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A/N- Hey! I'm so so soooooo so terribly sorry it's taken me so long to update. I've had homecoming week then I got horribly sick and this is the first time I've been on the computer since.

I know this Chapter is really short but it was either, (a) write one, really really really long chapter or (b) one short chapter and one kinda long one, so I went with writing two. I'm posting Chapter Five right after this one so you shouldn't have to wait too long :o) Please enjoy and tell me what you think.

Chapter Four

I stood there not being able to think. “What just happened?” I asked aloud. I heard a door open.

“I kissed you dumbass. And you enjoyed it.” I heard Granger yell then close her door.

“Bloody hell” I murmured walking to my room.

Was she right? Did I enjoy it?’ I thought. I smirked. ‘Little Draco sure did. She’s a mud-muggleborn. Hell, father is dead. Voldermont dead too. But still, my stomach was still dancing and it was only a kiss. Just a kiss. How the hell did she learn to bloody kiss that good? She’s too innocent.’ I put my fingers to my lips. They were still warm. ‘Still taste like her too’ I added running my tongue over my lips.


“What just happened?” Malfoy asked downstairs. I smiled.

I opened my door. “I kissed you dumbass.” I told him. “And you liked it.” I added before closing my door. I had to tell Ginny! I looked at the clock. Lunch was just starting. I ran down to the common room and to the Great hall.

“‘Ne!” Ginny yelled upon seeing me and the look on my face.

“Hey Herm.” Ron and Harry said.

“Did you do it- What happened?!” Ginny asked excitedly.

“Do what?” Harry asked.

“What happened? Do what? What’s going on?” Ron chimed in.

I sat down next to Ginny. Three pairs of expectant eyes on me.

“I did it.” I said. Ginny squealed, clapping her hands. Harry and Ron looked at both of us for explanation.

“And,” Ginny asked.

“Oh man Gin.” I said sighing. “It was great, caught him completely off guard.”

“Did he say anything after?” She questioned.

“Who?!” Harry and Ron asked.

“No. He just stood there in awe. I think he liked it.” I said, feeling myself blush.

“Did you like it?” Ginny asked me seriously. I bit my lip. I hadn’t thought about it.

“Yeah. I think so. It made my head dizzy and my knees weak.” I said smiling at the thought.

“Oh Merlin, you so want him!” Ginny stated.

“WHO?!” Ron and Harry practically yelled.

“Never mind you.” Ginny said waving her hand at them like it was nothing.


I sat on the couch reading. An owl flew in and dropped a letter. The envelope was a soft pink. Giant red letters saying ’URGENT’, Address to Hermione. I recognized that envelope. I got the exact same when my father was found dead. Someone in her family had died.


“Granger!” I heard someone yell walking into the Great Hall. I turned to see Malfoy walking in. He had a shirt on now and was carrying something.

“Fuck off Malfoy.” Harry said as he and Ron stood up. Ginny looked at me and winked. Most everyone in the great hall was watching us.

“Not now Potter.” Malfoy said. He walked toward me. “You got a letter. It says it’s urgent. I suggest you come back to the common room.” He said showing me the letter.

I looked at him in confusion. “I can just as well read it here.” I told him.

“No. Not with everyone watching. Trust me.” He said. I looked in his eyes. They were cold, but I could see a hint of caring.

“I’ll talk to you guys later.” I said grabbing my bag.

Ron and Harry shot me angry, quizzical looks. I followed Malfoy out of the Great Hall. We walked in silence. “Why do you think I should read it at the common room?” I asked.

He stopped to look at me. “It’s not good news.” He told me sighing. “I’ve gotten one of these before. I can tell by the envelope.”

He started walking again.

“Can I at least have it?” I asked.

“No. Not until the common room. If you’ll react any way near how I think you will, trust me, this is best.” He said.

“Why should I trust you?” I asked. He slowed his pace.

“Because you look for the good in people.” He said facing the ground.

“I didn’t know there was any good in you.” I stated.

He stopped and turned to face me directly. “I am not my father Hermione. If I had no good in me, then I would have just burned this and not have told you. Let alone lead you out of the great hall to make sure you were close to alone when you read it.”

We stared at each other for a moment.

“I trust you.” I whispered.

He walked to the portrait. “Night” he said. Sir Luke nodded then let both of us in.

“Sit down.” He said pointing to the couch.


A/N I'm really bad about leaving you on cliffhangers. My apologies. Five will be up a.s.a.p! Promise!

*Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter, any charaters or places. The plot is mine.***

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