What I know of magic I learned from Fenrir Greyback, who I came to call my own brother. Of course, we weren’t really related, but he took me in when I had no one, and he practically raised me. He was young as well, and had been a werewolf ever since he could remember. When he found me, I was near death, and he saved me. The first thing he told me was that we were the same; he didn’t even bother with pleasantries. I was just happy knowing I wasn’t the only one like this; I wasn’t alone in this fight.

He was there for my first transformation as well, which now I’m thankful for. I remember looking into his eyes just as the full moon’s light reached our bodies and feeling my body was on fire. Everything tingled and stretched, I screamed out in pain as my body took shape, and fur sprouted from my skin. My hands stretched and reformed, as did my feet. I think the worst of the pain was when my face changed, pulling and moving to form a snout. Then everything went black.

Fenrir said that when a werewolf changes they can’t remember what happened the night before, but I was worried about what I had done, what I had killed. At first he said it was normal to feel like that, and I decided to not worry much about my changes, that was until I woke up soaked in someone else’s blood.

I remember opening my eyes and feeling wet, like I had just been for a swim or something, except it was sticky. I sat up, trying to adjust my human eyes to the darkness, and saw Fenrir looking at me with a strange smile on his face. I looked down at my naked body, and saw blood everywhere. At first I thought I was hurt, searching my body for cuts or sign of pain, but there was none, except for a slight headache. When I stood to my feet, I noticed we had killed two humans. It was like I couldn’t move or breathe, I had never done something so terrible before, but for some reason, I didn’t mind so much.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Fenrir had said, looking at the two corpses.

“How can you say that? We killed them,” I said.

“It’s in our nature, why try to hide it?” he said, taking the coat of one of the men and placing it on my shoulders.

“Let’s get cleaned up,” was all he said about the matter, and we left, leaving them.

After that night I always dreaded the full moon, worrying if I might kill someone I truly care about, but the only one I did care for was Fenrir. We had been alone in the woods for a while, that was until I turned sixteen. He took me into London, and it was like a culture shock. We had been in the woods for quite some time, he had come into town only once in a great while. The lights were so bright and the people were everywhere, at shops and in the streets, talking and gossiping about who knows what. Fenrir lead me over to a small pub called the Leaky Cauldron, where we went to the back and down through a trap door. There we meet several men, and even a woman or two. They were startled when we entered, but Fenrir held up a hand to let them know it was all right.

“Who’s the girl?” a tall heavy set man asked.

“She’s my sister, one of us, so play nice, all right?” Fenrir said with a slight growl.

“We don’t need any more down here; two others were killed last full moon because they fought with each other. There’s already enough of us here,” one of the women said, she had a rather large cut across her face which had caused her eye to swell up.

“That’s their problem, you know as well as I that the he wants as many of us as he can get,” Fenrir said.

“She’s too young,” the heavy man said.

“But she’s experienced, she’s been one since she was a child,” Fenrir said.

“I thought you said she was your sister, if she was then she’d been a full blood,” the other man said.

“Do you dare question me?” Fenrir growled.

“Not at all, but at least show us what she can do,” he said.

“Tala, will you give them a demonstration?” Fenrir asked. I nodded and took a step forward, concentrating on the sight of a full moon. I hated having to do it, but Fenrir had begged me to help him out. He told me there were some people that needed our help, and the reward would be great, so I accepted. Transforming without a full moon was tricky but Fenrir had taught me a long time ago how to do it. Before everyone I transformed, and began to growl loudly at the man who had questioned my abilities.
He stared into my werewolf eyes, and I could tell he was impressed. I could see everything, and I knew I’d remember it later. It was strange how when I could do it on command it was easier to recall things I had done. Of course, it wasn’t so easy to control myself. I had to concentrate on my human part, on staying calm and alert.

“Does this satisfy your curiosity?” Fenrir asked.

“Let’s see how she fights first, Gwen, now,” the man said, and the woman with the scar stepped in front of me and changed as well. Before I knew what was happening she took a swipe at me with her paw and stuck me. I stumbled backwards, and rushed her, causing her to fall back to the ground.

The rest of the fight went by pretty quickly, which ended up being pretty close. Gwen dislocated her shoulder and I got some pretty nasty cuts and bite marks.

“She’s in; make sure you prep her on what to do. Gwen, put some clothes on,” the man said.

Fenrir put a cloak over my shoulder and led me down the dark corridor back up to the Leaky Cauldron.

“You didn’t try very hard did you?” he asked, handing me a spare pair of clothes.

“You ask me to come here without much of an explanation and tell me to fight, what did you expect?” I said, getting dressed.

“I expect you to put forth more effort, if you’re going to do this you need to be prepared for anything,” he said.

