You’d know I’d die just to hold you, to stay with you. Somehow I’ll show you that you’re my night sky. ~ “You”, Amy Lee of Evanescence
Chapter Six: Haunted Livi de Tomel sat upright in her bed, breathing heavily as if she’d just run a race. She hadn’t remembered every detail of her dream, but something about the storm and the four people in it made her mind swirl. Taking a shuddered breath, Livi barely noticed the tears falling down her face. The dream had felt so vivid and real and now, barely minutes after the dream was over, Livi could barely remember the specific details. She knew that there was wetness all over her body, but it wasn’t raining and she knew that there were two people at her side, and one in front of them. The one detail that stung her mind until she felt like she was on fire; Voldemort. He had stood in the exact stance he had when Dorcas had been killed, unafraid, a murderous glint in his blood-red eyes. The color of the bodies around them in the mix of black and blue night. Livi shuddered and hopped out of her bed, deciding that a drink of water would do her good. After she had filled her glass in the bathroom, Livi sat on her floor, looking at the pensieve. Taking her wand from her bedside table, Livi brought it up to her temple and tried her best to remember every piece of the dream, hoping if she were there to watch it, she would be able to make sense of it. Three dark figures approached a forth one in the sinister night, occasionally stepping over a body. It was cold and the smaller shadow to the right shivered visibly. Wind roared loudly and the middle one, Livi, whispered something and the ones on (on either side?) the outside nodded. The fourth dark shape, stood alone, almost as if he were expecting them. “Welcome, my children,” he whispered, his unearthly red eyes staring hungrily at them. The person next to Livi fell to the ground, groaning. The figure on her other side made to help him but she stopped him, still staring intently into Voldemort’s eyes. Livi felt herself pulled from the pensieve, the dream had ended. She sat on the floor and hugged her knees to her chest. Livi took several deep breaths and decided sleep was probably not an option anymore. Livi pulled a new robe around her tightly, trying to find comfort in the unnatural cold that had come over her and headed out of her room, grabbing her wand along the way. She whispered the spell quietly and walked down the halls in the eerie green light. All of the torches and candles had been long extinguished. The lawn outside was a pale shade of silver and Livi hesitated as she stepped into the dew-stained grass. The cool drops numbed her feet instantly and Livi felt tears form in her eyes as she remembered her final night at Hogwarts. His laughter filled her ears as they ran across the already damp lawn. Suddenly he grabbed her around the waist and swung her in the air. She squealed with delight at the feeling of his hands supporting her as they whirled around until both were lying on their backs in the wet grass. She looked over at him, her long strawberry blonde hair falling into her face. He leaned over and pushed the hair from her eyes, his lips growing dangerously close to hers. Dorcas leaned into him, shivering with delight as he wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her closer, his other hand holding her delicate face as they kissed. “I love you more than the world, Rem.” Dorcas whispered between kisses. “I love you more than the world. No, Dorcas, you are my world.” Remus sat up on his knees and moved closer to Dorcas, pulling a small velvet box from his pocket. “I know we’re too young and I know that there’s a war going on, but I want to ask you something.” Remus took in a slow breath before opening the box to reveal a simple white gold ring. “I want to marry you Dorcas, but neither of us is ready and with the war, we never know what’ll happen, but I would wait my entire life to marry you. I will promise myself to you forever. I’ll never truly leave you and I want you to remember that. So, Dorcas Meadowes, one day, do you promise to marry me?” Dorcas looked at him through teary eyes. “I’m sorry,” Remus began, pushing himself off the ground. “I guess I should’ve known it was too good to be true.” Dorcas smiled sweetly and pulled back to the ground, with a muffled ‘oof!’ from Remus. “Of course I’ll promise myself to you, Remus Lupin. You’re the one that makes me laugh. You’re my reminder to get out of my bed and go to classes everyday, just so I know that I’ll see you. You’re the one that makes me feel special, like I’m worth it. You’re worth it Remus and I would love to spend the rest of my life with you.” Blushing, Remus