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Author's Note: Hey everybody! Where's all my great reviewers?? I only got one for this chapter. Anyway... soon there will be another chapter, maybe after a few more reviews I'll keep writing. I'm almost done of 16 though... come on you guys! Megs --
"Who's there?" a man asked stepping out of the staircase. Ginny gasped and sank into the shadows. "Who's there?"

"So you're the mystery man that I've been writing too." she said shakily.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Let me see you, I want to know what you look like." she said shyly. It scared her how much his voice sounded familiar. Almost as if she already knew him.

"Let's just go up to the astronomy tower."

"No!" she exclaimed.

"Why not? It was your idea to come here in the first place." He said. His silhouette flickered against the wall and Ginny could feel herself becoming nervous as she watched him.

"Alright." she said meekly. He didn't wait for her, he just began walking up the stairs. She closed the door behind her and watched as he took two steps at a time up the stairs. He seemed tense, very nervous and not himself. She seemed to sense that, and yet she didn't even know who he was.
She watched him pause on the top stair, watching her curiously. She walked up slowly and stared out at the night sky. So beautiful. The moonlight shone a bean of light on his hair and she noticed the silvery light of his blond hair.


She backed away slowly. Standing in the shadows again. It couldn't be Malfoy... no... it couldn't be!! Was it possible? He didn't have that many feelings!

"What's wrong?" he asked slowly. "From the way you wrote I thought you were a happy person when you talked to me?"

"I am... but it's different now that I see you in person." She said, leaning over the wall of the castle. She rested on the side and felt the wind brush against her face. So soothing.

"How can it be different when you don't even know my name?"

That sounded more like the person she wrote too. "What's your name then, I'm dying to know who'm my mystery letters are coming from."

"I'm... I'm..."

She stepped into the moonlight and he gasped. His eyes went blank as he stared at her with shock. "Ginny?"

"Yes. I was shocked when I first realized it was you too."

"So... what are we going to do? I mean... I don't mean tonight." He looked away in embarrassment after the look on Ginny's face. "I mean, what are we going to do after finding out that you're the mystery girl I've loved all along."

"I don't know Draco. I really don't know."

He moved beside her on the wall and looked at her with curiosity. He stood the same way and watched her curiously. "You have so many personalities Ginny."

"What do you mean?" she asked smiling. She flipped her red hair back and Draco gasped as the golden rays ran through it. She was beautiful in the moonlight.

"What I mean is that, you're fiery with passion. And then you're romantic and smart."

"I have many personality's I guess."

"That's not all though, you have a way of driving men crazy." She looked at him as if he was joking as he kept talking. "I'm serious Ginny. Men want you, you have no idea how many of them look at you when you walk by. You're one of those people that draws attention to herself just by how they walk. You're proud and beautiful all at the same time. Everything a man wants."

Ginny stared at him in shock. It was the most meaningful thing anyone had ever said to her. When she was with Dean all he wanted was sex but she knew if she was with Draco then maybe it would be different. She thought it would be about sex but maybe... just maybe it would be about love after all. "I don't know what to say Draco."

"I know what you're thinking though Ginny. Or what you're going to be thinking. That we can't be open with our relationship. We're on two different sides in this war and even if I wanted on the good side it couldn't happen. If I switched over I'd be murdered."

She sighed and looked at the ground, a black mass of curling smoke. "It's not fair. We can't have a relationship Draco."

"Yes we can!" He exclaimed. He wrapped an arm around her waist and held her, trying his best to convince her that their relationship could work. "Nothing would happen if nobody knew."

"And if somebody did know, then what would happen?" She asked pulling away from him. "I'd be killed, and you would be too."

"Nobody would know though." he exclaimed throwing his arms into the air.

"But somebody will walk in on us somewhere when we're together, or they'll notice the chemistry between us."

"Who in this school would realize that?" he asked rolling his eyes.

"Hermione Granger that's who!"

"Oh ya..." he said thoughtfully. "She's to smart for her own good."

"And there's another reason why we can't be together."

"What's that?"

"You don't like my friends and I don't like yours. You're a slythern, I'm a gryffindor, our families and our lords are enemy's and we're fighting against each other in this war!" she yelled.

"Please Ginny, keep your voice down." he said placing a hand over her mouth softly.

"I'm sorry." she mumbled. "I'm just frustrated because I want you just as much as you want me."

He pulled her into a hug and they stood their for a few moments. "Draco?"

"Hmmm... ?"

"You have to let me go. I have to leave!" she exclaimed.

"Why Ginny?"

Ginny looked at him fearfully and fled down the stairs, she stopped at the bottom and stared at his silhouette. "I'm sorry Draco, but you know as well as I do that it can never happen!"

With those final words she left and didn't turn back. The tears clouded her eyes as she thought of everything she was missing out on.

Life wasn't fair, war wasn't fair.

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