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*~Chapter 3: Oh My God~*

“I…You…. But…uhh… I…. Sixteen… O my god….” You stuttered as you stared at the much younger Tom in front of you.

“I missed you to…” he smirked as he open his arms…. Most likely for a hug. But, you ran past him and made your way to all the different rooms of the house, with Tom following behind you. You looked in Your bedroom…the same. The Library… the same. The many spare bedrooms… still occupied. The Study…. Untouched. The…. O god… you were back in the Riddle House. The last place you thought you would ever come back to. You were back. You hoped against hope that it wasn’t true.

‘What happened to being DEAD! I AM DEAD! How can I be BACK?!?!’ you kept yelling at yourself as you made your way to the last place you haven’t checked… the kitchen.

You burst in moments later, to see that it to, was exactly how you remembered it. Cold and Dark. The way you liked it…. Once.

But, there was something different about it. There were two people sitting at the kitchen table, looking like they were enjoying a good drink. And when they turned around, your heart just about stopped.

Because there, at the kitchen table, was Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. Except, they looked much older than you remembered, and for once, you were the youngest in the room.

“Holy Shit…” you whispered as you stared at their smirking faces. Wait… you haven’t said that in twenty years! ‘What the hell is wrong with me…’ you thought angrily.

“Hello Miss” said a much deeper sounding Lucius.

“Welcome Back (your name)” Severus nodded to you. You stood there, speechless. How in the world had they gotten older than YOU? You were at least ten years older! How did they become 20 years older?

“I see you have talked to our old followers Charlie. We have all missed you, you know.” Tom said as he leaned against the door way. Your heart warmed at your old nickname. You hadn’t heard THAT in twenty years…

You looked back and forth between the three. Being confused was an understatement. Your head was swimming with possibilities.

“When did I die?” you asked suddenly.

“1987.” Tom answered. You were afraid to ask.

“What… What year is it now?”

“1991.” He answered again.

“So… I have been dead…”

“For almost five years? Yes.”

“O… Okay.” You said as your eyes rolled into the back of your head.

You were unconscious by the time you hit the floor.

You were afraid to open your eyes. Afraid that you weren’t dead, even as hard as you wished you were really alive, and that it wasn’t a dream.

“It is not a dream Charlie.” you cracked your eyes open, and Tom was sitting on the side of the bed, holding your hand. You jerked it away.

“What is going on?” you asked, scared of an answer.

“I made a Horocrux of you….”

“You WHAT?”

“A horocrux.” He repeated again.


“Wow… you are turning into such a little Hufflepuff, aren’t you?”

“I would… never mind. But you SPLIT MY SOUL? Without ASKING?”

“Ya… feeling weak lately?”

“Ya…. How did you know?”

“Side affect. Charlie… I missed you.”

“Bullshit… you didn’t care about me for the longest time.”

“That isn’t true. I cared about you. I still care about you.” Your heart warmed a little at these words, but you quickly shifted back into your questioning.

“So how did you pull this off? Last time I heard, you were dead too.”

“I came back to.”

“You were always one to think ahead.”

“I still am.” You were silent for a while, trying to process the information. It was then that you remembered. You slowly lifted up your sleeve, and their, staring back at you, was a fresh dark-mark.

“Did you put this back on me?” you asked icily.

“No…That was one when you were 15, remember?”

“O…” Silence again.

“Well… I will have to let you get some rest. You are probably tired from being alive again.” He smirked a little as he got up.

“Okay…” You smiled back. You opened your mouth to say something else, but closed it again. Tom left and closed the door, with one last smile to you.

“I am really glad you are back…” he said as he closed the door.

‘I think I am too Tom’ you thought to yourself as you closed your eyes and leaned back on the pillows. And , for the first time in at least 30 years, you feel asleep with a smile on your face. Not that you were complaining.

a/n: Okay.... short but good... right? Hopefully? Haha... review please!

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