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A/N: okay, so this was a challenge from Fire-blossom by the AMAZING author Mari !!!!! go and thank her! here is the Full summery from her boards:

Tom Riddle broke your heart. He pulled you into his schemes to change the world and in the process he forgot about you. He only cared about himself and never saw your pain. You married someone else and died a good mother and wife in the end. So who would be more surprised than you to wake from the ground returned to your sixteen year old form with the same Tom Riddle you remember staring at you? Why has he brought you back from death? Does he have a plan for you or...did he just miss you? Maybe it's all just a dream.

soooo.... hope you enjoy this! I love it, and the people over at fire-blossom seem to too!


*~Chapter 1: What Went wrong?~*

“Lucius… Have you done what I have asked?”

“Yes Master…” Lucius Malfoy said with a deep bow at both of your feet.

“Good…” Tom said. Or, was Tom. He changed his name to… Lord Voldicourt or something… You couldn’t really remember.

“Is there anything you need Miss?” Lucius asked with a smirk. You were considerably nicer to Tom’s followers. SO, in turn, they were nicer to you.. Or, so you hoped. It was totally possible that Tom had forced him to.

“No thanks Lucius… and How many times do I have to tell you? Just call me Charlie!” you insisted. Tom frowned at your nickname. He only wanted it for himself, like everything else.

“Lucius, just call her Miss.”

“T-” you tried

“Lord or Master, Charlie.” he cut you off. Once again you frowned.

“Fine! I am going upstairs!” you replied. Tom looked at you and so did Lucius.

“Merlin!… I am not bowing to my own boyfriend! And I refuse to call you LORD BECAUSE YOUR NAME IS-” but you were cut off as Tom’s hand flew to your mouth. HE obviously didn’t want his name spreading around! Gods! You screamed into his hand and flew up the stairs. Laying back on your pillow, you lifted up your sleeve, reveling the Dark Mark, that Tom had INSISTED that you get.

The tears slowly crept down your cheeks as you touched the spot. It felt like a fresh bruise really. You still couldn’t understand what happened to him. After Dumbledore had defeated the other Dark Wizard, Grindlewald, he got that stupid idea in his head. The idea that he wanted to be a Dark lord too. He managed to get some into you too, but that had left long ago. He used to be so sweet to you, and he would call you, “His Slytherin Princess” when no one was around. He was the most powerful wizard in school. And you were the most powerful witch. So everyone knew you would get together. And you did.

You always wondered why he cared so much about being a pureblood when he wasn’t even one himself. You were, but your Parents had disappeared, making you move in with Tom. You had a feeling what had happened that day, but you always pushed it to the back of your head, trying to find some closure to the dark hole that your life had turned into.

So lately, you cried yourself to sleep. Everything you knew was gone. Your friends, your family and now the Tom Marvollo Riddle you once knew seven years ago. But it wasn’t even like Tom noticed. He was never at home lately, forcing you to sleep with your Teddy Bear again, because you were so lonely. When you were done, you would hide it under a floorboard in the room you shared with him. If Tom found it, and he checked everyone’s room daily, he would destroy it, saying it was a sign of weakness or something.

You let all that you had been trying to contain for seven long years slowly release from you system. You cried and squeezed the bear until you couldn’t anymore. Tears streaked down your face, as you tried to contain the screams of anguish that had built up inside you. Why had Tom done this to you? All he wanted was your powers. Your talents. Your Knowledge. All he wanted to do was achieve his goal. And he didn’t want anything to come in the way. Including you.

“Charlie?” Tom poked his head inside the door. “Are you awake?” You quickly wiped the tears from your face and hide your bear behind your back as you sat up.
“Yes?” you asked.

“You need to call me Lord or Master in front of my followers. You know that.” He stated.

“Tom, I will not. I refuse! You are my boyfriend! I am not your follower!”

“At least call me Voldemort…” Tom said. You stared at him, dumbfounded. He really wasn’t the same. He would never make you call him Voldemort. Always Tom. Or at least in private…

But that was 7 years ago….

“Tom! Enough!” You yelled at him. He just looked at you, emotionless.

“What happened to you Tom?” you asked.

“Voldemort.” he replied curtly. That was it. You couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fine. Voldemort. What happened to the Tom I knew in seventh year? The sweet guy that walked me to classes and talked to me for hours on end? I never talk to you anymore! I don’t even remember the last time you kissed me!”

