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Chapter 4
Rats and Cats

After their midnight accomplishments, Remus had begun to hang out with the others. James and Sirius had found out that he had a great sense of direction and hearing. To top it all off, Remus seemed to enjoy pranking as much as they did.

The next few months went on with little disturbance in Sirius, James and Remus’ mayhem. They had gotten in a bit of a tight spot with Lily Evans on the third day and, once again, at the end of September. Much to Remus’ dismay, Lily had refused to speak with him who, until this last incident, had been on very good terms with her.

Remus’ mother had become seriously ill early in October. Unfortunately, the Healers at St. Mungo’s were unable to find the source of the illness. James and Sirius were extremely startled by this information. They had offered to come for moral support, but Remus politely turned them down. When they had insisted once more and had packed their luggage for the trip, it was Dumbledore who had turned them down. For the first time that year, James and Sirius admitted defeat.

Through out these months, there had aroused an annoying habit of their roommate, Peter Pettigrew. He had taken to following them around. He laughed (sniggered as Remus put it) at everything they said. It was impossible to get away from him. Sirius had gotten so annoyed that he snuck into the infirmary and found a sleeping potion to give him. He had gotten a detention, but was well worth it.

“He’s following us again,” Remus muttered as the three friends headed back from the library.

“I’m going to enjoy doing every one of these news jinxes we put on him,” Sirius said darkly as they speed around the corner.

“Wait. Let’s go this way instead,” James pointed left, “We’ll get lost, but at least he won’t be with us.”

The others followed James through the corridor, passing classrooms they never saw. They turned right twice and hurried up a staircase. Suddenly, Remus stopped them, “Don’t you recognize this place?”

Sirius looked around and then said in awe, “Why, yes, I do recognize this place. It’s- it’s Hogwarts!”

James started laughing as Remus said, grinning, “Thank you Captain Obvious. I meant don’t you recognize the hallway we’re in? If we take another right down here, we’ll be at the Fat Lady.”

“Wow! If we went the other way, it would’ve taken another fifteen minutes to get this far!” Sirius exclaimed.

They rushed in to their room and immediately started creating their newest invention on their annoying shadow, Pettigrew. “I’m starting to wonder if that kid is a mental case,” James said as he poured rat droppings into Peter’s pillowcase.

“I think he likes being tortured by us,” Sirius chirped while reading how to properly jinx the sheets to twist tightly around its victim.

“It seems to me, that he thinks it’s cool to hang around us,” Remus observed as he read on how to cause your enemy’s ears to twitch.

“If that’s the case, then this should make him realize how very wrong he is,” Sirius stated as they finished and Peter came in, short of breath as if he had ran to try and keep up with them.

“This has gone on for far too long!”

It was McGonagall speaking, she seemed to pop up whenever anything out of the ordinary happened. In other words, whenever the three pranksters had free time.

They had just been caught using the newly taught spell, Wingardium Leviosa, for dropping dinner meals on top of quite a few Slytherin’s heads. Needless to say, Professor McGonagall was not very happy with them.

“You have only been in this school for two months and already I’ve sent five owls home and have seriously put in consideration to send you all to Professor Dumbledore!” McGonagall continued.

“Why, Minerva! I’m shocked you would-“ Sirius started seemingly appalled.

“Black, you will respect my authority by calling me Professor McGonagall,” she said, infuriated, “I’ve had enough of this! All three of you, follow me.”

They were in for it now. She led them through the school. “This is not good,” Remus muttered as they followed well behind Professor McGonagall.

“Why?” James asked.

“She taking us to see the Headmaster,” Remus said nervously.

“I’ve been wondering when she was going to follow up to her threat,” Sirius mentioned amusingly.

“This isn’t a laughing matter, Sirius,” Remus retorted sharply.

They had never seen Remus act like this. Remus had always taken punishments into consideration very lightly. It startled them to see Remus become so nervous and guilt-stricken.

“I’ve met Dumbledore before. He won’t expel us or anything,” James reasoned.

“You mean he won’t expel you,” Remus said gravely.

At that moment, McGonagall stopped in front of a winged gargoyle and spoke clearly “Caramel Clabberts.”

A/N: I know it’s really short, but I thought this was a good place to end it. I’m already half way through the next chapter if it’s makes you feel any better. I was going to put a chapter in before this one and I am strongly considering it still. But Callie wanted to have us both update tonight if possible and I had forgotten what I was going to write before this one. It’s kind of strange, I had written this chapter and then I wrote another chapter, but then realized I needed another chapter in-between those two chapters, so I’m doing that now. But then I realized that in order to do something in the next chapter I would need yet another chapter before this one so I’m really confused and I forgot what I needed in the story which isn’t good. So this is just a heads-up… I MAY WRITE A CHAPTER BEFORE THIS CHAPTER!!!!! Do you think the story is coming along well? Please tell me your thoughts inside a review.

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