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He hadn't said anything he wanted to say to her. They'd just sat, looking into the fire. Watching the flames reach dangerously close. The flames were like his feelings. Dangerous and strong. Ginny must have grown restless while she sat on the floor he hadn't said anything for a long time, besides the occasional sigh.

"What is it you wanted to say to me?"

"I don't know Ginny. It's hard, I'm confused."

"About what?" she asked. She looked up at him, caressing his knee slowly.

Draco met her eyes and suddenly Ginny looked away as if she were frightened. "I shouldn't be here Draco, this isn't right. Don't say I'm wrong." she said, her eyes pleading. "You're with Pansy."

"I'd leave Pansy in a heartbeat," he mumbled. "If I could have you."

"There's the fault in your plan. You can't have me." Ginny sighed as she'd stood up. Draco didn't understand. Ginny watched him intently and kissed him on the cheek before leaving Draco to sit, staring into the fire. Not understanding anything that had just happened.


The cieling in Draco's room had exactly 37 tiles. He was lying on his bed, depressed over what Ginny had said. She was right though. They could never be together.

He'd mailed his letter. Thinking that maybe he should just end his hope with all women.



"Why can't you love me?" asked Pansy, sitting on the foot of his bed. Draco rolled his eyes and rolled onto his stomach. Burying his face into his pillow. She just couldn't get it through her head that he didn't love her.

"I love someone else!"

Tears clouded Pansy's eyes and she wiped them away quickly. "After all we've been through-"

"It's over Pansy." said Draco, interupting her.

"If you ever change your mind-"

"I won't Pansy. Can you leave me now?"

Pansy stood, hands on her hips. All traces of disappoinment and sadness had fled from her eyes. Anger had filled them and she was breathing in a steady rage of fury.

"Who! Who is she?" she demanded, stepping towards him. Draco shrugged his shoulders and turned away. "What, now you say you odn't know? Who the hell is she?"

"Someone I cannot have."

"You were my first love Draco, I have you my all and now, now you end it!"

"You're right, you gave me your all Pansy. You should have saved yourself for someone who loved you."

Pansy's shoulders shook and she sobbed quietly to herself. "Are you saying you never loved me?"

"That's right."

Pansy shrieked and ran from the room. The door slammed behind her, quivering just as her body had done from the horrible words.

Draco started counting the cieling tiles again. Yep, 37. He closed his eyes and drifted into his only happy place. Sleep.


Ginny was pacing her room, partly because of her meeting with Malfoy but also because she'd just recieved a letter. The letter that had broke her heart, and she couldn't, wouldn't let that happen.

Dear You,
Why is it that you're so afraid? Is it because of me? The eighth sign of love is meeting one another's needs. I have a need. I need to meet you. Please, just this once. After that you can decide to never see me again but please, meet with me.
All of your's

Maybe he would finally agree to meet her. Ginny picked up her diary and turned to a new page.

Dec 12th
I don't understand guys. The mysterious man i keep writing to has told me he's ending it. I've asked to meet him before I go home for Christmas vacation. Then there's Malfoy. I don't know what to think about him. It would be best to just stay away I think.
Yours Truly,

"Hey Ginny!" said Hermione closing the door behind her. Ginny closed her diary and shoved it under her bed.

"Hermione! What's up?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to talk to another girl."

"Harry and Ron finally getting on your nerves?" asked Ginny smirking.

"No, Ron found out that Harry and I are an item."

Ginny tried to look surprised but she'd known since September.

"Don't look so surprised Ginny, I know that you know! Harry's down there reasoning with Ron right now."

"How's he taking it?"

"Hermione! Stop hiding and get down here. We need to talk." yelled Ron from the bottom of the stairs.

"Oh god Ginny, I don't want to face him, not right now!" exclaimed HErmione, hugging one of Ginny's pillows to her chest.

Ginny sighed and left to talk to Ron. "What do you want Ron?" asked Ginny at the top of the stairs. Ron's face was crimson red and he was standing at the bottom.

"I need to talk to Hermione!"

"You aren't going to upset her more Ron. Why's it so horrible for them to be together?"

"Because...I dunno! Because it is!"

"I think you need to go away and calm down."

Ron glared at her angrily and stalked away. Muttering to himself, angry still.

Shutting the door behind her, Ginny laid down in her bed beside Hermione.

"Thank you Ginny."

"No problem Hermione. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go to bed."

Ginny was asleep before Hermione left the room.

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