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*Hello all, this is the LAST chapter in this story. Aside from the epiloge this is THE END. Goodness it's rather sad. Anyway, it shouldn't take me forever to get the epiloge up, I'm actually surprised I was able to get 36 up this fast. So enjoy this, tell me what you think. Hopefully you won't hate me in the end!*


“Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, come together by the true spirit of the Goddess!” Taryn shouted into the silence. Immediately she felt the power well up inside of her. It felt as though she were tingling all over, as if light was beneath her skin, trying to break through. She fought for control of the spell for what seemed like hours before she was able to direct the beam of light along the first line of the pentacle. The light raced toward Draco, and for a moment their eyes connected before he to had to face the struggle with the power that now coursed between them both. Fire then pushed the light towards Air, and Hermione received faster than her predecessors and directed it to Water without so much as a grimace. Ron fought with the power longer than the others, but when he had mastered it the look in his eyes radiated courage and the light grew brighter as he willed it to the last point, Earth. Harry saw the light coming at him, and closed his eyes as he waited for the impact. The moment the light swept into him was like nothing he had felt before. He felt strong and powerful, there was no longer any doubt in his mind of what he must do and if he would succeed. He smiled then, a full radiant smile and completed the pentacle.

When the light returned to Taryn, she could feel the entire pentacle. She felt each heartbeat, and heard each breath. Willing theirs to meet her own, she bent them into a rhythm, where all were connected by the pumped hearts, and all minds seemed connected to each other. From her visions Taryn knew what she must do. Breathing in simultaneously with the other four points she raised her hands, and with them the star rose from the floor, creating six chambers in the middle of the room. Each point held Earth, Air, Fire, Water, or the spirit. The center chamber was, for now, empty.

* * * * * *

Avi pressed farther into the corner in which she stood. The light in front of her was blinding and the power had sent her knees to shaking. She thought she might not be able to stand any longer, but when she went to sit she found her legs would not obey. The pentacle held her captive in its aura and she was consumed. No, I will not let it take me. With much effort she tore her eyes away and focused on the stone wall beside her. She had seen what these spells did to people, sucked them in and would not let them go. Consumed them completely until there was nothing left. This was the fate her grandmother had seen for Taryn. Now she wished with everything she had that the girl had changed. Please, she does not deserve that. Avi pleaded with whoever might be listening. They do not deserve that.

* * * * * *

“Ascendian!” Taryn yelled, feeling that now was time. It seemed like eternity that they waited. Standing completely still, not moving an inch. All they were aware of was each others’ heartbeats, quickening as the seconds passed. When he came it almost took Taryn off guard. The red lights swirled around the chamber and came to rest in the center chamber of the pentacle. With Voldemort’s arrival red light flooded the brilliance of what was already there. Taryn felt the other presence pull on the power that she held inside of her. The light that danced beneath her skin quickened and grew hot. They pushed and pulled against her, as if they would tear her apart. She did not know how long she would be able to hold the pentacle together for. “Now, Harry!” Taryn exclaimed, hoping he would not hesitate.

“Aveda Kedavra!” Harry bellowed and the light changed again. This time green flooded through the star, across the lines, consuming the points. All five felt the spell as the waves hit them. The green light floated into their vision and for a moment it seemed as though they had left the ground, and time had flickered to a stop. Harry was the first to regain the ground. Pulling himself away from the green light, he stumbled off the pentacle, clumsily regaining the use of his limbs. When he pulled away the pentacle broke, shards of light glittering off into space leaving the chamber dim and cold.

* * * * * *
Draco had seen Voldemort disappear before his very eyes, all remains of his soul and body consumed by the light. Where he had stood there was nothing, no marks to suggest his peril, no remains to prove that he had been there at all. Draco looked down at the pentacle, it still glowed with the remains of the power that had bound it together. He followed the pulsating light to where it ended. At the point of the True Spirit. “Taryn.”

* * * * * *

She felt him die, felt the power consume him and snuff out his soul. His flame was gone and she could see the smoke rising to the ceiling. In those last moments of his life, she had felt what he had. The waves of darkness and hatred washed over her, taking her to a place she never wanted to imagine. She saw his life, the entire miserable mess of it. She had seen the deaths, the killings. Hundreds of innocent lives had flashed before her eyes. None of them she could focus on, but she knew there were faces she recognized. Not necessarily the faces, but feelings. She felt the pain, and the anguish, as they were tore unwillingly from their bodies. She had seen his moments of greatest power, and the moments when it seemed he would never rise again. She had seen it all and did not want to see anymore. She stared directly into the light that consumed, determined to wash away the memories that he had forced upon her. She let the light take her, its brilliance wiping away the images that were burned into her mind.

* * * * * *

It was over. They had won. There were no longer any earthly remains of the being that had been Lord Voldemort. Avi saw Harry stumble off the pentacle and run to him, steadying him with her limbs that were not shaking. He smiled at her then, looked deep into her eyes, and squeezed the hand that held him up. She smiled back, until she looked at the remains of the pentacle. All had stepped off, all but one. Taryn had fallen to her knees, her feet still planted on the uppermost point. Noticing she had not risen Draco ran to her, and taking her hand he attempted to lead her off the pentacle.

“No.” She whispered. “I can’t.”

“Taryn?” Avi glided over to her, leaving Harry with Hermione and Ron. She crouched down beside Taryn and took the hand that Draco was not holding. “Look at me.”

“No.” Taryn said shaking her head and keeping her eyes firmly shut.

“Taryn, please. Just open your eyes.” Avi pleaded. She needed to know, because the fear was coming up inside of her, making her heart race and the butterflies start to flap their wings inside her stomach.

“Avi, I couldn’t do it. Why didn’t you tell me?” Taryn asked as the tears squeezed out from underneath her eyelids.

“I couldn’t. You would not have followed through with it.” Avi said her voice filled with emotion. “I’m so sorry.”

“It hurt so much, I saw all the death. I saw all of their faces, the innocent faces. I couldn’t bear it. I just couldn’t.” Taryn whispered.

“I know. You did your best. You succeeded, he’s gone. We won.”

“But at what price?” And she opened her eyes. Draco’s breath caught in his chest while his mouth worked at no avail to find words. “Please don’t pull away.” Taryn said turning her sightless eyes to where Draco knelt next to her. Her eyes were giant pools of green, with no pupil in the center. They shimmered with shards of light from the pentacle, as though bits of diamonds had worked themselves into her eyes. The diamonds shifted within the green, forming shapes and patterns, but never solidifying. Unable to find the words, Draco pulled her body to his and held her close to him as shimmering tears fell from her eyes onto his hands. From inside the darkness that she was now encased in, Taryn could feel every fiber of their connected beings. She clung to him tightly, not wanting to disappear into the darkness. For saving him and all the others, had taken what she valued and hated most. Her sight.

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