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The dinner! Duh-duh-duh-duh! What will happen? Oh, I changed a couple words in the chapter before this about the dinner. I added that Jessica was also invited since I suddenly had an idea for her, so she's in this chapter too. Happy now Elizabeth? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "What should I wear?!" Bri shouted in frustration as she threw another dress robe from out of her walk in cloest and onto the floor. "You really should stop fussing about this, Bri," Lily said, stepping carefully around a dark pink colored robe that covered the entrance to the door. "It's only dinner." She finshed, plopping down on Bri's queen sized bed. "Yeah, I know. But we should at least look nice." Bri called from somewhere behind a fluffy purple dress robe. Coming out of the closet, she held two different robes in her hands. "Which one?" She asked. "The blue or the gold?" "The gold makes you look like Cleopatra. And the blue is okay." Lily replied distractically, flipping through a random magazine. Bri rolled her eyes in frustration. "Wow, thanks for the great help, Lil." With that, she dove back into the closet. "How about this one?" Lily called picking up a tealish robe made out of what felt like silk. Bri poked her head out and her eyes widened. "Where did you find that?" She asked walking out of the closet and pulling the robes on over her normal clothes; and admiring herself in the mirror. "Where you find all your clothes." Lily replied simply, looking around the room in which the floor was not visible through the heaps and heaps of either dirty or clean laundry. Bri looked around at her friend and shot her a mock glare before returning to checking herself in the mirror. "So what about you, Lil? What are you wearing tonight?" Bri asked, pulling the robes off herself. "Something green." "I'm going to wear this, good choice." Bri smiled before repacing the robes on the floor and dropping down on the bed next to Lily. "What do you think will happen tonight?" Bri asked curiously. "I don't know, nor do I really care." "Do you think that it will come back?" "Do I think what will come back?" Lily repeated cautiously. "The feelings." Bri answered simply. "You mean the feelings that I had for James?" Lily asked amused. "No, no chance in the world." "Why won't they?" "Well he has a girlfriend, and it would be most inconvient since I've sworn to loath him for all eternity." Lily said like it was no big deal as she inspected her nails. "That was beautiful," Bri breathed. Shaking her head she added, "No idea what you just said." Lily chuckled to herself as Bri walked up to her vanity chair and sat down in it. "So," Bri started as she applied some mascara to her eyes, "Do you want me to do your makeup for you?" "Since when have you been able to do makeup?" Lily asked in amusement. "Since I was bored one day and tried to put some on and it turned out very nicely, thank you very much." Bri scoffed applying a thin layer of blush. "So you want me to do your makeup or not?" "No, I'm fine with my real skin thanks." Lily replied pulling off her long coat and placing it on the bed. "Suit yourself. Wait," Bri swung around sharply in her seat as her jaw dropped about two feet to the floor. "What?" Lily asked concerned at her friend's sudden change of behavior. " are basically asking for it." Bri finished as she finally got her words together. "What do you mean?" Lily replied, looking carefully over her new dress robes that where made of velvet in every shade of green. "Do you think this is too much?" "Lily, if he doesn't fall back in love with you tonight, he must be thicker than I thought." Bri announced getting up and bringing her dress robes behind her changing screen. "Bri, come on. He's not going to fall back in love with me; nor do I want him to. He has a girlfriend and-" The doorbell suddenly rang, causing Lily to stop mid-exclaimation. "Could you grab the door, Lil?" Bri called from behind the curtain. "It's probably Sirius, Remus and Li." "What about Jessica?" Lily asked. "Oh, she's meeting us there. Don't worry, she has the address too." Bri called out. "The door please, Lil." She rushed out of the room and opened the front door that led into the small apartment. Sure enough, Li, Remus and Sirius where standing there; all dressed in their best. "Oh my gosh, Lil, you look wonderful!" Li squealed as she ran up to her friend and hugged her. "You look beautiful, too." Lily gasped amazed at Li's expensive looking deep purple robes. "You like them? Remus got them for me for my birthday." "Nice