He didn’t answer. Typical. Tom trying to hide his own weaknesses. You were like that once too, but that was before you graduated.

“Well, Tom. We have been together for almost ten years! And you haven’t even proposed, or…. ANYTHING! You are killing me Tom… slowly killing me. You have taken everything I know away. I am leaving before you shatter what is left of me.” You said. Tom just stood there, hiding his emotions.


“You know I can’t do that Charlie. Emotion is weakness. It makes you vulnerable.” He replied.

“No, I don’t know Tom. What happened to you? You would never hear that come out of your mouth 8 years ago!”

“Things change.”

“Yes, apparently they do. Take it off.” You said, rolling up your sleeve.

“What?” he asked.

“TAKE THE EFFING THING OFF!” you screamed, pointing at the Dark Mark.

“I can’t…”

“Then atleast take the effects off.”


“DO IT!” You yelled. You raised your wand to his chest. “Now.”

He wordlessly raised his wand and muttered a counter. You could feel the bruise heal into a scar, no longer tender to the touch.

“Thank you…” You replied. He just stood their again.
“Well, I am leaving. Goodbye Tom. Forever.” You grabbed your cloak and started towards the door, past him.

“I think you will need this more than I do.” you stated as you shoved your bear in his arms. You continued down the stairs and put your hand on the knob, trunk in hand.

You turned around, back towards the stairs. And of course, there was Tom at the top, clutching your bear, not even trying to stop you.

“I love you Tom… I will always love you…Good Bye.” You said as you turned the knob and flung the door open.


You felt like your brain split in two as you screamed in pain. You fell to the floor in a tangled heap. It subsided after about two seconds, but you felt weak and barely there.

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO??!!” you screamed at Tom, who had now hid his wand behind his back. He still had the Teddy Bear though….

“I BETTER NOT DIE IN THREE DAYS!” You screamed as you slammed the door in his face, and all the other death eaters present.

‘Ha! How are you going to be all high and mighty to your precious death eaters now that that your girlfriend walked out on you? Huh?’ you asked inside your head.

You heard a loud thump on the door, like he threw a rock at it or something.

“AND DON’T EVER TRY TO GET IN MY HEAD AGAIN!” you yelled at the house. You smirked, which slowly turned into a frown. You had left him… but you loved him… but he was never there…

You felt a single tear slide down your check as you apperated to just outside the muggle airport, where you had decided to flee the country.

‘He will never find me there….’ You reasoned. ‘Never.’

~Tom’s POV~

I tapped the head of the Teddy Bear that I now held, letting the thing that I had extracted from Charlie rest within it.

“I BETTER NOT DIE IN THREE DAYS!” she screamed at me, but I would never let her know. Emotion is a weakness. But she was killing me. I just…didn’t understand. She slammed the door and all of my followers looked at me, expecting a reaction. But I closed my eyes… Trying to read…

‘Ha! How are you going to be all high and mighty to your precious death eaters now that that your girlfriend walked out on you? Huh?’ she thought. I narrowed my eyes. Fine! If that was the way she wanted it…

I took the tiny box that I had carried with me for 7 years and hurled it at the door with all my might, letting it clatter to the floor. I heard a muffled yell, but I decided to drown it out..

“AHHHHH!” I yelled in frustration. I loved her! Couldn’t she see? I loved her!

“Avery!” I barked.

“Yes Master?”

“Tail her.”

“Yes Master.” Avery apparated out of the Riddle House without a question asked. He didn’t even ask where she was going! The moron..

“Black!” I barked.

“Yes Master?”

“Go to the Leaky Caldron and tell Avery that she went to the muggle airport. Then, tell him not to be such an idiot all the time.”

“Yes Master.” She quickly apparated to where I had asked.

“Well? What are you all doing standing around for? GET A MOVE ON!” I yelled at the wandering Death eaters, who immediately scrambled to their posts. I smiled to myself. Atleast someone followed orders.

That night, I crept downstairs to the main hall. Their, in the dim candle light, I saw the box glittering on the floor. I grabbed it and along with the Stuffed Bear, I hide in under the loose floorboard in my room… Our room once. But that would all be forgotten in a few years…

A/N lol.... like it? haha.. it gets better! Hold on to your hats folks, cause you are in for a ride!


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