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*~Chapter 2:What the....?~*

“MoooooOOOOooooomy!” Sarah whined.

“Mommy is sleeping honey!” you said calmly, rolling over.

“But I am hungry!” your little four year old whimpered.

“Okay okay! I am coming!” you groaned, sitting up. You quickly rubbed your face to get rid of any tear stains and stood up.

“Good morning baby!” you said sweetly as you leaned over and kissed your husband of 19 years.

“Morning…” he grunted as he sat up slowly. You quickly rushed out of your room to the kitchen as you got some cereal for your toddler. You had two other children, out of college, but you had somehow managed to have another one.

You looked at the calendar. It was 21 years ago today that you had fled England. You now lived a complete muggle life, locking out all things of your past. You locked up your wand, and put bars on your windows to keep out owls. There was only two people in this country that knew you were a witch. The custom’s officer who you got to change your passport to a squib, and whoever ran the database at the American Ministry. Your husband didn’t know, and neither did your kids. Of course, you had to keep close watch with their powers, but they were growing weaker with ever year not used, so both you and your children would eventually turn to full squibs.

‘This is what you wanted, to be free.’ you told yourself as you popped in your medication. You could feel your powers draining, but you could also feel something else leave as well. You were always lite headed, and you couldn’t walk very far without growing tired. The doctors thought it was old age, you being almost 45, but you knew better. Whatever spell Tom had said, it was effecting you.

Ever since that day, you had become very paranoid and jumpy. You always managed to see a cloaked figure in the shadows. You were still surprised that you had even met someone and trusted them. But Jordan was amazing, and loved you so much.

‘I could never love anyone more than HIM though…’ That was true. Jordan was there, it seemed, and you took him. You still doubted if you truly loved him. So sometimes, when you woke up in the middle of the night, you rolled over to see him there, and you cried. You were leading him on, like this.

‘I could never love anyone like I did Tom… never…’ you gasped, feelng a sudden pain in your chest.

“Mommy?” You were suddenly on the tile of the kitchen, gribbing your chest.

“Mommy??” Sarah asked more urgently.

“Get…. Daddy…” you managed to gasp as your breathing became more rapid. You heard tiny footsteps rushing up the stairs as you slipped in and out of consicousness.

“(your name)??? (YOUR NAME)!” Jordan said, rushing over to you.

“Jordan… I need to tell you something….”

“Shhh no! Save your strangth!” you could hear sarah crying.

“No! I am dying… I am going to die now!” you said.

“D-Don’t say that….” A tear slid down his check, landing on your sweaty face. You took a deep breath. You knew this was coming, just not this soon. But now, you had the chance to tell him the truth.

“Jordan, there is a key around my neck…” you said as you took it out of your night shirt. “Take it, and open the locked drawer in our closet….”u coughed, “In there, you will find some things form my former life. Jordan… I am… a witch.” he looked at you strangely.

“No, your are not! You are a kind, giving-”

“Yes, I am… but I am a witch. You have to listen to me.” You could feel the tightness in your chest become more intense.

“In the drawer is my wand. Be careful with it. I am sure Sarah will want to use it when she is of age. I need you to send someone a message…. Albus Dumbledore…. Just write a message to him, saying that I died. He will know what to do. His address is in there also. He should come and visit, and you both can deiced what to do. I know you may not want to, but Sarah will have to become one too…. I can already see her powers… at such a young age to! Just like me…” you gasped again as Jordan held your hand. You could hear your daughter’s muffled tears in the corner.

“You have got to believe me, Jordan. If you don’t do this… I don’t know what will happen. They have been tailing us for a long time…. I just wanted to say-” But you couldn’t finish, because the pains in your chest grew greater.

“I-I love you Mommy!” Sarah cried as she crawled over to you and rested her head on your chest.

“I love you to Sarah… never forget it. None of this is your fault. Never blame yourself or anyone else. Be good at Hogwarts.” you managed to wheeze out between your own tears. Your daughter nodded silently, tears streaming down her cheeks. You smiled as you cupped her face and gave her a kiss on her forhead.

“I love you.” Jordan whispered.

“I Love you too… send my love to all! And don‘t forget to write to Albus Dumbledore. I love you.” He bent down to kiss you as he also started to cry. He smiled lovingly back at you.

And with one final breath, you were gone.

You yawned as you stepped out of bed, your feet hitting the hardwood floor.

‘Hardwood? We have carpet… o well… I bet Jordan is doing another DIY on our house.’ you thought as you stumbled into the bathroom, more to the right then you remembered.

‘Strange… I thought the door was over… O I am being silly! I wonder why Sarah hasn’t woken me up yet… I bet Jordan took her out… how nice, letting me sleep!’ you went to the bathroom, and once again the toilet was on the other side of the room.

‘I must be hallucinating….’ you thought as you finished up. You made your way to the sink and washed your hands. You splashed some water onto your face and blurry vision. You looked up in the mirror…

‘This isn’t our mirror… it looks like… no…. I am just tired, I mean.. my eyes are all-”

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” you screamed as you backed away from the mirror. You starred at your image… your 16 year-old image. You stepped forward cautiously, lifting a hand to your face. Your premature wrinkles were gone, your hair was it’s original brunette before you had dyed it, and you looked like you were even a little taller.

“Holy shit….” you whispered as you looked at yourself. You looked down, where your motherly fat from three kids had disappeared, and your usual flannel PJs were replaced with the ones you used to wear in school… and when you lived with….

“Holy shit…”you said again as you looked around the bathroom. Your OLD bathroom. The one you shared with…

“Like your old body? I went with 16... We were so innocent back then…”


“Welcome Back.”

a/n: wow.... i feel really evil posting this.... O WELL! Haha! remeber to review!

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