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Chapter Six
Fooling Filch with the Enemy

Girls Dormitory

I decided to make it a nightly thing. Going down to the kitchens, I mean. Like, I won’t have ice cream every night, but I’ll go for hot chocolate or something like that. Malfoy was down there twice in the four days I went down. He never spoke to me and I never spoke to him. We sat in silence, me reading and him just thinking, I guess. I never asked him if her had my book ( which I noticed I lost when I woke up Wednesday morning) and he never said anything about me leaving it behind.

My first week of Hogwarts was pretty cool and I was shocked when I woke up late Saturday morning. Those late night get me exhausted, but I don’t mind. I take a semi-cold shower every morning and wake right up. Saturday, however, I slept in till noon. And I only woke up because Hermione and Ginny were shaking me and making me wake.

“ Five more minutes?” I asked sounded like a corny T.V. show.

“ No, Amber, you’ve been in bed all morning! Almost everyone asked where you were. Even Malfoy,” Hermione said sitting on the end of my bed.

“ Malfoy of course had a nasty remark to say about you, but then again, that’s Malfoy,” Ginny added. I heard her walking around the room and stopping every once in a while to look at something.

“ Yeah, well, who cares what Malfoy says?” I mumbled as I sat up. I looked at the clock hanging on the opposite wall and saw it was indeed 12:13. I stretched.

“ Amber have you finished ‘Hogwarts, A History’ yet?” Hermione asked. I shook my head.

“ I brought it down to the kitchens to read Tuesday night and haven’t seen it since.

I keep meaning to ask the house elves, but the walk away to quickly to get whatever you asked them to,” I explained. Hermione looked out raged at me losing a book and told me off about 20 times as I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and hair, put on some mascara and eyeshadow, and got dressed. Ginny finally told Hermione to shut it and I heard a growling in my stomach.

By now, I knew where the kitchens were. I was able to get to a few of my classes, too, without having to use the map. Hermione and Ginny followed as I walked through the picture of the fruits and house elves come up to me.

“ Miss Potter, what can we get you?” a house elf asked.

“ It’s Harry Potter’s friends!” a squeaky voice yelled out and I saw a house elf that was dressed very colorfully and wearing many hats on his head.

“ Hello, Dobby,” Hermione greeted the elf.

“ Dobby hasn’t seen Harry Potter for a while. He’s been quite busy. Dobby watched him work hard on his homework. Dobby was told Harry Potter’s twin sister comes into the Kitchens every night for a late night snack, but I clean the common rooms at the time she comes in!” Dobby said happily. Hermione looked at me and I blushed a little.

“ Amber! No wonder you’re so tired! Staying up half the night and taking a trip to the kitchens is outrageous!” she scolded me.

“ I would have liked to come!” Ginny snapped as she took a cookie off a tray a house elf had brought her.

“ No you wouldn’t,” I said also taking a cookie and sitting down at a table, “ Draco Malfoy comes down here practically every night at the same time, too. He never says anything or starts something, but having him sit in front of me just staring off into space it very annoying,”

“ That Malfoy boy is a bad boy!” Dobby squeaked. I looked at Dobby and shrugged.

I then asked the house elves for a chocolate muffin and then Hermione, Ginny, and I left. We decided to got for a walk around the grounds when we heard Ron and Harry calling us. Ginny suddenly had to go and disappeared.

Hermione and I waited for the boys to catch up to us. They skidded to a stop at our feet and I noticed they looked excited. I looked at Hermione but she was to busy giving Ron a quick hug before asking what was up.

“ We’ve been looking everywhere for you. Why do you have a muffin?” Harry asked.

“ I like muffins,” I said with a dreamy face. Then I took a bite of the muffin. Harry looked at me for a minuet while Ron laughed a little.

“ Whatever,” Harry said shaking his head, “ We were just looking for you. You slept a long time and wanted to make sure you were okay,”

“ Amber was just tired because she’s been making midnight trips to the Kitchens every night with Malfoy,” Hermione huffed. I glared at Hermione and Ron and Harry’s hands formed fists and they rounded on me. They were yelling and I put up and hand to stop them. They did.