slowly slipped the ring onto her finger and kissed her softly. Livi shut her eyes tightly and fingered the ring around the simple chain on her neck. She’d found it in her folder earlier that evening with a simple note attached to it. She pulled it out and read the letter again To Livi, Keep it safe. ~ Your guardian angels The handwriting of Lily Potter was somewhat familiar and Livi decided she she’d best try to get all her old memories into the pensieve soon so she wouldn’t forget, even recent events such as Sirius’ death seemed fuzzed, like she was remembering them from the other side of a dirty window. Like they were stale bread that had been left to sit out for a few days. Livi guessed it was one of the many downsides of being sent back to Earth in a new body. She wiped a tear on her sleeve and continued walking along the grass, her fingers absent mindedly turning the ring over in them. “You barely know the man.” A quiet voice stated behind her. Livi turned around to see a strained-looking Snape. “All death is sad, Severus.” “It is. Though Lupin is probably at peace now. He has lost more than any of us could imagine. My guess is his girlfriend is waiting by the veil for him.” Livi choked back a sob and looked away. “Is there any chance he’ll survive?” she whispered quietly. “Silver is harmful to werewolves and when ingested, yes, it is fatal.” Snape’s voice was pained and though Livi had her back to him and was staring across the motionless lake she knew that the look on Snape’s face was guilt, sorrow and pain all mixed into one depressing look. Livi sniffled and turned to Snape. “I think you should get some sleep, Severus, you look dreadful.” And she meant it. Snape had heavy bags under his eyes and his skin was paler than usual. Snape nodded and turned towards the castle, silently walking across the grass. Livi could tell he was tearing himself up on the inside. ** ** ** A silent shadow crept along the darkened halls of Hogwarts. Its bare feet practically glided along the cool stone corridors as it made its way to its destination. The shadow stopped in front of the window, looking out into the pale moonlight. The silhouette of a young woman quickly moved out of the light and back into the dark. The shadow stopped in front of a large portrait and whispered the password quickly. She darted into the passage way of a portrait that had swung open and shut it quickly, yet no sound of the portrait’s locks clicking together was to be heard. Hail looked about the dimly lit room. A fire crackled slowly and was the only source of light. She moved almost blindly around the room until she found the bed. The rattling noises of a dying man’s breath filled Hail’s ears as she bent down close to him. Hail carefully pulled out a small blade from her pocket and slowly cut his wrist, watching the silver tainted blood flow in the dim light, staining her clothing. Quickly, Hail rolled up the sleeve of her own right arm and turned her wrist upright. She left the blade glide gracefully across before placing her open wrist on the man’s already heavily bleeding one. With her free hand, Hail pulled her amulet off from around her neck and held it between her left hand and his left hand. The pain was intense and Hail knew if she were caught or did this wrong there would be great consequences, after all, this was dark magic and after Hail had looked into the Medi-witch’s eyes, she’d understood that the woman would never do something like this. Hail was the unknown man’s only choice. Hail felt her body surge with the potent powers of her ancestors and she felt her world begin to grow hazy. Hail was unconsciously aware of her mouth and vocal chords working as she gripped the man’s hand tighter, the amulet burning fiercely as she continued speaking in the ancient dialect. A bright light shown from between the hands and it took all of Hail’s will not to let go. It glittered across the walls that Hail could now see were of a dark crimson color, much like her pale white sleeping gown was down the front. Hail felt the pain travel from the blood of his wound into her own blood. The man’s eyes flew open. Hail looked away and grabbed the amulet from him before placing her clean hand to his forehead. She muttered something and waited for his wrist to heal. When it did, Hail fled, leaving the man to his peace. He’d wake up in the morning a medical miracle, not remembering a single thing that had happened. A/N: Ha! See… I’m not that cruel! BTW: As you may have noticed, my download schedule is very messy. If you'd like to be added to the mailing list for updates or just want to ask me any questions...

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