choice there, Remus." Lily grinned at her friend who was wearing navy blue dress robes that made his skin look like the full moon against the night sky. "Sirius, what are you wearing?" Lily asked shocked once she caught sight of him, for it looked like he had gotten dressed in the dark. His robes where on backwards, his hair was in disarray and he had a dazed expression on his face. "What? You don't like my look?" "Don't you ever use your head?" Lily said despertely. "What exactally do you mean by 'head'?" Sirius asked confused, ruffling his hair up even more that made him seem uncanily like one of the people that they where to see that night. "She means that lump that's three feet above your ass." Came Bri's voice from behind Lily as she walked towards the group that stood together in her entrance room. "Oh that thing," Sirius said like he finally understood, "Yeah, occasionally." Lily and Remus rolled their eyes in exasperation, smiling at their friend. "We ready to go yet?" Li asked the group once Sirius had straightened his robes and fixed his hair. Everyone nodded before Remus took out a bag of floo powder. "No way, Remus," Bri said shaking her head, "These are new robes, that powder is just going to make them all dusty and gross. I'm apparating, let me see that address." Grabbing the slip of paper from Remus, she looked at it carefully before handing it back to him with a quick ''see you" before apparating. "You know, Bri has the right idea." Sirius said, repeating Bri's goodbye before too apparating away. Lily, Li and Remus just stood there in the entrance way trying to contain their smiles. "When will they realize that you just don't do that?" Li asked the three of them before walking over to the fireplace, stepping in and shouting "Number 28 Ashwood, Apartment J3!" "After you." Remus said to Lily as she took a small handful of floo powder and climbed into the small and cramped marble fireplace. Coughing hysterically, she managed to choke out "28 Ashwood, apartment J3" before throwing down more powder and disappearing in a flash of emerald flames. The normal dizziness that came with going past the many fireplaces was no surprise as she felt the stone sides banging painfully into her sides before she was pushed out of what seemed a random one and into the strong arms of none other than James Potter. "Nice of you to drop in Lily." James joked as she struggled to stand up straight. When she finally got her bearings, Lily noticed that James was still holding onto her waist; rather tightly. "You can let go of me now James." She said uncomfortably as he let go of her so fast that you would think that he thought of her as toxic. After he had let go, the room suddnely seemed much colder and emptier. Brushing it off as a side effect of the floo powder, Lily started walking in the direction of the dining room. "Sorry." He mumbled, walking into the dining room where Ari, Sirius, Li, Remus and Bri where already seated at the long elegantly carved wood table. Lily sat down gracefully in the high backed chair in between Li and Bri. "Do you know where Jessica is? I said that she could bring her fiance, and I told her the time when I saw her at Gladrag's yesterday." Ari said worridly. "Oh don't worry about her, Ari. Jessica has no sense of time." Bri remarked just as a loud knock came from the outside of the door. "Speaking of Jessica." Li muttered as Ari opened the door to reveal Jessica dressed in lavender dress robes standing next to an extremely handsome man with shoulder length, curly dark brown hair and brown eyes. "Hi, sorry we're late. We got a little lost." Jessica announced after Ari had closed the door and all three of them where sitting at the table. "It's fine, don't worry about it. I'm going to get the soup." Ari shook her head smiling as she disappeared into the kitchen. "This is Will, everyone." Jessica announced; showing off the man on her right arm. "Will this is Li, Lily, Brianna, Remus, Sirius and James. Guys, this is him!" Jessica squealed. The group all nodded their heads in response to Will; if Jessica liked him, than who knows what that guy would be like. The group sat in silence; no one willing to say what was on all their minds, what they ought to be talking about. Lily became interested at her napkin, Bri became interested in her nails, Jessica and Will became interested in each other; and Remus, Sirius and James left to talk in the living room. ****************************************** The three old friends sat down in the three armchairs that incircled the marble fireplace; looking into the fire's