“ I wasn’t WITH Malfoy. He and I just happen to have the same idea at the same time. He didn’t say a word to me nor do I want him to. I am just not going to go out of my own way because of some Slytherin who looks like a fag with a faggish hair cut. Okay?” I explained. Hermione rolled her eyes and played with her hair as I explained.

Getting ready to go to the Lake
“ I’ve never been so nervous about meeting a guy before,” I said as Ginny pulled a brush through my hair.

“ Because you probably actually like this guy,” Ginny replied, “ How should we do your hair?”

“ Well, she doesn’t want to look desperate and the shirt is kind of fancy. Just pull it up,” Hermione said from her bed. She turned the page to the book she was reading as she glanced up.

“ What’s wrong with my top?” I asked jumping up and running to my trunk.

Obviously, I was getting ready to meet Jadon at the lake. I was totally nervous and asked Ginny and Hermione to help me get ready. Hermione was just giving comments and nodding in approval while Ginny did all the work.

I was dressed in jeans and a black baby doll top with selves that hung off my shoulders. It was a sexy top, but I didn’t think it was THAT sexy. Then I had on black high top sandles and green eyeshadow on my eyes with clear lip gloss on. It was just my hair that needed to be fixed. It was hard to decided though. My hair had no flips or anything in it. It was straight and even and I had a lot of split ends. I loved my hair till I saw how pretty Ginny’s was with layers and Hermione’s with those curls. Now my hair looked like a stringy black thing sitting on a person’s hair.

I repeated this to Ginny and Hermione. Hermione took our her wand and came over to me. She taped my head and the ends of my hair fell to the floor getting rid of my split ends. Ginny then pulled my hair into a messy pony tail and pulled out a few strands of hair to frame my face. They looked at me and Ginny shook her head.

“ We have to give you a hair style,” she said.

“ Yes, but now is not the time. You’ll make Amber late if we start giving her a hair cut,” Hermione said. I agreed that I needed a hair style, but it was already five to seven and I didn’t want to be late meeting Jadon.

Ginny walked me to the doors so I didn’t get lost and was made even later. I made it to Jadon five after seven. He saw me coming and looked relieved. I was relieve he was there, too.

“ Hey Amber,” he said quietly. I smiled.

“ Hi,” I said. Jadon put a hand behind his back and when he showed it to me, there was a red rose in his hand. He handed it to me and smiled.

“ Thanks. Um, you asked to talk to me?” I said. Maybe what Hermione and I heard the other night was Jadon and the Hufflepuff girl breaking up.

“ Yeah, I did,” Jadon said, “ Look, I know I barely have known you for a week, but there’s something about you that I feel so connected to. It sounds crazy, I know, but I know something is there and that something is like a force pulling me towards you that I can’t get pull away from,”

“ So, you’re saying you really like me?” I asked happily.

“ Yes. When I cut things off with my girlfriend, I felt more connected to you then I have ever felt before,” Jadon explained. I started at him in total amazement.

“ Wow, I like you, too. I mean, I never felt that connection but I knew that sparks flew when I first met you,” I said hoping it was the right thing to say. It must have been because Jadon moved forward. Oh, God, this would be my first kiss.

Jadon moved even closer and I felt my heart beat faster and faster. That was when I felt that feeling of someone watching me. I didn’t worry about it. I wanted my first kiss. It was probably just Harry spying on me or Ginny making sure I was doing okay.

Jadon was so close to me now. Our breath was mixing with each others and I could smell the sweet smell of something I couldn’t place from his deodorant or soap or something. My heart beat faster and then Jadon pulled back and my heart practically stopped. What was wrong?

“ Who is that?” he asked. I turned around and saw someone in a black cloak running back up to the castle. It was a woman, you could see, but I couldn’t tell who.

“ I don’t know, but I think she’s been following me for a while now,” I replied.

I told Harry, Hermione, and Ron about the woman I saw running back up to the castle. Harry was more worried then Hermione and Ron. Hermione said it might have been an Auror trying to warn Dumbledore about something really quick. Ron agreed but was the most lenient on the situation.

When I went to bed I was very troubled. Why couldn’t the woman just wait another minuet to go running. I would have my first kiss and everything would be great. Instead Jadon suggested we go back up to the castle and walked me back to the Gryffindor common room. All I got was a kiss on the cheek. Nothing I’ve never had before.

