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Tonight, 11.30 in the astronomy tower. This is the only time. I love you.

It was simple and dangerous. Draco was nervous there was no doubting that, whenever he stepped into the shower that morning. He showered until the water turned cold, shocking his newly awakened senses and snapping into the reality that he was trying so hard to stay away from.

He was meeting her. The girl that made him think and love like he’d never felt before. So why was he so nervous? He should be happy but he wasn’t.


“Malfoy! Just the man I was looking for!” exclaimed Harry coming out of Transfiguration.

“What Potter?” he sneered. Showing as much hatred as he could.

“I saw you.”

“Saw what?”

“I saw you and Ginny talking the other night. Stay away from her.”

“What do you care anyway?” Draco asked, backing away. “I know about you and Granger.”

“That has nothing to do with this.” Whispered Harry advancing towards Malfoy. He pointed his finger into Draco’s chest. “You stay away. I’m watching you.”

Draco laughed and walked away. He’d always known something like this would happen.


Now sitting in herbology, Draco stared at the clock in disgust. There was only nine hours until he met his mystery girl.

He couldn’t help wonder what she’d look like. As he potted the newest plant he stared across the room at a brunette. Wondering if she would have brown hair, or maybe blonde. As long as it wasn’t black, black was too much like Pansy’s hair. Then there was that red, that blazing colour that could drive him senseless if it was in his hands. No, he hoped it wouldn’t be red, red hair was a reminder of what he couldn’t have. The Weasley.

“Mr. Malfoy. You seem to be paying attention. What’s the answer?”

“Sorry Professor, what was the question?” asked Draco, trying to be polite.

“Ten points from Slythern.” Said professor Sprout carelessly.


“No, Mr. Malfoy. I suggest you pay attention in my class.”

Draco merely nodded and packed his books as the bell rung. It was funny how the only thing he could think about was her.


Draco came off the Quidditch pitch in a mess that he didn’t know could exist. Mud had reached the unreachable places and rain had soaked his robes to his skin.

After his team mates left Draco stepped into the shower. He knew they wouldn’t beat Gryffindor, at least not this game. His team sucked. Including him but his father thought it would be best for him to play.

After an attempted drowning in the shower Draco raced to his room to get ready for the meeting.


He’d said 11.30 on the note but as Ginny sat on her bed she hadn’t even started to get ready. The clock rounded on eleven before Jane came in.

“Ginny! Why’re you still here? You said you were meeting him tonight!”

“I am, but I’m scared!” exclaimed Ginny, subconsciously playing with the silver chain around her neck.

“Come on!” stated Jane helping her up. “You go get showered while I get clothes and your make-up ready.”

“Ya, that sounds good. Thanks Jane.”

“No problem Ginny. Hurry up thought or you’ll be late.”

Ten minutes later Ginny was standing in front of the mirror. Jane had her hair done perfectly. It was thick and framing her face in soft curls. Ginny smiled nervously examining the casual outfit Jane had chose. It was anything but fancy.

The tank top was white and small, showing off her shoulder and a little bit of cleavage. She’d given her the low-rise jeans with a white sash to match. It was the outfit Ginny never wore.

“You look beautiful.” Giggled Jane. “Not your usual tom boyish look.”

“But I feel like such a girl.” Yelled Ginny fingering the sash. “And where the hell did this… thing come from.”

“The sash is mine Ginny. Now out of here and move that bubble butt. You got five minutes till you’re late.”


“Not buts! Just get out!” yelled Jane picking up a pillow. Ginny closed the door and heard the teddy bear hit it.

Ginny walked along the corridor, thinking to herself. Unsure if she should keep going and meet him or if she should just turn around and go back. She reached the Astronomy tower easily without any interruptions. She played with the doorknob fearfully and turned her back to it. Resting her back on the door she sighed, falling to the ground and resting.

“I can’t do this.” She whispered into her hands. Her curls tumbled out of the bobby pins and surrounded her.

She stood and turned to leave.

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