“Do what exactly?” I said. Fenrir sighed, watching as I finished getting dressed. I had gotten used to him seeing me naked, so I wasn’t really self conscious about the whole thing. I guess it was just something werewolves had to get used to.

“We have a source telling us that there is a werewolf currently attending Hogwarts, and we need someone to go there to sort of, keep an eye on him. We don’t know what his intentions are, but we’d certainly feel more at ease knowing whose side he’s on,” he said.

“Side? What do you mean?” I asked.

Fenrir then began to explain that there was a war between wizards, a war which began when Lord Voldemort came to power, following in his ancestor’s footsteps. He believed that muggle borns didn’t deserve to learn magic, and tried to destroy them when he was in school. Since then, Voldemort and the Headmaster at Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, have been sworn enemies. I didn’t really understand why this was still a constant battle, but I knew that Fenrir wanted me to help Voldemort, who had asked the werewolves for their allegiance to him. I was shocked at first, wondering why I should help someone I hadn’t even known about before that day, but he assured me that if I did, I would be greatly rewarded.

“Do you think he could help me find my parents?” I asked suddenly.

“Of course he can, he can do anything,” Fenrir said. I sat there quietly, thinking it over, and knew I didn’t have anything else to loose.

“When do I leave?”

I was prepped on proper human etiquette, since I had been living in the woods for 6 years. After a few minutes of explanation it all started coming back. I remembered what it was like to sleep in a bed, to bath in a tub, to eat at a table. I even started to miss it. Fenrir told me that I was to go to a certain address and ask for someone named Lucius Malfoy, and that he would let me floo straight to Hogwarts to ask permission to attend their school from Dumbledore.

“What about the full moon? It’s only two weeks away,” I said. “Dumbledore knows what to do, don’t forget you won’t be the only werewolf there,” he said.

“Does this, Lucius, know about the plan?” I asked.

“No, but he is a follower of Voldemort and can help, but make sure you don’t mention that you’re a werewolf,” he said.

“Why? If he’s a follower too?” I asked.

“Because we don’t like humans getting into our business, I still have a lot to teach you, Tala,” he said.

“But do you think I’m ready for this?” I ask. Fenrir sighed and placed a hand on my face.

“You are, and I think you’ll do just fine, I’ll even owl you to check on you,” he said. I sighed, feeling a bit better about the whole situation.

“Just remember everything about humans, if you get stuck just watch the students, I’m sure you’ll do just fine,” he said.

“Thanks, Feny,” I said.

“Don’t call me that, you know I hate it,” he said.

“Fine, but when do I leave,” I asked, remembering he really did hate that.

“Now, there’s a room upstairs, I think its 148, here’s the key,” he said handing it to me.

“Get cleaned up, there’s a bag with some clothes and other stuff in it, I’ll be up in a few hours to check on you,” he said, showing me out the door.

When I reached the room, I headed straight for the bathroom, shutting the door behind me and admiring the plumbing. It had been so long since I had seen one, about three years. Fenrir had some money then and decided to take me to a little inn and get cleaned up. It was so nice I never wanted to leave.

Turning the faucet I let the tub fill up with warm water and went back into the room to see what was in the suitcase. It had a few pairs of clothes and some bathroom supplies like soap and shampoo, there was even a small razor. Grabbing all three I headed back into the bathroom and got undressed.

I spent the next hour cleaning up, washing my matted hair and shaving. I cut myself a few times by accident, but it was hard to notice with all the other scratches on my body. After getting out I pulled a towel around me and stood in front of the mirror, noticing how different I looked. I could see my hazel eyes now that they weren’t hidden by a mass of hair, and I had high cheekbones that I hadn’t noticed in a while as well.

A knock at the door startled me, and I opened it to see Fenrir holding a pair of scissors.

“I figured you could use a haircut, since you haven’t had one in three years,” he said handing them to me. I took them in my hand and immediately began cutting away layer after layer of hair.

“Slow down, you might cut an ear off,” Fenrir joked.

“How about that?” I said, as I pulled stray strands from my shoulder.

“Nice, but I still can’t see your face,” he said, turning me towards him and taking the scissors. He pulled my bangs towards him and snipped them off just above my eyes.

“There,” he said, spinning me back towards the mirror.

“I haven’t had bangs in a long time, you can even see my eyes,” I said leaning in towards the mirror.

“See, much better, now get some sleep, you leave tomorrow,” he said putting the scissors down.

“Tomorrow? But…” it was then I started to panic slightly.

“Don’t worry, you’ll do great, I’ll be here in the morning,” he said.

“You’re not staying?” I asked.

“You need to get used to sleeping without me,” he said. I hadn’t slept without him by my side since, well, since I began a werewolf. I wasn’t even sure if I was capable of sleeping without him next to me.

“Will you at least stay with me until I fall asleep?” I ask, pouting slightly. He sighed.

“Just until you fall asleep,”

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