At two o’clock I automatically woke up and went down to the kitchens to have a snack. The house elves were a nice as ever when I came in. They asked what I would like and I asked for the same kind of Sunday I had the other day. It was good.

I had only eaten one spoonful when the door opened and Malfoy of course came in. He asked the house elves very rudely for a hot chocolate and the sat across from me. I didn’t look up until he slammed something down on the table. Then I saw “Hogwarts, A History” sitting in front of me.

“ You left that here a few days ago,” he snapped.

“ And you were hanging onto it all this time, why?” I asked. Malfoy looked at me with cold grey eyes.

“ I kept forgetting it in my dormitory,” he said coldly. I pulled the book towards me and made sure the note Jadon gave me was still marking my
place. It was, but it had been moved.

“ You read my note,” I accused. Malfoy glared.

“ Of course I did. You never know how good a note could be,” Malfoy admitted, “ It was quite boring to read. I mean, do I care if you want to go snog your boyfriend at the lake?”

“ He’s not my boy–well, okay maybe he is,” I said. Malfoy looked at me with this shock and sadness in his eyes in his eyes. His face was pity, though. I frowned.

“ I feel bad for that Ravenclaw. He doesn’t know what kind of scum he’s dating,” Malfoy said. That look in his eyes was still there. Maybe Malfoy does like me. But isn’t he supposed to be on the Dark Side? Isn’t he supposed to hate ALL Gryffindors? I’m a Potter, too, he can’t possibly like ME!

Then I thought of something. How did Malfoy know Jadon was a Ravenclaw? He never has seen Jadon has he? I ate some ice cream before looking back up.

“ You’ve been following me, haven’t you?” I asked knowingly. Malfoy looked at me with confusion and shock.

“ Why would I want to follow you?” He asked. I pushed some of my hair out of my eyes and eyed Malfoy.

“ You knew where I was going tonight. You seem to know Jadon’s a Ravenclaw,” I said in a low dangerous voice.

“ Jadon Smith is in my Herbology class, Potter, I know his name. I did know where you were going tonight, but I never followed. Again, why would I want to? You a foolish Gryffindor related to the attention seeking Harry Potter. I don’t want anything to do with you,” Malfoy shot at me. I still saw that look in Malfoy’s eyes and I also saw a little hint of a lie being made in his face.

“ Whatever,” I said. We went back to silence and when Malfoy got up to leave I gave a sigh of relief. Malfoy glared at me.

“ You don’t have to stay in here with me every night if you don’t want to, Potter,” he snapped.

“ Well, I want to stay here. You, therefore, can wait till after two o’clock or not stay,” I replied.

“ What if I want to sit in here with you,” as soon as those words escaped Malfoy’s mouth he turned a delicate shade of pink and then left in a hurry.

When I saw the coast was clear, I took out the Marauder’s Map. I said ‘I somely swear that I am up to no good,’ and watched at the ink flow along the parchment. I saw that most of the corridors were empty. I watched as Malfoy walked toward the dungeons and then saw Filch heading in the opposite direction. They would collide. I felt guilty about Malfoy getting in trouble but tried to push the feeling away. I kept watching though. Then I remembered I had Harry’ invisibility cloak. He allowed me to borrow it so I wouldn’t get in trouble when I went for these late night walks.

I had to do what I had to do. I cleared the map and then pulled the cloak over my head. I asked a house elf to put my book back in my room and then flew out the kitchen. I ran down the corridor and down a flight of stairs. When I saw Malfoy ahead of me and ran harder. Then I grabbed Malfoy’s arm and pulled him under the cloak with me.

“ What the hell?!” he said. I slapped my hand over his mouth and dragged him into the nearest classroom. I waited as Filch shuffled by the room muttering to his cat, Mrs. Norris.

“ Don’t you ever touch me, again, Potty,” Malfoy snapped as he stepped from under the cloak, “ Where did you get a bloody invisibility cloak, anyway?”

“ Well, your welcome for keeping you out of trouble. And the cloak is Harry’s. He got it from our dad,” I said. I pulled the cloak off myself and peaked out the door.

“ How’d you know Filch was coming? Were you following me?” Malfoy had the same accusing voice I had only not as dangerous.

“ No, you rat-face, I saw him on a map,” I said.

