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Chapter 10

Laveau Lane

Hermione sat on her sofa along with Ginny and Rose, reading through some last minute cases while listening to the Wizarding Wireless. Ron and Harry had already left and would be joined tomorrow evening by the rest of them for the game the following day. Daisy and the children went back to their apartment above the bookshop in hopes of receiving some sort of clues to her parent’s whereabouts. The Ministry was now watching her around the clock and hoped to see some signs of her brother.

Ginny say up a bit straighter as she spoke. “The announcement you wrote for Mad-Eye is here, listen,”

Potter and Weasley released from Ministry’s Auror Department

The Ministry of Magic, Arthur Weasley and Chief Auror Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody announced today that Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley were released today from their duties while they travel to play with the new Quidditch team, The OSC Flames.
Potter and Weasley Have worked closely with Moody while at the Aurors office and these two are responsible for the capture of many of the dark wizards known as Death Eaters who were followers of you-know-who.
When asked if he approved, Minister Weasley stated that they both had performed a great service to all Wizarding kind and they deserved the right to a little fun and relaxation. Moody quickly added that should they want it, their jobs would be waiting when they decided to return.
The Minister also added, “That although they are my son and son-in-law the two of them have never received any special treatment. They both completed the required vigorous training for the Aurors position and as for their Quidditch abilities, all I can say is come watch them play and judge for yourself.”

Article submitted by Press Release to Bryn Cornwell from the Ministry
Written by Ministry Employee Hermione Weasley
“Let’s see what kind of letters that article generates,” Hermione said smugly. “Bryn has agreed to keep a close eye on incoming mail at the Prophet.”

“The Aurors have too much to worry about without some jealous bloke stirring up trouble,” Ginny added.

Rose continued to flip through her copy of Moonbeams, a magazine for young witches and wizards. She listened to her mum and aunt, soaking up every ounce of information. They treated her like a child, but she understood more than they thought. She knew how much danger her family had faced and it worried her that it would happen again. ‘Moonbeams’, she scoffed to herself. She wanted something with more intrigue, more information. She was growing up after all. Her parents weren’t much older than herself when they faced a three headed dog with her Uncle Harry. Her parents didn’t know she knew about these adventures, but Uncle Fred and Uncle George had told her not only about that but several more. Rose jumped from her semi-catatonic state when she was being addressed quite loudly.

“Rose, Rose darling,” Hermione now yelled.

Rose looked up. “Yes Mum.”

“I said, it’s time that you head on up to bed,” Hermione said with her eyebrows stretched and forehead wrinkled.

Rose knew there was no use in arguing. Her dad was gone and he was the only chance she ever had of staying up late. She removed the afghan throw from her lap, unfolded her legs, and walked to her mother. The scuffling sound of her heavy feet caused an irritated look to fall upon Hermione’s face. She kissed both Hermione and Ginny good night and headed up the stairs, sounding like a heard of hippogriffs with each step.

Ginny laughed once she was out of earshot. “She may have your brain Hermione but she definitely acts like Ron did growing up.”

Hermione threw her head back onto the chair as she looked to the ceiling as though the answer to all her problems might fall from it. “Heaven help me, the fights with Ron growing up were bad enough, just imagine how they’ll be with my own daughter.”


The crisp smell of the salt water drifted gently along the breeze as the waves splashed softly into the dock. The mist from the waves made its way to Harry and Ron causing their hair to look even more uncontrollable than normal. The cool breeze was a welcomed one as the hot sun beat down from directly overhead.

Ron wiped his forehead with the back of his hand as he stopped to read the menu of a restaurant at the end of the dock. “How can anyone live in this heat,” he asked Harry.

“I guess if you live here long enough you grow accustomed to it.”

“How about lunch,” Ron asked as a grumble came from the direction of his stomach.

Harry nodded in agreement and followed Ron through the old wooden door of the bait house turn rustic restaurant and tourist attraction. The place was empty with the exception of a short portly man that stood in the door that obviously led to the kitchen. He had on a white apron that tied around his neck and came within a few inches of the floor. A dishtowel that had quite possibly been white itself at one time hung from the string that was wrapped back around his waist holding the apron shut.

“Hello sir,” Harry said.

The man looked the two of them up and down never moving with the exception of the toothpick he twirled between his teeth. After a couple of glances he assumed they might like to be invited to sit.

“Sit where ever, I’ll be back,” and he turned, not getting in any hurry as he did so.

All the tables looked the same, old wooden picnic tables with long benches that ran the length of them. On each, there sat a large dented gray pail along with paper towels and bottles of different colored liquid. They examined each table trying to choose the one with the least amount of shell remnants on it.

Ron sat stretching his neck to look for a more detailed menu than the one that hung on the outside of the building.

The man soon returned with two massive glasses that could have very well belonged to Hagrid.

“What’s this,” Harry asked as he watched the ice bobbing in the glass.

“That would be tea and by the look of the beaded sweat you could have used it sooner.”

Harry didn’t dare question the man’s technique of serving tea, he was hot and the ice looked extremely refreshing.

