I'm back! Yes, after six months of waiting... here is chapter 11! Hermione, Lily and Jerri were sitting around the Gryffindor table for breakfast early one Saturday morning, James and Remus having gone off to do something else that morning. Several weeks had passed since the incident with Sirius, and they were all feeling much better, visiting him every day after classes, and having lunch with him on Saturday. But for the past few days she had been so busy with schoolwork she hadn‘t had a chance to see him. She had planned on visiting him today, but Lily had other plans. Today was the first Hogsmade trip of the year, and the girls would be spending the day shopping. “So Hermione, what do you want to get today? New dress to make ya look all purtyfull for Sirius when he wakes up?” Jerri teased. Hermione only grinned and pushed her into Lily. “Hey now! Watch where your pushing people!” Lily laughed and stood up. “Alright, lets get going. James said he will have a surprise for us when we get back, so I want to get back as soon as possible!” Hermione only laughed and grabbed Jerri’s arm, pulling her towards the Entrance hall. “Cummon Lil’s, don’t want to be late for a great day of shopping!” About 15 minutes passed before the girls actually reached Hogsmade, due solely due to the fact that their constant bickering got them in trouble with the caretaker. They laughed it off as they walked down Main Street of Hogsmade, browsing the windows of the crowded shops looking for something to interest them. Finally Hermione pulled them into a promising looking dress shop, located at the very end of the road. After a few hours, each of them had picked out a dress, and stood at the counter to pay for them. They dutifully marched out of the shop and down the street to the Three Broomsticks, planning on a nice big lunch before heading back up to the castle to see the boys. As they ate their sandwiches, the speculated over what the big surprise would be. “Maybe…” Jerri scrunched up her face. “Maybe you will finally hold hands with your new boyfriend!” Both Lily and Hermione laughed. Sure enough they had caught Jerri and Chris in the act of holding hands the previous day, which cause the devious pair (someone had to take up for James and Sirius while the latter of the pair was out of it!) to point and ‘awwwwww!’ eventually causing the whole common room to join in with them, leaving the two blushing a bright shade of red. “Hermione! That’s not funny! I haven’t stopped getting hell for that!” “Yeah, but we haven’t stopped getting praised!” “Yeah Lils, sure feels good to get praise from your boyfriend!” The girls burst into another fit mad giggles, earning themselves a few nasty looks from the patrons of the small tavern. After taking a few minutes to calm down, Hermione began to think out loud. “I really do want to know what it is though… maybe… a romantic dinner for 5?” “Nah, doubt it. How about… our dorm filled with red roses?” “Or how about…” Jerri checked her watch. “How about they told us they would be ready around 2:00, and it is 1:42?” Hermione and Lily exchanged grins and stood, yanking Jerri to her feet and out onto the street, their shopping bags swinging wildly from there arms as they raced up the street. Once through the gates, Lily halted, her bright green eyes twinkling merrily. “Before we get there, lets surprise them. We will change into our dresses.” Lily added, seeing the confused look on the other girls faces. Laughing, they each took out their wands, waving them over their heads and changing. Lily now stood before them in a sweeping forest green gown, silver sequins adorning the long, flowing sleeves and along the neckline. Her fiery hair magically pulled itself out of its ponytail and fluttered down, settling around her shoulders nicely. Jerri held out her arms, a short, simple baby blue dress with quarter length sleeves making her eyes pop. Her long blonde hair was automatically put into two high pigtails atop her head, making her look like a playful girl her first day of school. Hermione was in a strapless lavender gown, quite simple, but gorgeous all the same. Her hair was tightly curled, and a delicate silver tiara was set upon her head. The three girls smiled and allowed themselves a few moments to admire each others outfits before making their way up the walk to the castles front doors, earning themselves many an admiring glance from a few passing boys, and even more as they made their way through the castle and up to the Gryffindor Common Room. Upon reaching the Fat Lady, they all took a deep breath, looking to each other with knowing glances. The Fat Lady looked at the expectantly, and as if that was their signal, they whispered the password in unison. “Widdershins.” Upon entering the common room they found… nothing. It was completely empty. Disappointed the trio made their way to three separate armchairs by the fire, but halted abruptly at the bright blue bouquet of lilies floating in front of them. Hermione reached her hand up and attempted to pull them from the air. They didn’t budge. She gave Jerri a quizzical look, and tried again. Still they remained floating in midair. Lily reached up and took them gently, as if by instinct. She read the note attached to them and smiled, wordlessly showing it to Hermione and Jerri. Lily, Meet me in the third floor corridor, by the window at the north end. I have a surprise for you. Come alone. Wordlessly she ran through the portrait hole, hurtling down to the third floor. After a few minutes of waiting, she turned and stared out the window. She felt a hand on her shoulder. Excitedly she twirled around. “James! Oh you--” She trailed off, looking into a pair of dark eyes that certainly did not belong to James Potter. You know what to do!

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