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Broken by blacksouledbutterfly
Chapter 1 : Hermione
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Author's Note: I do not own Harry Potter.

Warning: This is a sequel to another story. If you want to read this you may want to read the other one first to know what is going on. Thank you.


I tried to move but found I couldn't, something was pinning me down. Opening my eyes was a chore. I felt weak, so very weak. Something was lying on top of my leg and I could barely feel it. I would say it had gone numb had it not been for the shooting pain.


Someone was calling my name, but I couldn't tell who. I took a breath, gritted my teeth and tried to move. Something sharp dug into my leg and I screamed out.


There was that voice again, calling out to me. Who was it? Why couldn't I place that voice? I knew it, I was sure, but I couldn't tell who's it was.

I felt someone next to me, their hands pushing the hair back from my face. "Oh, Hermione." They sounded so sad, so scared. "Come on, Hermione, you have to try to move."

I opened my eyes slowly. The light stung them something terrible and my first instinct was to close them. When was the world ever this bright before? Had I merely forgotten the world was like this, or was there something else going on?

White particles danced across my eyes. I thought, Wow, this is what it's like to die, huh? It's not so bad. Not so bad at all.


Painstakingly I turned my head. Draco was sitting next to me, his face covered in ashes. He looked as though he had been crying. Then I realized he was. "We never made it," I told him quietly.

"What are you talking about?"

"Danica, we never made it to where ever she was. We never found her."

He looked absolutely mortified, though I didn't yet know why. "Hermione, what are you talking about? We will get to her. We will find her. You're talking as though you're dying."

But I am dying, I thought.

I looked around me. The hospital was in shambles. What kind of spell could have done this? Then it hit me.

"Ron! Luna! Harry! Ginny! Where are they?"

I started to sit up but Draco held me still. "They're fine, Hermione. Scratched up, but fine."

"No, Ginny was already hurt! That's why we were here. Where is she?"

"She's with Potter. She..." He looked away from me for a moment. "She still hasn't regained consciousness."

I suddenly felt so cold. There was dust everywhere, flames in the distance, and I could hear people screaming. It was horrible, blood curdling. I hadn't heard such horrible screams since...since the war. "Draco, please, get me out of here. Please."

He glanced at my face briefly before nodding and looking away. He reached down towards my leg and when I looked down there was a pretty sizable piece of wood holding my legs down. "You can't move that yourself, Draco."

He smiled at me slightly. "To move it from one place to another, no, but to lift it up long enough to get you out of here, I believe I can."

I was skeptical, but arguing with him would not help.

He reached down and grasped the wood in his hands. As he lifted it up I let out a loud scream.

He let go instantly. "There is a nail driven into your leg, Hermione. I can't move this alone and get the nail out of your leg at the same time. Not without ripping it out."

I took a deep breath. Tears were threatening to spill, but I refused to let them. I could not panic. I had to keep a level head, get out of here, and try to find my daughter. "Get Ron and Harry to help you."

"I will not ask Potter and Weasley for help."

"Draco! Please! Just do it for me! I'm begging you!"

He looked as though I was asking him to rip his own heart out. Why wouldn't he just be logical about this?

"Draco, please."

He scowled. "Oh, bloody hell!" He stood up rather shakily and cupped his hands around his mouth. "Potter! Weasley! Hermione's over here!" He kneeled back down next to me. "Happy now?"



I turned my head as best as I could in this position to see Harry kneel down next to me. "Ginny, is she okay?"

He smiled slightly, but worry lined his face, filled his eyes to the brim. "She's fine. She's over with her mum and dad." There was a huge gash on his forehead. "Let's worry about you right now, alright?"

"Honestly, Hermione, look at all the trouble you get yourself into."

I felt myself smile. "Hello George."

George's smiling face appeared above mine. "Look at yourself. Bloody mess you are. Can't seem to stay out of trouble, now can you?"

"I suppose not."

