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*~Chapter 4: My Little Slytherin Princess ~*

You woke up again, and this time Sun shown brightly around the drawn curtains. You sat up and rubbed your eyes, looking around your old room. It was exactly like you had remembered it. Dark mahogany furniture and forest green walls. It was all so dark, and you didn’t really like it anymore. 17 years with Jordan had made you like more warm and bright colors. It made you laugh a little when you remembered you were the one to pick the colors.

You looked back, back to the 8 years you lived here. At first, it was wonderful. You and Tom, together. Doing what normal people do… well, normal couples do. Except for the whole killing people thing, you to were truly happy. He protected you, comforted you after the death of both of your parents.

‘Why can’t it be like that again? Why did he have to change? Why did I have to change?' you thought silently as you crawled from bed. You got ready quickly, and pulled on some old clothes that you hadn’t seen in years. They were all decades old, nothing like your kids were.

“My Kids… Sarah…. Jordan….” you felt sad again as you thought of the people you had left behind.

“There are all fine. Jordan moved the family to England, where he mysteriously got promoted” *Cough* “Sarah will be going to Hogwarts next year, Jessica had twins, and Samantha got married to a John Marconi. She is pregnant, and is naming her daughter after you. All of them are witches, well, except for the twins, they are wizards. We have been watching them for sometime now. All under the order not to harm anyone at all.”

You turned around to see Tom leaning in the doorway again. You smiled a little at him. He was exactly the same too. Well, physically that is…

“Thanks Tom.” You smiled back.

“I was a little surprised though that you told your twit husband to write Dumbledore! Of all people! Now the all have Aurors following them around too. And I think that Marconi fellow IS an Auror….”

“Well, good. Then they will be safe.”

“From me?”

“Yes, I didn’t want you to kidnap and use them as ransom or something, or worse, made them an heir.”

“I would never do something like that!”

“Course you would. You NEED one remember? You were always asking me…. ‘Can we have a kid? How bout a Boy? I have always wanted a little boy… So I could… play quiditch with he!’ I wasn’t stupid Tom, you know that. I am still not stupid. Scared Shitless, yes, but not stupid.” You answered him icily.

“No, you don’t understand Charlie.”

“I think I do….” You said as you started to move past him. But he caught your wrist.

“Wanting an Heir was only part of it. I- I I like…. You” He said, avoiding direct eye contact. You stared hard at him.

“You could never say it! Never!” You said shrilly as you tried to pull your wrist from his grasp.

“I-I can’t…”

“You Can! Your still young enough! It won’t hurt your older being!”

“I can’t….”

“I know you want to Tom.” You said as you stopped resisting.

“I know you feel it…” You said as you got closer to him. You lifted up a hand and stroked his cheek.

“Just say it…. It’s so easy.” You stood on tip-toes as you whispered it in his ear. He shivered a little, something that you have never seen in a long time. ‘I have never seen him so vulnerable…’ you thought, knowing Tom wouldn’t go into your head at a time like this.

“Why would you bring me back… Why?” You stood back on your heels as you put on the most seductive face you could muster

“Because I missed you.” He answered, his eyes growing softer.

“But Why Tom? After so many years?” You whispered as you started to back away again, sad that he didn’t open up. You turned around again and started to go downstairs, until his voice called you back.

“Because I-I Love You, Charlie. I love you.”

You turned around, the smile growing on your face as you practically jumped on him, giving him a hug to make up for all the things he has missed.

“I love you too Tom Riddle!” You said as you kissed his cheek. You jumped down from him, and saw that he too was smiling.

“I missed your smile…” You trailed of as you stared into his eyes again.

“My little Slytherin Princess…” he said as he paused again. At hearing the old pet name, the warmth of it all was coming back. They years with him… the years you had missed.

But then, out of the blue, you felt yourself getting pressed against the wall, and Tom’s lips hungrily pushing against yours.

And even if it was hard to say it, you couldn’t help yourself from thinking :‘This is the happiest moment of my life.’ You didn’t even think of marrying Jordan, or having your children. This was the happiest by far. And no matter how guilty you were supposed to feel at losing your family, and basically cheating on your Husband, you felt no remorse whatsoever. Your Slytherin personality was coming back, and you were welcoming it with open arms.

A/N: Once again… sry it is short! But I really need to sort out the plot… and this was needed! I will get to writing the next addition ASAP! Now, what are you doing reading this? GO AND REVIEW!

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