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"LILY', came the voice of a 7th year girl poking her head out of a compartment of the Hogwarts express, which would be leaving in five minutes. Allie had just spotted her best friend Lily Evans and was beckoning her in to their compartment. Lilly spun around in the middle of the hall her long straight auburn hair trailing behind her. The second she turned around Allie saw her familiar green eyes sparkiling from down the hall. Lily was the catch of the school, she had brains, beauty and all the right connections, this made her a perfect match for her one of a kind friend Allie. Allison Tyrosly had shimmering blonde ringlets that she usualy wore straight. Today she hadent bothered straighening it so her ringlets surrounding her heart shaped face. Her peircing blue eyes were knowen around school. She happened to be one of the most popular girls in school and could get any boy but because she always put her friends and school work first she was never found with any. Lilly stepped into the compartment only to be welcomed by her friends Alice Bloomsbury and Lucy Meez. The girls had once all been the best of friends but it seemed recently that Lucy and Alice were going in a seperate direction. They seemed to be growing less fond of the familiar girl time they had had together and welcomed in the time they spent with boys. Over the summer they had aquired boyfriends Lucy had been seen touring London with a fimiliar friend named Remus Lupin, the brains of the infamous marauders. And for Alice she was still with her boyfriend of two years the sweet boy now turned man Frank Longbottom. 'How was your summer?!' sqeauled Alice, who was now standing and hugging Lily. 'Great, except for the parts spent with Petunia.' Lily laughed. 'Wasent that all of it except for the first week you spent with me at my grandpearnts house?' Allie asked. 'Yes, thats true. But that one week was pretty good.' Lily said tring to make light of her horrible summer that she spent screaming at her older sister. 'But i've heard tale that our little Lucy over here', lily shifted her eyes to lucys misty grey eyes, 'has had a good summer with none other then Remus Lupin?!' Lucys pale cheeks took on a rosey colour. She brushed a few black strands of hair, that had escaped her bun that she always had, behind her ear. 'Ummm, well yeah. He's really sweet. And.. um. I like him alot. You remeber me talking about him last year, dont you?' Lucy maneged to get out. The three girls all started laughing. 'How about you Alice? Anything new happen with Frank..enstine!?' Allie asked, laughing along with the others. 'No nothing happened with FRANK, and you guys please stop calling him frankenstien he's not really that pale',Alice replied though she was trying to conceal the giggle that was escaping from her perfectly glossed lips. The girls all sat down and retold the storys of their summers and to their surprise it had been Lucy who seemed to have had the most fun sight seeing with Remus and stealing a kiss here and there the girls we're shocked to hear that Lucy, their Lucy had actually kissed a boy and not just any boy the boy that she had infact been crushing on for the last seven years of her life. The girls giggled away merrily and ordered their lunch from the trollie that had just passed by. The Trollie continued its route down the hall knocking oin each door and dispensing candy for everyone. The trollie reached the last compartment in the hall, this was the compartment that the trollie women had been dreading the compartment of the infamous "marauders" they always gave her a hard time and so she took a deep breath and entered the compartment filled with young men. 'No way Moony!!!!!! you actually kissed her. Lucy!.The Lucy that has never kissed a guy in her entire life.'howled the ring leader of the marauders Sirius Black. Sirius had black shaggy hair that hung just past his ears he had beautiful black eyes that many a girl had gazed into when he told them how much they meant to him, only to ignore them the next day. 'Well, yes. I suppose so. I had lots of fun with her. Shes so smart and funny...' Remus gazed out the window. While Sirius howled with laughter. Sirius looked over at his best friend James Potter, who was staring out the window not really listening.James had short black hair but surprisingly unruley which had become his trademark that he never tried to change, he even messed it up even more when his certian girl walked by. 'Still thinking about her mate?' Sirius asked him. 'Do i ever quit?' he answered with a half smile. Remus looked at James knowingly. 'Who? Who?' came the annoying voice of Peter Pettigreuw. He was way shorter then his friends, who were at least 6'0 or taller. Peter was only 5'7 and had a mousey face. He didnt have the way with the women that the other three did but because he was one of the marauders he still got his fair share. 'Lily, you idiot! Who eles has James thought about non-stop in the last two years?' Sirius exclaimed. 'Oh.. i just thought over the summer.. maybe.. oh i dont know..' Peter mummered under his breath. 'But i have a plan this year. Ill finally win the heart of young miss Evans.' James smiled at his firends. 'Not with that big head of yours, you wont.' Remus commented. James frowened, he had changed this summer. With his pearnts never home becuase they were out fighting Voldermort, him and Sirius were left at home by them selves most of the summer. He'd show Lily he was different, he didnt know how, but he swore to himself he would. At this time the trollie women entered the room. The four young men looked up at her. 'How 'sit goin' tubsey?' snalerled Peter, at the plump women pushing her trollie. The other three marauders shot him death glares. 'WORMTAIL!' shouted Sirius,'You'll have to excuse my friend Dolores he is a bit screwed up in the head, if you no what i mean.' as he said this James was twirling his finger around his ear and repeating over and over again 'cukoo cukoo.' The boys bought an extra large lunch from Dolores to make up for Wormtails harsh comment. The boys and girl of Hogwarts looked out their windows and realized that it must have been at least seven o'clock. 'oh where has the time gone',exclaimed Lily,'Im supposed to go to the front compartment for a head girl/ boy meeting.' 'Well you better be on your way then Lil,'announced Alice who at this moment was actually looking out in the corriders to see if her darling Frank had emerged from his compartment. 'Oh but before you go Lily i'd fix your hair if i were you,'giggled Allie. 'What do you mean Allie why woudl i bother with my hair just a geek from some other house and probally Melvin Marvel for Head boy', said Lily not really understanding why her friends were all giggling uncontrolably at the fact that there friend had no ides what was going on. 'Didnt you hear who was head boy Lil', asked Lucy who had given into Lilys overpowering stare. 'No of course not! or i would know why all you girls are giggling so loudly',groaned Lilly. 'JAMES POTTER,' all the girls yelled in perfect unision. 'James Potter?!' Lily asked outraged. 'The one and only,' Allie giggled, 'and i think this year you should really give him a chance. 'Yeah Lils, hes really not that bad. I spent a couple days with him during the summer when i was with Remus. He spent most of it by himself.. well except for Sirius of coarse. But he really seems to have grown up. Both of them have.' Lucy added glancing at Allie knowing from the time she spent with Sirius, that he secretly loved her and knew she would reject him. 'Whatever, ill believe it when i see it.' Lily sighed while rolling her eyes, but as she turned out of the compartment a smile lit up her face. 'Hah, like James Potter could change. Like i would ever have real feelings for James. Never.' she thought to herself. 'Prongs, where are you heading out too?' Sirius asked as James got up to leave the compartment. James stifled a yawn. 'Heads meeting. Just hoping its someone bearable. Not some one like Marvel's twin, Martina.' James answered. Peter looked up at the name. 'Martina. You think shes that bad? I thought she was kinda cute.' he squeaked. Sirius gave him a look of bewilderment and disgust. He studied his short, mousey, stupid friend and wondered why he actully called this man his friend. Infact one of his closest friends. He shook his head and looked at the window. James left and strolled down the corridor thinking of his red haired beauty when suddenly Lily bumped right into him.

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