Chapter 4 - Hermione watched Draco walk away, and thought about what he just said, about never hating her. Thats when it hit her. Draco liked her. And oh my god, she liked him back. She knew what she had to do, but thought she didn't have the courage to, but her feet carried her after Draco. She grabbed his arm, turned him around to face her, and she did it. She kissed him. His arms went around her waist, and her arms around his neck. Within a few seconds Draco slid his tounge into Hermione's mouth, and explored it. Hermione did a trick one of her friends taught her over the summer, and used her tounge to spell her name in his mouth. H...E...R...M...O...I...N...E... Hermione was first to pull away. "Wow." Draco said, his eyes wide. "Whats so wow?" Hermione asked, giggling. "One, your a good kisser, two, I never thought you would have the courage to do that." He said, and leaned in for another kiss. They secretly made out in the hallway until the bell rang, and they had to run to Transfiguration. * * * * * Hermione spent the rest of the day thinking about those few moments in the dungeons, which she wished to re-live, and surprisingly LOOKING FORWARD to detention that night. "Hermione!" Ron snapped his fingers in her face, as she came out of her trance, and looked at Harry and Ron, sitting across from her at dinner. "Whats up with you? You've been all ... like Luna all day" Harry said. "Oh, I was just thinking of how great it would be to graduate right now." She answered. Ginny eyed her suspiciosly. "I think you're in love." "In- WHAT?!?! Love??? Well, anyways, I have to get going, don't want to be late for detention." Hermione said, and exited the Great Hall. She walked down the cold dungeons, and into the potions classroom, where Draco already was, waiting for Snape. He smiled at her. "I saw you at dinner today." Hermione smiled, and walked over to him, and he planted his lips on hers- "Ahem!" Came a sound from the other side of the classroom, and they quickly unglued their lips to see Snape standing at his desk. "There will be no hanky-panky during this detention." He said, as Hermione tried to suppress her laughter. "You will be organizing the ingeredients shelf." "Aw, Proffesor, can't we just sit at a table and stare at the ceiling like they do in a muggle school?" Draco groaned. "NO!!!" Snape roared, and Hermione and Draco walked over to the shelf and started organizing everything alphabetically. But after about ten minutes, Draco got bored, and started touching Hermione's, well, I think you get what he was grabbing. But Hermione, who did not approve of him doing this in front of a teacher, kept moving away. But even she couldn't resist him what he started to whisper sweet things in her ear. She bit her lip, as his lips softly touched the spot under her ear, and he trailed soft kissed down her neck. She couldn't help it, she gave a soft moan, and dropped a cointainer of, something green and disgusting. Draco smirked, and Snape was instantly standing in front of her, telling her off. "BE MORE CAREFULL!!!" He yelled. "10 POINTS FROM GRYFINDOR!!!" "But Proffesor-" "NO BUTTS! THERE IS STILL AN HOUR OF DETENTION!!!" Draco started to laugh, and she glared at him. But after half an hour, Draco started at it again. And damn, was he good at it. Hermione tried to hold it in, but she couldnt, and moaned again, and their detention changed into a snogging session. Snape was getting very uncomfortable watching them, and when he tried to make them stop, they paid no attention to him. Hermione wouldn't normally do this, but she was paralized, with Draco kissing her neck, and moaning seductivly. He pushed her against the wall, and his lips went from her neck, to her's. "THATS ENOUGH!!! BOTH OF YOU, OUT!!!" roared Snape, pushing them out of the classroom. They stood outside the classroom, just thinking for a moment. "That was all your fault." She said. "What, for getting us out of detention half an hour early?" He asked. "And Snape was right there!" "So? You had fun, didn't you?" He asked, but Hermione stormed off to the common room, and by the time he got there, she was already up in her room. * * * * * Hermione awoke in the middle of the night, to the sound of someone breathing. "Draco, is that you?" She asked, and fear spread through her when no one answered. She could see the sillouette of a figure in front of her. It was coming closer, closer. She still couldn't see who it was, but she could see the glint of a knife in the figure's hand. The person, if this was a person, raised the knife, and Hermione screamed. Hermione sat up in bed, covered in cold sweat. She looked around her room, and realized it was all just a dream. She looked at her clock. 11:30. She had only been asleep for and hour and a half, and hoped Draco was still awake, because after the dream, she didn't feel safe in her room. She quickly went out onto the balcony, and into Draco's room, who immediatly sat up in bed. "What the hell are you doing here?" He asked. "I...I..." "Had a bad dream? I heared you screaming." "Um, yeah. And..." "And you're scared?" Hermione nodded. Draco looked at her for a moment. "Fine, get in." He sighed. She climbed into his warm bed, facing him. "Draco. I think someone is trying to kill me." "What?" "I..." Hermione took a deep breath, as tears filled her eyes. "I killed someone." She said, tears pouring freely down her face. Draco gasped, then gulped. "Why?" "He was trying to rape me. He was a close friend of my parents, and they invited them over, but they had to go somewhere, and since the man didn't live in England, they let him stay with us. We were sitting on the couch, and he tried to rape me. When I wouldn't let me, he got out a knife and threatened to kill me if I wouldn't do what he said. I kicked him in the stomach, and ran into the kitchen to get my dad's gun, which he keeps hidden in there for protection, and I pointed it at the man, and told him to get out of here. He didn't believe that I would really shoot him, and I wasn't going to, so he started walking towards me, and I guess I just got really scared. My finger slipped and I accidentally pulled the trigger. He fell to the floor in a pool of blood, and just before he died, he said ' My brother will kill you'. Then I ran to King's Cross station." Hermione finished her story. Draco just looked at her, and then hugged her, as she cryed her eyes out. "It's okay Mione, it wasn't your fault. It wasn't your fault." He tried to comfort her. "I shot someone Draco, and I'm going to have to live with it for the rest of my life."

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