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R.E.C. by pearluna
DEDICATED TO THE REAL R.E.C. (you know who you are.... now, don’t kill me....)
A/N: hi! Welcome to chapter 2..... don’t kill me, please! Besides, I was nice! I took 5 reviews, but only 4 reviewers! But, hey! It’s my story... I wanted to update! I have up through chapter 7 written so far.....

Disclaimer: Here we go again. Do you really think I’d be stuck here in a little apartment writing fan fiction if I was JKR? No! so there you have it, I’m not JKR, and I only own the characters you don’t recognize.... oh, and the plot is mine too! Oh, and Rachel Elizabeth Croft is actually the name of my best friend....

Chapter 2: A Big Change


I must admit, I was surprised. No, I was VERY surprised, but.... the Sorting Hat knows best... besides, in Slytherin I could have my practical jokes....It’s not like I had an invisibility cloak or Marauder’s Map to help me… And I calmed down a bit when Anne sat next to me as the newest Slytherin.

She grinned. “You should have SEEN Malfoy’s face!” she crowed.

I laughed. “Yes, muggleborns in Slytherin, what a change from what I’VE heard....” I said slyly.

“Malfoy, Leonard!”

The Hat barely brushed his head before shouting, “Slytherin!”

Anne and I looked at each other and started shaking in silent laughter. Leonard?!?!?!?!

Did I mention the fact—very IMPORTANT fact—that I’m in Slytherin? Whoops. And a muggleborn at that.... ah well! I’m living proof that not all Slytherins are bad. OR related to Death Eaters. Now, back to my first year....

The next morning, we had our first class.

“Good Morning, class. I am your Defense against the Dark Arts professor, Harry Potter.”

While the rest of the class was occupied staring at the “boy-who-lived,” or “the-boy-who-lived-and-defeated-you-know-who-and-is-our-teacher-now,” Anne and I politely responded, “Good morning, Professor Potter.”

And yes, we most certainly DID know who he was, thanks!

“Good morning, Anne and Rachel. I hear you are the first muggleborns in Slytherin... how does it feel?” He smiled.

We shrugged. “We don’t really care,” said I.

“Good... well, would you two please stay after class for a few minutes? Thank you.”

~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!after DADA!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~
“Ok, you two... First off, you are not in trouble! I just want to offer you some tips... I take it Mr. Malfoy has insulted your families... yes? Ok then. I want to teach you two a very good charm... without wands.... I wouldn’t normally attempt this, but I happen to know that the two of you have very large powers, and when put together... anyways. It’s called the bat-bogey hex. I suggest you learn if from our Astronomy teacher... Give this her....good, now, I know you have that next, here’s a short cut to make up for lost time...”

As we entered the Astronomy classroom, we realized we were the first to there.

“Professor? Um... Professor Potter told us to give you this...” stated Anne.

The witch smiled as she read the note. “Meet me after dinner on the seventh floor corridor. I’ll have my friend with me—we’ll give you permission. Oh, I’m Ginny Potter. I see you met my husband...” she gestured to the note, and began to sweep her long red hair into a messy ponytail.

After Astronomy, we had History of Magic. The professor was Blaise Zabini, who was also our Head of House. He was NOT someone that I’d choose as a teacher... from what I had heard, he was worse than the previous teacher, Prof. Binns, and he was a ghost!

Thankfully, we had lunch after History of Magic. Then we headed down to the greenhouses for Herbology, where the professor was a Neville Longbottom. In Transfiguration, Hermione Weasley was professor. After transfiguration, we had Charms. Professor Susan Bones was really nice, and gave us a little extra help with what trouble—little though it was—we had. Ahhhh.... but Potions. Oh, for potions. Ronald Weasley taught that—it was clear he had formerly disliked it—and boy was he good. Hilarious, smart, witty... he was a wonderful teacher. He made what used to be known as the worst subject (I found that out in a revised Hogwarts, A History) the best subject—well, one of the best! But, I think that the headmaster—well, mistress—was the best. Professor Luna Longbottom had a wonderful quirk about her. And now, after that pleasant interlude on my views of school, back to the REAL story.

That night after dinner, Anne and I found Prof. Potter (Ginny, that is) waiting on us in the seventh floor corridor along with her friend, Prof. Weasley (Hermione). Little did we know that these weekly (sometimes more than weekly) after dinner study sessions would end up helping us.... a lot.....

~End Chapter~
A/N: please review, ok? Please? It will make me happy! = )

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