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Image hosting by Photobucket Chapter Seven – Harry’s Avada Kedavra

Harry wasted no time getting stuck into his combat training. He had enlisted the help of Moody and some other members of the Order and he was now quite a skilled swordsman. Two weeks had passed since Voldemort’s attack on Hogsmeade.
“We need to move faster. Who knows what he is planning. We need to beat him to the fight, make it on our grounds!” Harry fumed after a practice battle against ten fake death eaters.
“We need to keep you alive and the horcruxes are still an issue,” Lupin spoke calmly, with a smile. Harry’s impatience at sitting around waiting for the day he could kill Voldemort reminded Lupin so much of the 17 year old James, complaining and getting frustrated over something.
“Harry!” Hermione yelled, running up to where Harry stood by the lake, “It’s finished. The stupidest, stupid potion is ready. I thought you’d like to witness the destruction of the medallion.”
“Great, one step closer,” Harry tried to sound optimistic, but to no avail.
“I also found a possible solution to Nagini.”
Harry’s eyebrows raised in anticipation.
“Do you think your powers are strong enough to perform Avada Kedavra?” Hermione asked, “I mean the whole illegal thing aside?”
“Mi, I don’t think I could kill Nagini like that in Voldemort’s presence.”
“No that’s not the plan. I thought we could use a Draught of Living Death.”
“Won’t that only put Nagini into a deep sleep? That’s not good enough. She needs to die.”
“Yes, I know. But I believe that if Avada Kedavra is performed on the finished potion then it becomes a Draught of Death. The strongest kind. So do you think you could do it? I mean, if the curse came form you it would hurt Voldemort even more.”
Harry looked sceptical.
“That’s a brilliant idea, Hermione,” Lupin said, marvelling at the advanced level of knowledge of the wizarding world both teens possessed, and at such an early stage of their lives, “Harry I believe you are strong enough.”
“Yes Potter, don’t worry about the Ministry either, I’ll handle it.” Moody smiled, as he and Lupin walked back up to the castle, leaving Harry and Hermione alone.


Harry and Hermione walked up to their common room, where Hermione had left the potion and the medallion. Harry raised his wand and performed a few charms to protect the room and themselves from any possible explosions.
“You do the honours, Mi,” Harry said, “You made the potion.”
Hermione picked up the medallion and dropped it into the gooey yellow potion. The potion sparked and frothed and slowly disappeared. Harry and Hermione looked into the drained cauldron in time to see the last of the medallion shrivel into non-existence.
“I’ve got the Living Death potion brewing, it’ll be ready in a few days,” Hermione said as she cleaned up the cauldron.
“That’s great Mione, I’m gonna go have a lie down. I’m wiped. See you at dinner?” Harry wrapped Hermione in a hug and kissed her sweetly.
“I’ll be in the library if you need me,” Hermione answered, and giving him a quick kiss one the cheek she left the common room.
Harry entered his room and grabbed his Pensieve. He had a lot of thoughts going through his head . He’d be confronting Voldemort soon, and this time was so much different to all the others. This time won’t be a chance encounter. He was scared and worried, not for himself but for Hermione. He knew she’d want to come with him but she couldn’t. This was his battle and he wasn’t jeopardising her safety for anything. She meant the world to him and he didn’t want to lose her – ever.
“Maybe watching another memory will take my mind off all this,” Harry said as he picked up the memory labelled ‘R J Lupin – James and Lily’s Wedding’.

