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A/N- Here you go. Enjoy!


Malfoy walked to the portrait.

“Night” he said.

Sir Luke nodded then let both of us in.

“Sit down.” He said pointing to the couch.


Chapter Five


I sat down and Malfoy sat next to me. He handed me my letter. I opened it slowly. This couldn’t be good. He was being too nice to me. Pity? It seemed like it. I read the letter. It took five times of reading it to comprehend.

“Who was it?” Malfoy asked softly.

“My parents.” I whispered, dropping the letter. No. This wasn’t happening. “A plane crash.” “They were going to convention overseas.” “Unexpected problems.” “Crash.” “No know survivors.” “Dead.” “Gone.” “Forever.” Sentence fragments kept filing through my head. I felt tears coming. My head was spinning. He wouldn’t see me cry, he wouldn’t see me at my weakest. I got up to walk to my room. I barely made it a step when I fell to the ground in a fit of tears. Malfoy picked me up and sat me on the couch next to him. He hugged me and tried to comfort me.

“This can’t be real.” I said quietly.

“It is.”He whispered.

I faced him, hugging him. I buried my face in his neck, staining his shirt with my tears.

“They’re all I have,” I mumbled, numb.

“You have Potter, and the Weasels.” He told me.

I shook my head “They didn’t care about me like my parents did,” I whispered.

“Your parents still care about you. They just can’t show it anymore.” He told me. I nodded.

Malfoy laid me down on the couch and covered me with a blanket. He sat next to me and softly rubbed my back. He took off his shirt and handed it to me.

“What for?” I asked.

“Tears, snot.” He said shrugging.

“You don’t care if you get mudblood germs on it?” I asked.

“Ssshh,” he said putting a finger over my lips and wiping away a tear.

I laid there silent. Crying silent tears, shaking uncontrollably. Malfoy never moved.

“When you got this letter before, who was it about?” I asked nearly two hours later.

“My father,” he said “May he rot in hall.” He added before I could say anything. The look on his face changed, his whole body- all his features softened. He seemed to look past me. “And my sister.” He added. He kept talking and I didn’t try to stop him. “It was the summer before I became a first year. My sister was six years older than me, but she was my best friend. She was 17, and decided to travel the world. A great person, interested immensely in muggles. The night she came home, she talked to me for hours about her trip and different muggle things. The next morning, she announced that she was carrying a muggle-man’s baby. My father would not hear of it. He started to kill her right then. A slow painful death, lasting all day. And he made me sit and watch her die. That was the day my emotions died and my feelings went cold. I knew I would want nothing to do with my father, but until he died and Voldermont fell, I would have to seem loyal, at least to stay alive. My father made it look as if a death eater had killed her during her travels.” Malfoy ended, staring at the ground.

I sat up and gave him a hug. He looked at me in confusion. I ignored his look and sat there hugging him. We pulled apart and he looked at me, brushing hair off my cheek. I looked in his eyes. For the first time they were filled with emotions. Confusion. Hurt. Longing. Pain. Wonder. Understanding. I fell into a fresh wave of tears and he hugged me close. A barn owl flew in, dropping a letter next to us. Malfoy picked it up and read it quickly.

“Dumbledore wants to see us. Must’ve heard.” He said.

I nodded. I washed my face as Malfoy went to put on a shirt. I straightened my clothes as he walked over to me.

“You okay?” He whispered.

I nodded as we walked out of the portrait. We walked in silence to Dumbledore’s office.

“Fire whiskey.” Malfoy muttered gruffly at the gargoyles. They jumped aside revealing the staircase.

“Please, come in.” Dumbledore said as we reached the top of the stairs. We both sat facing him.

“For the beginning of the year, there will be a Halloween ball. I’m giving you nearly two months to organize everything with the perfects.” Dumbledore said. We both nodded. “A list of meeting dates and locations will be owled to your dormitory. Now, Mister Malfoy, if you will excuse us, I need to discuss something with Miss Granger.” He added.

“Headmaster please, Draco already knows everything. I would be more comfortable if he stayed.” I said as Malfoy got up to leave. He stopped and looked at me. Did I really just call him ‘Draco’ aloud?

“Very well.” Dumbledore said glancing at both of us, his eyes twinkling more than before. His look softened as he turned to me.”I have indeed heard of the news of your parents death.” He began. I held back my tears. “Any league of absence within reason will be permitted. For the funeral, you may bring friends for support if their guardians agree.”

I nodded. Unable to find words at the suddenly reality of it all. Dumbledore finished and Malfoy and I left for our common room. As we reached Sir Luke, I saw Harry and Ron.

“They can’t see me like this,” I quickly mumbled to Malfoy. He nodded.

“Night,” he said to Luke as I ran into the common room.

“Hermione!” Ron yelled reaching Malfoy.

“She’s not feeling well. Just finished a meeting with Dumbledore now she’s going to bed.” I heard Malfoy say. I could hear the smirk in his voice. Before Harry or Ron could say anything Malfoy walked into the common room, closing the portrait. I leaned against a wall and sunk to the floor. Malfoy walked over and looked down at me.

“Come on.” He said picking me up. “Bed time. You’re exhausted.”

He carried me up to my room and set me on my bed. He left to go to his room and came back with a t-shirt and boxers. He handed them to me. I raised an eyebrow.

“I know you’re not sleeping in that,” he said motioning to my outfit. “And I didn’t want to go through your clothes. Now hurry up and change.” He said starting to leave.

“You can stay.” I told him. He turned around and raised an eyebrow at me. “Just turn around.” I told him. I quickly changed. “Okay,” I mumbled. He sat down on my bed and started tucking me in.

“Please,” I whispered grabbing his hand as he started to get up. “Stay here tonight?” I asked. I was afraid to be alone with my thoughts. I moved over and held the covers slightly open for him. He hesitated a minute then laid down. We laid there look at each other.

“You called me Draco,” he mumbled.

“What?” I asked.

“In Dumbledore’s office. You called me Draco instead of Malfoy. What the change?” He asked.

“I saw emotion in your eyes. And you’ve changed.” I whispered, my eyes getting heavy. “And you called me Hermione today in the hall before you gave me the letter.”

The next thing I knew I was sitting between my parent son a plane. Everyone was screaming. I saw the plane crash, but couldn’t feel anything. I was walking around the wreckage when I saw my parents. Dead. I started screaming, trying to get them to wake up.

“HERMIONE!” I heard Malfoy yelling. I opened my eyes and saw him leaning over me.

I looked up at him and started crying. He pulled me into a tight hug.

“It was only a dream.” He whispered rocking back and forth.

“I...I...I saw them...Dead...As the plane crashed...I saw them dead.” I sobbed.

Malfoy cradled me in his arms until I stopped crying. I laid down and malfoy laid next to me. He squeezed my hand. I looked at him the cuddled close to him. He held me tightly and I fell into a deep dreamless sleep.


A/N Hope that wasn't too much of a cliffy. Let me know what you think and what I should do. :o) Any cirticism is grealy appreciated!

*Disclaimer- JKR Owns everything except the plot.***

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