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Chapter Seven: Memory… James hauled her body up to the hospital wing, gently setting her down on an empty bed. Silent tears dripped down onto her face, crystallizing the angelic countenance she wore, but watching that beautiful wasted face only made him cry more. And without being able to bear it any longer he quietly walked off to his dorm and fell asleep. *************** The next morning James awoke at sunrise, even though it was a Sunday. All appetite for food was completely gone, he couldn’t eat and he couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t do anything but think of her and try harder and harder with each passing second to hold in his tears. Eight o’clock rolled around, Sirius sat down next to him, raising an eyebrow at his sad expression. “What’s wrong with you this morning?” he sneered, looking down at his cold food. James didn’t say anything. “Hello? James? Are you in there?” Sirius chanted, waving his hands around James’s eyes as he stared distantly to his food. “Will you just say something? Anything would be fine you know” James blinked once, but that was the closest he came to saying anything. “What happened? Did Lily kick you in the balls or something?” he guffawed with a laugh. At those words James looked up at Sirius, his eyes were wet and shiny…with tears. “James!” Sirius cried, seeing the look in his eyes. But his shock was wasted as James rose up from his table and dragged his feet away to walk around the castle. The halls were desolate, empty except for the few portraits that adorned the walls. James lugged his feet in one direction not really caring, which way they took him. He just needed to walk and take his mind off of those matters… Potter sure was right in the fact that he had no idea where he was going so as his body drew parallel to the open door of the hospital wing his curiosity could not be contained and he had to look in. Her body still lay on the same bed he had put her in, why it was still there he didn’t know when a young nurse came in. James was starring open mouthed at the body, “Something the matter?” she called, noticing his fretting face. Managing to shut his gaping mouth he mustered hastily, “How…? Why…? How could you leave…! That’s a body lying there!” he concluded finally. “Body? I am afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about” James tried to speak but nothing seemed to come out so he, infuriated, pointed wildly to Lily’s body with a frantic appearance. “So YOU were the young man who dropped off this poor soul!” she cried indignantly. “ME! WELL OF COURSE I WOULD JUST DROP IT OFF, I’M NOT JUST GOING TO STICK AROUND TO WATCH THEM PICK AWAY AT HER BODY LIKE SOME EXPERIMENTAL CADAVER!” He screamed, his face was growing hot, how could she ask such a question? The woman stopped her temperament, reacting to the word, “It?” “YES, IT! THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL A DEAD BODY!” He was yelling so loudly his voice echoed through the halls. Tears were starting to jump through his eyes, amazed at how easily he could just start up crying again. “Dear me, she’s not dead!” the lady spoke, a tone of pity in her voice. James was panting hard; tears were starting to stream down his face “She’s not?” “Come here you poor child, sit down and tell me everything!” she cried, feeling it as her motherly duty to help the ‘poor boy’. “I don’t understand, last night she was thrown by the whomping willow into a tree…” “That tree is always one of the number one causes of injury here…” she interjected. “There was blood…so much blood and it was gushing from her head…I felt for her pulse but I couldn’t find one so I just assumed…” “Where did you check her pulse?” she asked worriedly. “Why?” “Just show me” James indicated the spot behind his neck. The woman looked amused, “Oh you silly boy, don’t they teach you anything about the human body in this school?” she joked laughingly, “The pulse you were looking for is right below the ear!” “But she was so cold! Her hands and face were freezing! Just like a dead body would have been!” “Well of course she was freezing! It was nearly below forty and it was raining, what did you expect!” “But…I listened for her breathing but I couldn’t hear it, not anything! I couldn’t here her breath!” “Like I said, it was raining! You could hear it pounding on the roof of the castle it was so hard. Obviously you wouldn’t be able to hear her breath!” she snorted. “But I…!” “You sound now as if you almost WANT