“ A map?” Malfoy asked. I pulled it out muttered the words under my breath so Malfoy couldn’t hear and showed him. I was going to be in so much trouble if Harry found out I showed Malfoy both the cloak and the map.

“ Where did you get this?” Malfoy asked as he saw the little dots moving. He saw us standing in the classroom and Filch turning around.

“ Our dad and his friends made it,” I said remembering what Harry told me, “ The names on the front is their nicknames,”

“ This is amazing magic,” Malfoy said. He said is so quietly I barely heard him. I smirked and looked at Malfoy over my shoulder, for I was still looking out the door. I could hear Filch’s feet shuffling back.

“ Mischief Managed,” I said grabbing the map from Malfoy, “ Quick under the cloak!”

Malfoy obeyed and Filch passed by. Then I had an idea. It would be fun, even if my partner in the crime was Malfoy. I looked at him with a smirk.

“ Wanna play with the moron’s head?” I asked. Malfoy smirked, too.

“ Yeah, sure, let’s see how crazy the old squib really is,” he laughed.

We moved over to the door and swung it open. Filch turned around in panic. He started to run back to the classroom and peaked inside. Mrs. Norris joined him shortly afterwards.

Malfoy was a good person to make trouble with. We ran around the corridors all night making noises and making Filch run around yelling students out of bed. We stopped every once in a while to get control of our laughter and then continued. Twice Malfoy kicked that cat and we had to go to a totally different classroom to get control of ourselves.

Malfoy kicked the cat a third time, but this time his foot came from underneath the cloak and Filch saw it.

“ STUDENT OUT OF BED!! STUDENT INVISIBLE!!” he yelled as he ran towards us with outstretched hands.

“ Run!” I shouted.

“ Good idea,” Malfoy agreed.

“ TWO STUDENTS OUT OF BED!” Filch started yelling. He started chasing us. Our feet were showing as we ran as the cloak whipped around our legs.

“ Where should we go?” Malfoy asked.

“ I don’t know. Let’s head to the Slytherin common rooms. I’ll be able to sneak back up the Gryffindor common room by myself. It will be easier,”

It was, too. We were already on the second floor, so Malfoy started leading us towards the Slytherian common rooms. Filch was out of site now and we slowed down. Soon, Malfoy stopped. He looked at me.

“ You know, you are that bad,” he said. I smirked.

“ You’re alright, your self,” I replied, “ We should mess with Filch’s head some other time,”

“ Yeah, maybe,” Malfoy turned towards the entrance and was about to give the password when he stopped.

“ What now?” I asked.

“ Let’s not mention this to ANYONE,” he suggested. I looked at him for a moment then remembered that Harry and Ron would kill me if they found out that I had a really fun time with Draco Malfoy. I nodded.

“ Okay, Draco, we won’t tell anybody at all,” I said.

“ You called me Draco. We can’t be on first name terms in public. Not only would my reputation be ruined, but my father would be ashamed of me,” Draco said.

That slipped up. I didn’t mean to call him by his first name, but I guess Draco and I have sort of formed a friendship laughing over kicking Mrs. Norris and Filch’s yells of a student being out of bed. I smiled. Who knew a Potter would become friends with a Slytherin. And of all Slytherins, Draco Malfoy.

“ Yeah, I guess we’ll just be nice to each other at 2:00 in the morning when we’re eating a late night snack. By day, we’re enemies that insult each other every time we lay eyes on one another,” I said.

“ Good night then, Amber,” Draco said.

“ Good night, Draco,” I left and heard Draco give the password. I took out the map and made my way to the Gryffindor common room without even having to worry about Filch.

I looked at the clock before I crawled into bed and saw that it was a quarter passed five. I didn’t sleep at all practically. I fell asleep very quickly and had a dream of Jadon kissing me and then him pulling away suddenly and saw he turned into Draco. I jumped back in shock as Draco turned into Harry. He grabbed my hand and a gold glow formed around us. Harry pulled out his wand and my dream-self did the same. Then we said a spell that looked very powerful.

I woke up to a scream and saw that Lavender was almost hit with some sort of jinx. I sat up and saw everyone in the dormitory was looking around curiously. I looked around and saw I had pulled my wand of my bedside table in my sleep and said the same thing I said in my dream. It actually worked through my dream.

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