The man began to turn to head back in the direction in which he came when Ron spoke.

“Excuse me, but we haven’t a menu to look at.”

The man glared at Ron as though he didn’t have the least bit of sense. “You saw the sign outside, didn’t ya?”

“Well yeah, but…”
“But nothing,” the man interrupted. “That’s it, all’s we serve here is what’s written out there.” And he didn’t wait for a comment or reply but just headed on to do his job.

Ron shot Harry a confused look as he shrugged his shoulders.

Harry and Ron sat there for some time before the man emerged from the kitchen carrying two very large round trays and he dropped them down, one in front of each of them.

“If you need more, just yell,” and the man vanished again.

The two of them looked at the trays that lay before them. They were filled with mounds of steaming crawfish. And lying amongst the red crawlers was boiled potatoes and corn on the cob. Ron picked one up and tried tearing it apart. He squeezed, cracked and ripped at the crustacean. Harry laughed, debating how he should attempt to eat.

The front door swung open forcefully causing the two of them to jump a bit. A large bucket dropped to the floor and the fisherman reached up to remove the big yellow hat that matched an over sized slicker. As the hat was removed a long main of chestnut brown hair fell down over the bright yellow coat. With a great smile the bayou beauty removed the coat and hung it on a hook by the door.

“Hi’ya fellas,” she said as she picked up the bucket and walked to the counter, setting it down. “How are you doin’?”

“Fine, how about yourself,” Harry asked politely as Ron went back to the task at hand, those blasted crawfish.

She snickered at Ron as she introduced herself to Harry. “I’m Cassie, my dad owns the place, but don’t hold that against me.”

Harry laughed a bit.

“Here,” she said to Ron as she picked up a crawfish and demonstrated the technique of eating them. She pulled the head from the tail and sucked on the head. “And you want to pinch it right here.” She showed him the exact location. “And simply bite here with your front teeth and pull.” And as quick as she did she tossed the shell into the bucket and smiled. “Go ahead, try it.”

It didn’t take long for Ron to pick it up and he was sucking them down as quickly as his tray could be refilled.

She then turned her attention back to Harry as he tried the same but without as much luck as Ron on the first try. “So, here on vacation?”

“You could say that,” Harry answered, not knowing what else to tell her. “Our families will be here later this evening. We were just taking in the sights.”

“Well, hope you enjoy your time here and you should bring’em around later.” And without another word she headed to the kitchen, picking up the bucket as she passed the counter.


The small inn was packed to its rooftop with more people than it had probably seen in the last ten years. The Weasley children ran from room to room, playing chase to alleviate the boredom. The inn was smack dab in the middle of Laveau Lane and it was surrounded by several shops but this Wizarding community was not near the size of Diagon Alley. The children begged to visit the shops and the adults were beginning to wear down and thought they might as well give in to them.

As they made their way into the street they attracted more attention than they had hoped. Fingers pointed into their direction and many played close attention to the scar on Harry’s forehead. He had forgotten what it felt like to have everyone notice it for the first time. And soon children lined up, with rolls of parchment and quills wanting autographs of the players of OSC Flames.

Rose rolled her eyes, wanting to get on with it and make her way to the sweet shop she had spotted. “Mum, come on, let’s leave them.”

Hermione noticed Ron shrug and shake his head to urge her on. “We’ll catch up.”

Quickly she and the others that weren’t the Quidditch stars continued to heard the children on to the shop they desired. The shop was soon a few shelves short of full stock and the family made its way out to meet up with “the team”.

Molly Weasley soon reminded them all that children couldn’t live on sweets alone and began to herd them into the direction of a restaurant. The streets were letting off steam caused by the heat and Ginny was sure to voice her opinion in finding a cool place to sit and quick.

Once they were seated Harry and Ron filled in the others on what they had done earlier in the day. “We didn’t find much of anything around the docks,” Harry said, “We did find a great place to eat.”

Ron scoffed, “yeah, if you like bad service and if it hadn’t been for that girl I would have never gotten into those things.”

Harry tried to hide his laugh as he recalled the sight of Ron fighting the crawfish. “I’m sure the man was sorry you learned how to eat those things.”

Ginny interrupted the conversation, “Charlie, have you heard anything about the team that you will be playing tomorrow?”

“We know that they play dirty,” Bill answered. “But it can’t be any worse than playing against the Slytherin team back at Hogwarts, and we have all done that so we should be ready.”

“It should be fun then,” Fred added.

They all soon agreed that it would be best to go back to the inn and get to sleep. They had a busy day tomorrow and they hadn’t a clue how long this game would last.

Author's Note: I am sorry for the long delay in updates and hope you enjoy this as I work on more. Between school starting, work and the recent hurricanes I have had very little time to work on updates. And believe it or not I had started this chapter before the hurricanes so I will simply say this is for all of you that have enjoyed the food and culture of Louisiana, crawfish is at the top of my list of favorites. And yes, I have visied a place much like the one described here and although the man had the personality of a mop it was still great. Thanks again for your support.

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