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Lunch seemed to come slower that day, perhaps because Gabby was looking forward to it. Things we want always seem to come slower than everything else. Gabby made her way down to the Great Hall, unoccupanied by Oliver, who was at the time in deep concentration over a letter he had receieved and was walking almost unaware of his surroundings a ways behind her.

Gabby didn't dare look at it, it wasn't hers after all, and she didn't think Oliver would be happy to find that she had now found it her business to slip into his private life. His wife or not, Gabby felt totally discluded...but for some reason, she had been expecting nothing more. Thats not to say that Oliver wasn't nice to her, he was. Just a 'nice' that came with a cool breeze as well. There were times Gabby knew Oliver wanted to send her away to an island off somewhere but he was being so good to her, wasn't he? Gabby stopped at the staircase, waiting for it to move back so that she could walk down to the great hall, giving Oliver time to catch up to her. She noticed he was no longer holding the letter in his hand, but had stuffed it inside his robe pocket. Gabby watched him put it away, and as he looked up his eyes met hers. She couldn't understand them. They were so misty and mysterious...but at the same time they bore right through her.

She knew he wasn't going to tell her who sent the letter, maybe thats why his stare was so intense. When she couldn't take it any longer she broke away from his gaze and walked away towards the stars, two at a time, feeling like she would break down if he said anything to her...but something in her wouldn't let her go as she reached the first of three landings. She froze listening to Olivers shoes kick against the steps as he walked down. Her heart was pounding, she could feel it racing faster than it had ever in her life and her eyes were watering, she wanted him so badly...

She could feel him walk up right behind her and stop just short of bumping into her.

"Sorry' she apologized quickly under her breath as she started down the next flight of stairs. What was she doing? Why had she done that? She felt her face turn deep crimson from embarrasment as she shook her head to herself.
Gabby took a seat at lunch next to Oliver and waited for a minute before she put some food on her plate and began to eat. She wasn't feeling so hungrey. She was tired suddenly, and stressed out. She felt her head pounding and she placed her head in her hands breathing slowly and deeply.

"Are you alright?" Penelope asked worried sitting down across from her.

"Im fine...I just...feel a little sick all the sudden", Gabby said shaking her head slowly.

"Do you need to go to the hospital wing?" she asked still worried.

"I think I'm alright. Maybe I'm just hungrey" she said taking a spoonful of the stew which was in front of her.

Lunch was a lot brighter that day after she started to feel better. Penelope proved to be fun and sweet, and Gabby knew they would get a long well and become very good friends. She finally had gotten to meet Percy who seemed a little private and closed up but nice and polite all the same, and Fred and George who were just as Penelope said..." Tricks and treats all the time with them".

Lunch finished and Penelope promised to visit with her later that evening as they walked out of the great hall and said their goodbyes.

"Gabby" Oliver said.

"I've got to go to the dungeons for a second" he said walking in the other direction without another word. Gabby stood still hurt a little, and feeling abandoned. As if feeling guilt for leaving her there Oliver turned around just as he was about to walk around the corner.

"You can come if you like" he said starting to walk again. Gabby followed him at a distance yet still making her presense known to him.

The walk to the Dungeons was a little longer than Gabby had expected, and quite awkward as well - seeing as Oliver hadn't said a word to her, and Gabby hadn't tried to say anything to him. When they finally reached the large dungeon Gabby could hardly see through the musty darkness. She followed Oliver as he walked over to a desk and placed a paper on it. Gabby moved closer to see what he was signing and Oliver leaned down to write his name. As he came up his eyes met Gabbys once again, and the akward feeling grew stronger than it had ever been before, but she didn't break the gaze away. And neither did he.

"Oliver..." Gabby whispered partially confused. She watched in shock as he leaned closer, and then closed her eyes feeling his innocent kiss. She kissed him back , confused but not regretting. Oliver put his arms around her kissing her deeper than he had before. When he broke away he let her go quickly and backed off a bit. He stepped towards her again when two firmilar voices echoed down the hall towards the dungeon.

"C'm here" Oliver said quickly pulling Gabby behind a large shelf and getting behind it himself.

"Are you not allowed to be in here?" She whispered frightened by his quick reaction.

"Not in the dungeons...too much has happened here..." he said not feeling he needed to explain.

"Professor, I am simply saying, we need to be on our guard. There are some odd happenings. Three prisoners escaped from Askaban last night with the help of Voldemorts death eaters" Dumbledores said as he and McGonagal walked into the room.

"I'm afraid Dumbledore. What are we to do? Our students aren't safe here any longer, if our theory is correct. You are taking this all too lightly".

"I am well aware of the danger...perhaps you are correct...let us call a meeting tonight, for all the prefects. Can you spread the message to them?"

"Of course" she said as the voices began to face away.

"Oh, Minerva, it may be best if you bring Oliver along".

"Oliver? Wood?"

"Yes Minerva. There is much he needs to be aware of, there is much he needs to protect".

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