Upon entering the memory Harry found himself in what appeared to be a large tent. In front of him stood three very handsome young men.
“Prongs you’re fine – stop being all nervous and twitchy, that’s Remus’s job!” Sirius said, to which James smiled lamely.
“What do you mean, I’m twitchy?” Remus demanded.
“Well all I mean is you are the worrying one, the sensible one who sees stuff that could potentially screw up. Prongs here is more an act-now-think-later kinda guy.”
“And I’m sure he needs that analysis on his wedding day,” Lupin intoned, “Look Prongs, you have nothing to worry about. You love Lily, Lily loves you. End of story.”
James grinned, “Thanks Moony, and you too Padfoot. Come here!” James grabbed them in a bear hug.
“PRONGS! Gerroff!” Sirius yelled, though this was muffled.
“Well, let’s get this show on the road!” James said.
Harry followed the three friends out of the tent. Outside was a beautiful garden with a canopy of flowering trees shading the aisles of seats and the makeshift altar. James took his place at the end of the aisle with Sirius and Remus standing next to him.
Harry was caught up in the fairytale setting of the wedding when soft music filled his ears. He looked up to see his mother coming down the aisle. She was beautiful. Lily’s dress was the purest white and was elegantly simple. The veil and train draped along the floor. Her hair was in soft curls that fell perfectly around her face. In her arms she carried a bouquet of white lilies. Her smile lit Harry’s heart, and at the same time his heart longed to know his parents today. To have them still in his life.
Lily reached the end of the aisle and took James’s hand. The ceremony was quick and simple and as Harry watched his parents walk back down the aisle, blackness enveloped him. Just as Harry was wondering what had happened, a new scene unfolded in front of him. A reception hall full of people and happiness.
“Hi everyone!” Sirius said after performing the Sonorus charm, “I’d like to say a few words. And Lily doesn’t need to worry because for the first time in my life I’m gonna be serious – whoops, um I guess my name doesn’t really suit me huh? Ok, today we are here to celebrate the wedding of my best mate James and his beautiful Lily. It took a lot of persistence on James’s behalf but Lily finally saw something in him. And thank Merlin for that, otherwise we’d have a very depressed James Potter on our hands. These two deserve each other, they are the best, most generous people I know and I wish them all the happiness in the world. Now it’s time for their first dance as man and wife.”
Everyone clapped, including Harry, as James led Lily to the dance floor and began dancing. Harry walked closer and followed them as they floated along with the music. They were talking in whispered voices, Harry couldn’t hear a word they were saying. Lily leaned in and whispered something in James’s ear which caused James to stop dancing and stare at her. Harry looked on curiously.
“You mean…I’m gonna be a dad?” James stuttered.
Lily smiled and nodded.
“Merlin! Hey Padfoot,” James yelled across the dance floor, “I’m gonna be a dad!”
“Wooohooo!” Sirius cheered, as did many others as James lifted Lily into his arms and spun her around. He brought her back down and as he kissed his wife, Harry left the memory.
Harry lay back on his bed in deep thought for the rest of the afternoon.


A few days later, just as promised, Hermione’s Living Death potion was complete. All it needed was the addition of the killing curse.
“Just remember, Harry, think horrible thoughts. You want to put as much hatred into this spell as possible,” Hermione coached.
“Kinda reverse Patronus?” Harry half-questioned, half-observed.
“Exactly, I think it’ll be fairly obvious if you succeed.”
“Here goes,” Harry pointed his wand at the soft blue, dream-like liquid and concentrated hard on his hatred of Voldemort, of Bellatrix and Malfoy, of Pettigrew and even of the Dursleys, “AVADA KEDAVRA!”
A familiar green bolt shot out of Harry’s wand and caused the potion to splutter in protest. Once the bubbling died down, Harry and Hermione peered into the cauldron. The potion had turned acid green – the exact same colour that the killing curse produced.
“I think it worked,” Harry whispered.
“Wow. First go. You’re getting really powerful,” Hermione commented as she filled a vial with the deadly potion.


“Hey Ron,” Harry said tonelessly as he entered the Gryffindor common room to find Ron reading a comic, “What’s new? Captain Q get attacked by midget giants?”
Ron looked up from his comic to stare oddly at Harry, “Now that would be pretty cool.”
Harry shook his head as he slumped on the couch. That was the lamest joke ever and Ron thought it was a cool idea.
“What’s up with you mate?” Ron questioned, “You look like you’ve just slain a unicorn or something.”
Harry smiled half-heartedly, “I need a favour.”
“Hermione finished the potion, everything’s ready. It’s time for me to go fight Voldemort.”
“You want me to look after Hermione for you, right? But you’ll survive – won’t you?”
“Just look after her please. Remind her that I love her more than anything. Just promise you guys will stick together, Rae too.”
“Sure Harry, ‘course we will. Good luck.”


“I love you Harry, so much,” Hermione said as she snuggled under the covers and moved closer to Harry.
“I love you to Mi, love you so much it hurts,” Harry kissed her with a fire so desperate, Hermione was taken by surprise, “Mi, I want to show you how much I love you, just in case I never get the chance again,” Harry spoke between kisses.
“Me too baby, but please come back, please?”
“I’ll try my best – that’s all I can do.”
Hermione smiled with tears in her eyes as Harry kept kissing her with the perfect mix of love and passion. They slowly began undressing each other, all the while exploring with hands and lips.
“I love you forever baby,” Harry whispered huskily as he rolled around to lay on top of Hermione. He kissed her breasts and received a moan of pleasure from her.
“I love you to Harry – always,” Hermione whispered as he entered her.
They rocked back and forth in rhythm with each other, lost in their own world. They both reached their pinnacle together and collapsed back on the bed, still in each other’s arms, perfectly content.
“Be mine forever?” Harry whispered into Hermione’s hair.
Hermione nodded then snuggled into his chest and drifted off to sleep.
Harry lay, thinking, for a few hours before getting up and careful not to wake Hermione walked over to his desk. He grabbed parchment and a quill, wrote a quick note, placed it in the desk next to a box, picked up his broom and left in the dead of the night.

A/N: ok guys this story is really starting to thicken up. stay tuned for more revelations and action!!

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