depths intently, waiting for someone to speak first. "So, you going to ask Evans' out tonight, Prongs?" Came Sirius' voice out of their quiet moment. "What?" James asked puzzled. "Sorry, I couldn't resist mate." Sirius shrugged smiling; which James returned. It was almost like the old days, except for the fact that they had 10 years of their lives to catch up on. "Ari seems nice." Remus added after another moment of silence. "Yeah, she is." James said in the type or voice that he had only used once before; the voice that he had only used when he was talking about a girl who was sitting a mere 10 feet away from him. "Do you love her?" Sirius asked interested. "Yeah I do. Very much." "You engaged?" "No," James looked up at his friend and added in a teasing manner, "My my, Padfoot. What's with all these questions?" "Just wanted to see what my best mate's been up to for the past 10 years of his life." "Nothing really," James muttered, wanting to get the subject off himself. "What about you two?" "Tom gave me a job in the Leaky Cauldron." Remus said. "I work in the Deptartment of Magical Games and Sports." Sirius said smugly. "Really?" James asked shocked. "What do you do?" "The Player Reports and stuff like that. Paperwork, really." "What about Bri? And Li?" "Bri's the Astronomy teacher at Hogwarts-" Remus said. "Always knew she would get that job." James chuckled softly. "-and Li just finished Auror training." Sirius finished. "Li, an Auror? I always pictured her as the writer or teacher type." "She's got a dark side, you know." Remus remarked. "Yeah, Moony should know; he's dating her." Sirius joked. "So you finally got together?" James asked. "It's about time." "Yeah, about a year ago, actually." Remus muttered; blushing profusely. "You guys coming in to eat or what?" Ari had poked her head around from the other side of the door and was staring at them teasingly. "We're coming. Hold on." James joked as she smiled at them before shutting the door behind her. "So," James said after a few moments of silence. "We friends again?" "We always were." Sirius reassured him by clapping him on the back in the manner that he used to. Sharing a happy smile, the three reunited friends walked back into the dining room and joined the ladies who where listening ''intently'' to Jessica's fiance. "Yes, of course the profits of the movie go to me; as I am the one who is staring, writing, producing and directing it. It is all extremely hard work, as the people never seem to agree with you-." "Sounds like a nightmare." Bri remarked, taking a small sip of her drink to hide her smile. "- but in the end, when I get the Oscar, it will have all been worth it." Will continued as if Bri had never even spoken. Everyone secretly rolled their eyes; their dislike for Will was obivious any onlooker at the moment. The room became filled with the sweet sound of silence; only Sirius' loud slurping of his soup and the soft sound of breathing was heard. James stole a glance at Lily; his heart beating as fast as it did after Quidditch practice. He shook himself mentally; he was with Ari now. He loved, no loves Ari, not Lily Evans. She was just another girl, another short girlfriend. But while his mind was telling him no, his heart was beginning to send a completely different message. "It's much too quiet." Sirius' voice broke suddenly through the silence. "I agree." Bri murmered. It wasn't until after another lapse of silence that someone spoke again. "Does anyone remember that time when Lily pulled that prank on James?" Li asked the group; everyone looking up shocked at her. "Yeah, that was the funniest thing I had ever seen!" Jessica shouted; breaking into a quiet fit of laughter. "What happened?" Ari asked them all interested. "James was fighting with Remus-" Bri started to explain. "We where not! We where just joking around!" James jokingly protested. "Anyway, I got mad at the two of them and so I cast a couple of charms on James. Nothing really." Lily finished; shrugging her shoulders as if it was no big deal. But inside, she was shaking with laughter. "What did you do?" Will asked in a tone that made it seem that he felt like he had to ask. "I changed his hair color to neon pink and green, and then I charmed some very humorous muggle clothes on him. It was the funniest thing in the universe!" Lily finally lost control and the laughter that she had been surpressing broke out of her mouth; her laugh like a chain reaction with everyone following after her. "Do you all remember what happened right after Halloween to Lily in third year?" James shouted suddenly over