"Excuse me, not that this reunion isn't absolutely bloody adorable, but can we please focus on getting Hermione the bloody hell out of here before she passes out from the pain or something of the sort?"

I glanced at Draco. He wasn't very good at rallying the troops, but that was just how he was.

"What do we need to do?" Ron sounded rather eager, and I knew it wasn't to help Draco, but to get me out. Well, that was a start, working with him to help me.

Draco glanced at him and Harry. "This board is pinning her legs down, but a rather large nail is stuck in her leg. The board needs to be moved and held up while I remove the nail."

No more words were needed. Harry and Ron made their way over to grab the edges of the board. George appeared where Harry had been, folding his long legs beneath him as he reached out and grabbed my hand. "Bloody mess." He smiled.

I more felt than saw Fred grab my other hand. "Just hang on to us, Hermione. If it hurts just squeeze our hands."

"Yeah, we're use to getting hurt by girls, aren't we Fred?"

"Right you are George."

I smiled, then began to laugh. My chest stung. I must have swallowed dust or burned my throat or something. "Please, don't make me laugh."

"Of course not, Hermione."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

Draco cleared his throat. "Okay, on the count of three, slowly lift up the board. I will reach under and pull the nail out of Hermione's leg. When it's free I will let you two know, understood?"

The two boys merely nodded.

Draco nodded in return. "Okay then. One."

I grasped onto Fred and George's hands rather harshly.

Fred laughed. "They haven't even done anything yet and she's panicking."

"She's just worried, that's all," George said with a nod. "No worries Hermione. We're all here."


Oh, Merlin! I couldn't do this! I couldn't! It was going to be way too painful. I was starting to panic, starting to hyperventilate.


The board was slowly lifted. The nail in my leg began to move with it. I screamed, crushing Fred and George's hands. Merlin, it hurt! It hurt so much!

"Stop moving!" I heard Draco yell, but I wasn't looking at him. My eyes were pinched tightly shut.

I felt his hand reach down to my leg. He hit the nail and I flinched.



"This is going to hurt. Can you handle it?"

I took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes, but do it fast."

"Alright, love."

I held onto Fred and George's hands as tightly as I could.

Draco's hand hit the needle again. This time all I could do was whimper. "I'm sorry, love."

I can't aptly describe what it felt like when he pulled the nail out of my leg. It was both a relief and it felt like I was being torn apart. There was this red hot pain that shot up my leg. Behind my closed eyes I saw white lights, there was the distinct feeling of blood rushing out of my body and then lightheadedness. I think I may have fractured a bone or two in the hands I was holding.

"Okay, you can move the board now!"

I could hear the board clatter to the ground but I was too busy keeping my eyes closed as hot tears rolled down my face.

Fred and George let go of my hands, and then two arms lifted me up, pressing me against their chest. It was Draco. I didn't even need to see him to know. "Shh, it's going to be fine, love. You're fine."

The group of us made our way out of the rubble, Draco carrying me, me afraid to open my eyes.

When we stopped walking I could hear Mrs. Weasley crying. "Oh, Hermione, we were so worried."

"Told you she'd be fine, Mum," Fred said. "Survivor this one. Survived a bloody hell of a lot before now. This was nothing."

"Oh, do be quiet, Fred," she snapped. "Hermione, how do you feel?"

"I feel like my leg is on fire." There was honesty for you.

"Tonks will take a look at you once we get out of here," Mr. Weasley told me. "Has become quite the healer that one."

I didn't want to, but I knew I had to open my eyes. Slowly I opened one eye and then the other.

I wanted to cry at what I saw, but forced myself not to.

Harry was now kneeling next to Ginny, who was still unconscious.

I took a breath and pulled my eyes away from the ground.

Remus stood behind Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, smiling slightly at me. "You had us all very worried."

I smiled slightly. "Good to be here. I'm sorry for worrying you all." I leaned into Draco. "Can we please leave this place?"

He nodded. "Sure thing, love. Sure thing."

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Broken: Hermione


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