\"Hey harry\"said ron as he caught up tho harry who was walking down the stairs to the common room \"Hi ron when are you...........ron?\" he looked beside him but ron was no longer there he was down standing just infront of hermione and he had asked her if he could talk to her so he led her by the hand to the stairs and they stood jut under them \"well ron what did you want to talk about?\"said hermione beggining to flush. \"I wanted to ask if well you know the balls coming up and.........\" \"yes ron ive been waiting for you to ask me ill go with you.\"she interrupted \"You will oh wow well i have to go eat now bye.\"said ron Later that night harry was wandering the hall and he heard a sream coming form the dungeons so he followed it it sounded like malfoy so he ran into snapes office and told him to come with him at first snape flat pout refused but the he yelled \"it sounded like malfoy you dont want your prize student to be hurt or even killed do you!!!!!\" and at that snape followed and they went into the boys dorm and found malfoy swelling and turning purple the nearest student was sent for madam pomfrey. \"well well i never would have guessed mr.malfoy what happened o well never mind that.\" \"But whatll we do with young malfoy....he cant go to classes like this and he dosent even fit in his bed and hes likly to explode any time now......!\"said snape \"Wait i said i think ive read about this somewhere he has 2 days before he explodes but there is a way to bring him back a potion and a spell.\" said harry \"WHAT!!!!!!\"said snape and madam pomfrey in unison \"you mean there is a way!!!!!\" \"yes ill be in the library but ill need a note for the resrticted section in case ill need to go there.\" snape quickly wrote a pass and harry ran out the door as he approched the library he ran straight to the restricted section as soon as he layed the pass on the desk and jumped over the rope and went to the medicens section and took out all the books and went to the carols the secret one that pince didnt know about and plopped the books down on the table and took the nearest one and started lookinbg through the books it was after midnight before he found anything at all he ripped out the page jumped out of the carol and ran to the slytherin dormitory mutterd the password and ran once again to the 5th year dormitory and thrust the papewr into snapes hand he read it and handee it to pomfrey. \"We have to wait till he blows up and thn perform the ritual but the problem is where will he stay till then?\"asked snape \"We can put him in the hospital wing in the back ill lay pillows and blankets down and make sure no one goes down there.\"said pomfrey \"lets go\" she said and conjured a strecher and levitated him onto it and walked down and out the room and out of the common towards the hospital wing harry and snape followed END CHAPTER ONE BY:JESSICA WILLIAMS As harry snape and madam pomfrey made theyre way towards the hospital wing they ran into ginny who was wondering where harry had run off to and looked like she was either going to gasp or laugh out loud a the site of draco she glanced at harry and then at drao and gasped harry guessed that she only gasped because snape and madam pomfrey was there and harry bent down and said \"I was in the slytherin common room helping him and in the library looking for a cureand yes i want to laughmy head off too but lets wait till we get back to the common as to avoid detention.ok.\" ginny just nodded and asked if the6 good go back to the common room they got an ok and started towards the gryffindor common once they were ouit of ear shot harry said \"Yes\" ginny just eyed him quizickly and said \"Yes to what harry?\" \"You asked me to the dance and im saying yes i was hoping youd ask even if you went more red than the t-shirt ron is wearing.\" said harry ginny just flushed and did the unexpected stood on her tippie toes and kissed him on the cheek and gave him a hug and harry hugged her back. \"I was really hopoing youd say yes harry i was really was i really like you\" said ginny \"Me too\"he said and started laughing \"what are you laughing for?\"said ginny but harry only ,mouthed \"draco\" and continued laughing as she started to laugh too. Harry and ginny walked all the way back to the tower supporting each other as they laughed hard as they could. When they got to the portrait harry managed to say \"Godric\" and they walked in to the room to find ron and hermione having what looked like a very privet conversation so harry leaned down and whisperd \"You can sleep in my room ill set you up a bed by mine let them talk c\'mon\"he said and they walked up the stairs ron and hermione didnt evn see them because they were facing the other way. When they went inside the 5th year room harry took some pillows off his bed and a cot that he had always had hidden under his bed and set it up right next to him and conjured up some blankets and layed them on the bed. He also took a large t-shirt otu of his dresser and handed it to her and turned around and walked into the bathroom with his own pajamas to change. When he came back out he said softly \"are you changed?\" before opening his eyes \"Yes\" she mutterd so harry went and climed into his bed and she climed into hers. When he heard ron come up being the cot was on the side of the room that he could\'nt see it he didnt even know ginny was there and harry and ginny had already decided that she woul leave early and go back to her dorm. Harry kept his hangings closed so the others couldnt see the bed and ginny couldnt see him either but he fell asleep before he even thought about it. When he woke the next morning he felt something snuggled up against him he looked down and saw ginny sleeping there thats when he rememberd about last night. H e shook her awake and said that she had to go back to her dorm she nodded sleepily and fell asleep again so he got dreeses and picked her up and carried her down the stairs and up to the girls dormitory and layed her on the only empty bed which he guessed was hers and pulled the covers up over her and left. He decided to get his broom and go out for an early morning flight but take off through the window. He was just about to go through whn a voice behind him said \"wait up\" he turned around and saw ginny holdong her own broom and said \"didnt think you were leaving me behind did you im coming with you\" he nodded and took off on his firebolt as soon as he went out he hid around the corner. He heard ginny coming out the window so he snuck up behind her and said in her ear \"BOO\" she gave a startled sacream and turned around and said \"HARRY dont do that you scared me half to death!!!!!