her to be dead!” “I would never want that!” he protested offended, “I just…it’s just that after all this terrible news that’s put me through so much pain…I don’t want to get my hopes up only to have them lowered to an even new low for depression…. if she’s alive…I want her to be alive…for good….” “I understand…but I swear she is perfectly fine” James looked into the woman’s eyes and saw sincerity, “ok” She heaved a large sigh, “I’ll leave you to think for a while, and IN the meantime I suggest that you take a nap, you don’t look like you got much sleep last night” James obediently nodded his head as she sauntered out of the room into her office. He walked over to her body, now seeing the rise and fall of her chest. “Well Evans…fooled me again…if only you’d be a little easy on me….” The woman came back in after a few silent moments, “Still here?” “Yeah…I think I’ll stay the night, I feel mostly responsible.” “Well if you’re sure” “Oh I am…I really am…” **************** Morning sprung, it’s lean fingers reaching for the dazzling blue heavens. The rain had finally stopped. The world had seemed to be reborn, giving birth to a new life, the green leaves shining with wet dew and fresh roses and flowers adorning the gardens. The rain that had troubled the castle for so many weeks had finally stopped. Golden and ivory fluffy clouds softened the sky, the air was clear; the time was quiet and peaceful. Chirping birds fluttered about the air, life seemed perfect…just the way it was… A small cough meekly escaped the lips of Lily. Her eyes were still closed, but as the sunshine warmed her cold, cold body life seeped back into her and she found strength to wake. Her blinking eyes moved around the room, absorbing the atmosphere and seeing a boy whose head was turned down on her bed. An inquisitive looked crossed her face and she lightly prodded the sleeping head. James nudged in his sleep, his vision clearing as he blinked his eyes several times. “What…?” he muttered softly, sleep still soaked well into his skin. “Hello?” she spoke faintly, barely audible looking as he rose from his position. “Evans!” he cried, looking at her fully awake form and throwing his arms around her in a warm embrace. Lily sat there for a moment not doing anything, but let him pull him away. “How are you feeling? Well obviously not too well but, Evans I’m so sorry! I mean, I saw what happened and…well yeah…” “Er…fine? What exactly happened?” “You don’t remember?” “Not really, it just seems like a blur right now…” “Well maybe that’s good, Evans you should probably just…” “Evans?” “Come on Evans, it’s what I always call you, what’s with you anyways?” “That’s my name?” “No, no, Evans is your last name, Lily is your first name I just…” but he trailed off, realizing what was happening, Lily couldn’t remember anything. “What did you say your name was?” “James…” “Hmm…that’s a nice name” His face was dumbstruck; Lily couldn’t remember anything…Lilly couldn’t remember anything…Lily couldn’t remember anything! James rose up from his chair, searching for the nurse when he found her. “Nothing wrong with her! NOTHING WRONG WITH HER! Evans can’t even remember her own name!” he cried anxiously. “Nothing wrong with her….” He bitterly spat, muttering it slightly more to himself than to the nurse. The nurse jumped slightly turning around to face him. “Oh…” she exclaimed watching Lily as she happily looked around the room, “She can’t remember anything can she?” “Nothing!” “Well then…” “Can’t you fix her!” he cried vexed. “No, it’s too complicated” “What do you mean COMPLICATED? IT’S MAGIC, YOU CAN FIX EVERYTHING WITH IT!” “James, James James! Magic can’t solve everything! She must have hit her head on a certain point, or something. But the brain is far to complex to know everything about” “SO!?!?!” “So how can I fix something if I don’t know what’s broken?” The nurse strode away quickly, leaving him with his mouth open. Lily was sitting quietly, her face blank, staring down into the folds of her bed. She looked up at him with a confused look. “Ok I’m really sorry, but what again was your name?” James mouth shut close as a new idea popped into his thick head and his eyes brightened vividly. Lily can’t remember anything… (Hm….she can’t recall anything. James is going to take this new power as an opportunity. Good? I think so…yes…well there’s going to have a lot happen in the next chapter, including certain things….well you’ll just have to see, must go now, tata!)

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