sirius and Remus sat at the table next to them.

The class passed their essays up and Slughorn collected them. He then passed out the tests, allowing himself to wink at Lily as he gave her the test. She smiled at the professor and he moved on. Walking back to his desk, Slughorn said, “Begin!” Lily flipped her test over and started as a dozen other students did the same.

Half an hour later, Slughorn announced that their time was up. Lily finished the last sentence and handed her paper forward.

“Use the remaining time to read pages 20- 30 in your textbook,” said Slughorn.

James Potter was not one to believe in reading, so he got like really mad and screamed bloody murder at Slughorn. Slughorn yelled and ran at James, taking his trusty rusty steak knife and jabbing it down James’ throat. Um, James died.

Lily smiled to herself, wishing this scene in her mind were true.

Alice looked at her friend’s expression, which was so different from this morning, and said, “What’s up with you?”

Lily’s grin faded as she recalled the note in her bag. “Nothing.” She opened her textbook to read, but a thought occurred to her. The red head took out a sheet of parchment and wrote:

Did you send me a love note this morning or last night?

Lily folded up the note and wrote ‘Potter’ on the front. She slid the note over to James’s table and whispered to Sirius, who was nearest her, “Pass this to Potter.”

Sirius looked her knowingly, all though he knew nothing of the sort, and gave the note to James. James took it and unfolded it.

After a few minutes, He wrote something on the parchment and handed it back to Sirius. “Give this to Lily.” Sirius handed the note to Lily, who took it and read:

What are you talking about? I didn’t send you anything!

Lily wrote back:

Well, I got a note from you this morning. It was in my bag. Look.

She took the other note out of her bag and folded it inside the new note. She gave it to Sirius, who gave it to James.

Alice looked up from her textbook and gave Lily a questioning glance. “What’s going on?”

“Wait one minute,” whispered Lily back as the note was sent her way from Sirius. She unfolded it and read:

Wow. That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever read. That’s not my handwriting, it’s Sirius’s. Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.

Lily smiled and wrote back:

Thanks. I’ll see you at patrolling tonight?

Lily passed the note back to Sirius. “You know that note I got this morning?” whispered Lily to Alice. Alice nodded and Lily went on. “Well, it wasn’t from Potter, it was from Sirius. He was pretending to be Potter. The moron was trying to get us together.” Just then, Sirius passed the note to Lily as James was trying to engage him in a conversation.

James’ reply read:

I’ll be there.

Lily read it and gave the note to Alice. She read it and tried not to laugh. Lily frowned at her as the bell rang. The class stood up and they all left the room. Lily waved good bye to Slughorn and he said, “Goodbye, Lily. I’ll see you later!” Lily smiled and left the room with Alice to go to Charms.


That night, Lily sat in the common room, finishing up her homework. Alice had gone to bed half an hour earlier and there was no one in the room. Well, there was one other person. None other than James Potter was sitting next to her on the couch, actually studying! Lily hadn’t believed it when he had asked to do homework with her.

James closed his book and looked at his watch. “Time to go.” Lily nodded and put her things back in her book bag. They both stood up and walked out of the common room.

After a few minutes, Lily thought of something. “On that note, why was there an ink blot under the ‘Love’?”

James burst out laughing. “Sirius wrote his own name under ‘Love’ instead of mine! He had to cross it out!”

Lily started to laugh, too. “So, what happened when you talked to him?”

“He just said that he was trying to get us together. Though that wasn’t a very good note,” explained James.

Lily smiled. “No. It really wasn’t.”

A/N: Unfortunatly, i must ackonoladge that my sis, Mandie Rush, wrote the day dream. It started as a joke, but i decided to include it.

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