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Missing Moments Remus worries that he hurt Tonks' feelings on the day of the full moon. He writes a note to explain. How will she respond? This was originally half a chapter, but when I edited I found it worked better on its own. Hopefully its mate, "Birthday Wishes", will follow quickly. Thanks to JKR - this is fun to do. Chapter Six “Notes and Postcards” Remus Lupin awoke with a start on the morning after the full moon. His head was pounding, and his stomach was upset. The “next day” was always the same; not unlike a vicious hangover, with the added bonus of cuts and bruises to heal from. Today was different, though. Today, there was something at the back of his mind that was troubling him as well. He wanted to rest. He wanted to stay in bed, drink coffee, and recover. The vague, nagging thoughts in his head would give him no peace, however. Had he done something awful while transformed? It was unlikely. He had taken his potion, and still appeared to be locked, alone, in his room at number Twelve, Grimmauld Place. He looked around. The place didn’t seem too much the worse for wear. There were a few scratches in the hardwood floor, which he would buff later in the day. There was a single tear in the curtain – he wasn’t sure if he had done that or not, but he made a note to himself to mend it later. Sirius had removed the bedding, so there was no damage to the room in that sense. So why this awful feeling of foreboding? He sat up, head in hands, and tried to think. What had he done yesterday? Nothing really. He had taken the kids back to school, and then had gone for tea at Tonks’ flat… Tonks. Oh Merlin. Tonks. He had a series of fleeting images of himself from the day before – snapping at her at the kitchen table, mumbling angrily on the way up the stairs to her flat, fixing her with a menacing stare in her sitting room, fighting the urge to shag her senseless when she hugged him…oh god. Tonks. Why hadn’t he warned her that he wasn’t quite himself on the day of the full moon? What must she think of him? He got up, still naked, and made his way, slowly and painfully to his writing desk. He took out a quill, an ink bottle and a little piece of parchment, and began to write. Dear Nymphadora, I am so sorry that I treated you poorly yesterday. Please believe me that I would never do so if in full possession of my faculties. Sadly, on the day of the full moon, I am never quite myself. I will be heartbroken if I hurt your feelings in any way. Forgive me. Yours, with apologies and affection, Remus He dressed as quickly as he could manage, and then hurried out the door, silently. Just before he was about to apparate, he noticed a cluster of wildflowers on the edge of the garden. He chose a few tall, purple ones, and held them with his note. Would she recognize them? He apparated to her flat, placed the note and the flowers outside her door, and quickly disapparated home. He crawled back into bed, and hoped that when he awakened, he would feel a little better. It was two in the afternoon before he woke up. He was still a little dazed, but felt much more like himself. He stretched, rubbed his shoulder a little, and sat up. There was sunlight streaming into his room from a rift in the curtains, and it fell directly onto his bedside table. There, where nothing had been before, sat a bar of Honeydukes chocolate and a little note. He smiled to himself, and unfurled the parchment. In Tonks’ loopy, hurried scrawl, read the following: Wotcher, Moony! Thanks for the lupins – they’re my favorite wildflower. How did you know? Now listen, I don’t want to hear any more apologies about yesterday. You were fine, and I really enjoyed your visit, because: a) ironically, the wolf makes you more human and b) he’s damned sexy Yours, with arguments and an ass that won’t quit, Tonks (PS – I’m off on another mission with the Missus as a “Cultural Emissary to the North”. Translation – Bodyguarding at a Fat Farm on a Fjord. Wish me luck! I’ll call in as soon as I get home. N.T.) Remus let out a chuckle. Leave it to Tonks to make him feel better on a day like today. He was sorry to see her go. She had to do these “Cultural Emissary” trips quite regularly. She was a favorite of Mrs. Fudge, the wife of the Minister for Magic, and ended up traveling to various spas around Europe with her often. The Missus was always on some crazy diet or another, and spent a ridiculous amount of Ministry money and resources trying to make herself thin. Tonks resented the work, considering it a poor use of her Auror skills, but she knew that being favored by the Fudge family was good for the Order. She forced herself to grin and bear it, and occasionally rewarded herself for her patience with a fabulous new pair of shoes. Over the weeks that followed, Remus received, as he always did, a number of newsy, wacky postcards from Nymphadora. Greetings from Norway! one read, and on it there was a photo of Tonks, tall and blonde, looking like a Scandinavian goddess. She gave a flirty wave, and then stubbed her toe on a chair leg and hopped around the front of the card, apparently cursing. On the back it read “Wotcher, Moony! Going spare here. I’m all watercressed-out, I’ll tell you that. PLUS, the Missus keeps stealing my share of the food, such as it is. You’ll need to feed me when I get back. Hugs. Tonks On the next one, there was a photo of Tonks and the Missus in their swimsuits, by the pool. Tonks looked pretty damned cute, in a little pink suit and matching hair, but Mrs. Fudge was a little too roly-poly for her string bikini with Union Jacks emblazoned on it. In the photo, Tonks stood back a little from her charge, and made retching motions when the Missus wasn’t looking. On the back it read: Hello, Moony – I will be forever grateful for the care package. You can’t transfigure or conjure a damned bit of food here, and an alarm goes off if you try. Don’t ask me how I know that. I attacked the roast beef and the pumpkin pie, but the Missus sniffed out the chocolate and swiped it. Even so, it was much appreciated. Thinking of you. Tonks. The last one pictured Tonks and the Missus at a bellydancing class, dressed in some sort of floaty material and performing what appeared to be the Dance of the Seven Veils. If anything, Mrs. Fudge seemed to have gained weight on this trip, and Tonks – well, Tonks looked as though she weighed about 300 pounds. Remus flipped it over to read the back. It read: Dear Moony! Don’t I look awful? The Missus decided that the easiest way to appear thinner was to make me morph into a giant! Beats dieting, I suppose. Oh well – I’ll be home in a few days. Can’t wait to see you. Wish you were here. Tonks. Remus smiled to himself and placed her note, with the others, in the breast pocket of his jacket. “Wish you were here, too, Nymphadora,” he thought to himself. He hoped she would come to see him soon. (Did you enjoy this wee little chapter? I'd really appreciate a review, if you could. Thank you!!! Paloma)

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