\" He just smiled and went on his normal route for morning flights and she followed when he was out of energy he landed in front of the oak doors and waited for ginny then they both walked back to the Dining hall to eat an early breakfast. When they were finished they went back to the tower to get they\'re school stuff and went back to sit in the Great hall.But after about ten minutes they decided to go check on malfoy when they went in they headed to the back but didnt see him but they did see a finger or two and they guessed he had exploded last night.So they went to madam pomfrey and she told ginny to go get snape and tell him to start the potion. But told harry to go back to the great hall and wait so he did and ginny followed ten minutes later then the rest of the students came in and a couple of ginnys room mates asked whgy she never came in last night and she just sayed she didnt fill like sleeping so she stayed in the common but accidentaly fell asleep down tbere. Harry was happy that she was such a quick thinker. The day seemed to go by quickly but that night harry hs to go down to snapes office because hed asked him to help with the potion they finished it but it had to set for a month but when half a month went by 4 more people had blown up those people were: Pansy Parkson Seamus finnigan Cho Chang Penelope Clearwater The ball was tommorrow night and harry and ginny were quite nervous because ron and the other weasleys didnt know that they were going together they decided to meet each other in the entrance hall to surprise her brothers. The only other person they told was hermione who never told a soul. At the ball the weasley brothers were glaring at harry because he never told them so just to make them even more mad he bent down and kissed her when they were watching and they looked like they were going to run over and separate them. When they werent watching he took her outside for a while then they went back in and danced the rest of the night. Then harry showed her his secret room that no one else knew about but him it had a bed in it and everything almost like a flat but it had 2 beds and they stayed there so not to have to be bombarded by her brothers and went back to the tower early that morning and to they\'re dormitories and slept in as long as possible because ti was a saturday morning they finally woke up around dinner time and they were very hungrey so they decided to eat but she wore a hat to hide her self from her brothers and after thet just went back to bed necause they were still tired they slept till morning and then some.But on sunday night harry was shooken awake by ginny and said that snaope wanted to see them immediatly so he went they ahd to help cast the spell to bring the people back the people came bqack on top of each other pansy face down on draco who was face up and penelpe face down on seamus who was also face up they flushed before looking at each other and laughd because they were all blue! and snape told them tyhat they would be for several days but it would wear off and told them to go to sleep. END CHAPTER 2 BY:JESSE WILLIAMS The next day when the blue people were going to lessons everyone wonderd what had happened so harry and ginny filled them in and in the meen time the blue people were highly embarressed and only stayed in the halls as long and needed and no more than that and asked if the house eleves could bring them their meals so they didnt have to face more embarressment and dumbledore agreed so he gatherd their orders and sent the orders to the house elves to prepare and dobby brought them up to each person with winky along side him as usuall. With in 2 weeks the people turned back their normal color and everyone still wondered what had happened and why. Even the people who turned blue and exploded wonmdered why. Harry and ginny went to the library and did some reasearch to find out and the book said that theres no real way of catching it it has been known just to happen. Dumbledore was worried at this it could happen to all the students but when harry said that if it happened to you once it couldnt happen to you again he was a little relived at least the 5 students couldnt explode again. In the mean time harry and ginny seamed to be seeing each other with out the other weasleys knowing the only person who knew was hermione as harry now considered her not only a friend but a sister they had talks alot more often and told each other everything. If something was bothering one of them they told each other now they hardly had any secrets and were starting to know each other better than they did before like they knew the real them and not just what you see everyday but the hidden person unseen to the public. But then one day ron and the other weasley brothers cornerd harry and asked if he was seeing ginny he said no and went to his room he found a book sitting there the pages turnig by itself and he said \"hello ginny\" she acknoweldged and took of the invisiblility cloak when they heard ron coming upstairs she put it back on and he flopped down beside her and pretened to be interested i the book. \"Harry tell me the truth are you dating her?\"said ron \"Ron honestly im not dating her and you and the others really ned to stop being so over protective!\"harry practically yelled and motioned in ginnys direction to come with him luckily ron didnt notice when they got outside she started to take the cloak off but they heard ron coming so she stopped and they went back inside \"Why is he so protective im nver going to tell him that we are going out till he loosens up a little!!!!\"harry almost yelled a then started crying into ginnys robes and stopped after a few minutes and said \"he\'ll find out on his own\" And with that they went down to the common room. jesse \"Hi ron\" harry said lazily \"I have to go to the library to do some reasearch see you.\" and walked out of the room before ron could say anything When he got to the library he saw hermione there and went to sit with her. \"Hello hermione\" said harry \"Oh hi harry where were you last night?\" hermione asked \" Thats the funniest story i will ever tell and ill tell you later when all four of us are togehter yes that means ginny she was there two.\" said harry\" well i have to go do some reasearch bye.\" Later that day harry ron hermione and ginny all gahterd in the shrieking shack to tell the story. It took about a hour and a half to tell the story because harry and ginny kept laughing. Then ron and hermione left harry and ginny stayed. ANd had just started having a snog session when lupin came in for a tidy up when he saw them he waited in the hall on the stairs for them to stop but he ended up falling asleep because they were there all night and ended up falling asleep on the bed because they didnt want to go back to the castle and face the other weasleys. END CHAPTER 5 by jessica williams

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