the roars of laughter. Everyone immediately stopped and waited for James to continue. "Yeah, with the ink pellets, right?" Bri asked; Lily shooting her a warning glare. "What happened?" Jessica asked; her face still red from laughing. "Just an immature prank." Lily muttered; her face turning slowly red as she stared intently at her soup dish. "A really funny immature prank! Lily was walking out of the Great Hall and by accident, Peeves the poltergist, dropped the bang of ink pellets on her that we had intended to use on the Slytherins. She was mad at us for a month!" James laughed; his eyes twinkling at the memory. "That's because that was perment ink, and it wouldn't come out until Madam Pompfrey had to charm it all off!" Lily shouted back offended. He was still such a git! That was one of her most embarassing moments; he had no right to repeat that one or any others for that matter. "Oh, and remember after the exams in fourth year?" But James still continued on, he was on a roll embarassing Lily. After all, she deserved it; after retelling everyone about what she did to him, the most humilating thing that ever happened to him. "No, what did you two do?" Sirius asked, tipping his bowl towards him to slurp up the rest of the soup noisely. "Lily got mad at me again-" James started. "For hitting on me when I had already told you no!" Lily interupted, seething with anger now. "-and she was walking away when she tripped and landed face first in the lake!" James broke into more roars of laughter with the rest of the group, who seemed to be enjoying these recaps of their pasts. "May I speak with you for a moment?" Lily stood up suddenly; glaring daggers in James' direction. He got up slowly and cautiously to follow her into the kitchen where she was waiting for him with her hands placed firmly on her hips. "What do you think gives you the right to say those things about me?!" She demanded angrily. "Oh come on, Lil. I just joking." He replied trying to get her to calm down; her temper was not something he wanted to resort to after ten years. "You are unbelieveable." Lily sighed. "Oh, I'm unbelieveable?" James asked, his voice rising slowly in anger. "You seemed to have the time of your life telling everyone of the time when you humilated ME in front of EVERYONE!" "You wheren't enjoying it? Cause everyone else was." Lily responded in a deathly calm tone. "You are still as self-centered and clueless as you where ten years ago." James remarked, walking towards the counter and leaning up against it casually. "Excuse me, I'M self centered? What about all those times you hexed people in the corridors just because you could and the times that you always hit on me, after I had already told you NO about TEN TIMES THAT DAY!?!" Lily yelled; he had pushed her far enough, she exploded. "You gave into it, though. You had a crush on me-" He tried to point out. "But you blew it." "You still gave in and I bet that those feelings are still in there for me." James teased, trying to lighten up the mood. "Get this straight, Potter: there is never going to be an 'us' again, never! Can your thick head grasp that concept?" She sneered. "The concept is grasped! I have a wonderful girlfriend and like I would still be interested in a spoiled brat like you!" James yelled back in her face; regretting his words the moment they left his mouth. And flaming with unseen anger, Lily picked up a random bottle of milk that was sitting on the counter and dumped its contents over James' head before storming out. ****************************** "It seems that her and James are getting along well." Bri said as the group listened intently to James and Lily's loud row. "What does she mean by 'he blew it'?" Ari asked after Lily's mad voice shook the vases positioned around the room. Bri, Li, Remus and Sirius looked at each other before Li responded. "While Lily was dating James, he was having an affair with her enemy." She explained gravely. "That's why we haven't spoken in so long, what happened in Seventh Year divided us all." "He failed to mention that." Ari looked shocked at the kitchen door that was just being swung open by a red haired women with a face to match. Straightening her robes, Lily looked over at Ari and said calmly, "Ari, thank you for dinner, but I must be going." With that, she apparated out of the apartment back to hers, went to her room and fell into a sleep that haunted her of the memories of her past life. Sorry it took so long to update! I promise the next chapter will be up very soon! Please review!

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