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Chapter nine: Lost The Great Hall was congested with students; Christmas was the talk of the Hall, as it were only a few weeks away. The conditions outside however had turned once again to the worst. Rain, rain and more rain. But inside warmth and happiness could be found anywhere but not where James was. James sat down quietly across from Remus who in return stared up at him. “Remus, you never told Lily you were her girlfriend?” he asked anxiously. A smile spread evenly across his thin lips, “You’re talking to me again!” he burst out joyously. “ I won’t if you don’t tell me!” he said seriously. All of the boys’ attention was now turned to James. Remus gave a chuckle, “No, I never told her.” He paused for a moment, taking it to reflect upon his actions, “I’m really sorry James, I never meant to hurt you. But now all can be restored, Lily will never know that I was ever her boyfriend and you can move in” he said calmly, thinking this would make James happy. But it didn’t, “you were never her boyfriend to begin with, she only THOUGHT she liked you” Remus stayed quiet, he couldn’t think of anything to say. “By the way if you think you’re off the hook your not” James continued bitterly. “But James! Lily! She’ll never know you-“ “You idiot! Eventually Lily will get her memory back and eventually she will remember that you were her boyfriend not me” “Right…” he said quietly. “You’ve got a long way before I can ever call you ‘friend’ again.” He spat resentfully. With that James angrily walked away from the table with out any supper in him, which only made him even more upset. Remus just sat there for a moment when a few words from what James said lingered in his mind, “not me” ********************* The library isles were deathly deserted, after school on Fridays it was never obtained anyone, except for a small red headed girl who sat quietly near the window reading her book. “Evans!” an arrogant voice barked pugnaciously. Lily expectantly looked up from her book, by now she knew that he only called her ‘Evans’. In fact not once that she had talked to him, had he called her Lily. Occasionally he might call her carrot top or any other form of insult as a friendly joke, but never did he dare to call her by her first name. She smiled widely at him. “I’m glad I found you alone, I need to talk to you,” he stated mildly, sitting down and outstretching his lanky legs on the table. “And what--“ Agitated, Lily forcefully pushed his wet shoes off her book landing with a ‘clunk’ on the hard floor, “--is it that you wish to speak to me about?” she finished quite calmly. “Well you see I-“ he stopped for a moment, taking it to contemplate what he wished to say. “I wanted to grab you to hide in a class room and have a good snog” “James you insensitive jerk! I hardly even know you and you’re already pushing me this fast! Asshole!” Lily smacked him clean across the face storming out of the library stomping her feet all the way. James shook himself from this thought. Better not to say something like that… “I wanted to tell you that I’m willing to take it slow with you because everything will appear new to you” he said calmly, complacent at his words. “That’s very sweet of you!” she cried sweetly. “I was also meaning to talk to you about something” After blushing from actually doing something sweet for once in his life he turned his attention towards her, “What?” “Well since you obviously know everything about me, you know about my letters, the one from my pen pal” James nodded his head, hesitant at first but continued to listen. “Well I’m missing one of them,” she said blankly. “Which one?” “James you bloody duffer, how do I know which one it is if I’ve never read it!” Lily squeaked, rocking back in her chair. “Well how did you know it was gone in the first place if you don’t even know what it said?” “Well you see that’s just it-“ she started, completely missing the derogatory remark, “All these letters after it make reference to it. They all talk about the ‘dark secret’ in the letter previous but that letter can’t be found anywhere!” James’s breathe stopped short, he knew exactly what letter she was talking about. Lily reading it minded him none, but someone else reading it disturbed him so much he gave a small shudder just sitting and listening to Lily say it. “James? What’s the matter you look awful frightened!” James sat still, very still. A new expression started to spread over her face, “James do you know of the letter?!?” “I-I—“ “Do you?!” eagerly she questioned. “I-I—“ Something flashed in James eyes, it was a thought that made him jump up from his seat and run out the door. Lily frowned. Was it something I said? Lily stared down at the floor when she heard a small mocking cough. She looked up surprisingly to see a small boy whose clothes were black to match his shiny sable greasy stringed hair. Only a small green pin gave away the fact that he was a slytherin. The greasy-haired boy smirked cunning, his thin lips curving up to reveal sharp pointy teeth. “I know where you letter is” Lily’s eyes widened sharply, “Do I know you?” The greasy-haired boy inhaled a large breath of animosity, smiling malevolently at her… “Severus…Severus Snape…” ****************** (Giggles* hm…you know for like 3 days I had no idea how to end this chapter but then I saw the words ‘Snape’ somewhere and it hit me! This ending! And finally I could finish it! Yeah…so you can guess what is going to happen…I think….lol….anyways…I shall say no more..tata!!)

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