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As always the start of this story is accredited to Miss_Moral, the first seven of her chapters are what I base my fic off of. And JKR is responsible for the other.

Sorry thing have taken so darned long. A series of un fun things happened after moving so I didn’t have much time but now I do so the chappies should be more frequent. Hope you like them…. And PLEASE Review. _morals…

By the time Harry was saying the new password to Llyr it was half past one.
He walked in to find every light in the Suite lit up and Hermione sleeping, book in hand In their favorite chair near the fire. He walked silently over picked up the book and after marking it he set it on the mahogany side table and gently picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. After laying her on her side of the bed he removed her slippers and robe placing them on the armchair in the corner. He then maneuvered the covers over her then after putting out their bedroom lights, and closing the door he went to check on Duncan.
Dobby was sleeping on a bed that Hermione had requested he have it was covered with his socks and hats and a quilt that Mrs. Weasley had made for him from old hats and socks that had become so badly tattered that they would no longer hold their place. Harry walked over to the cradle and found Duncan in a pair of deep maroon pajamas that he had never seen before. Duncan slept peacefully sucking on his fist and after a few minutes of watching this boy that meant every thing to him he was even more determined to make him and Hermione part of his life forever. Tomorrow during lunch he would go speak with Dumbledore about the ring, and a trip into muggle London. Maybe he could borrow Mr. Weasley’s car for the trip. The clock on Duncan’s chest of drawers chimed two and Harry decided that he could do no more so he left the sleeping Duncan and went to bed.

“Harry…Harry wake up! Harry your just dreaming, Wake up!”
He sat bolt upright with his wand in his hand ready for attack.
“Harry its ok… it was just a dream…” Hermione said as she gently put pressure on his wand hand lowering it.
“Wha…Where’s Duncan? Are you alright?” Harry sputtered as he quickly rose out of bed.
“Harry were fine, Duncan is in his room with Dobby. Really its ok.” Hermione said as she got up putting on her robe.
“I am still going to go check on him; I need to see he is ok.” Harry said as he replaced his shirt and walked out of the bedroom.

As they opened Duncan’s room they were surprised to find Winkie holding him and cooing softly to him.
“What are you doing here?” Harry asked forcefully.
“Harry she was just holding him. Winkie are you alright? May I have Duncan?” Hermione asked as she stepped in front of Harry fearing that he would get even more upset.

“Winky was hearing crying and wanted to see if the Gryffindor baby was ok.”

“Wha….Wait...What? The ‘Gryffindor’ Baby? What does that mean?” Harry asked stepping past Hermione.

Winky handed Duncan to Hermione then Crack she disappeared. Hermione held Duncan up and gave him a very long maternal embrace and a kiss as she went to set him back in his cradle she heard.

“Accio Bassinette.” From the living room.

She went to find Harry walking to their room with the bassinette following closely behind.

“Harry, what are you”

“He is not sleeping in a different room than us anymore. I want to make sure that he is ok. I won’t let it happen… I WON’T!” He shouted with finality.

“Harry what are you talking about? He is fine, nothing is wrong with him. Winky didn’t hurt him, Dobby was right there; he was just sitting on the bed watching Winky. They aren’t going to send another letter. We have all the windows and doors protected.”

“Not the letter! It’s not the blasted letter! I won’t let what happened to my Mum happen to you… I can’t. I love you too much!”

A/N : Yes I know its short. No I don’t have writers block. There will be another short one by mid week then they should be lengthening. Hope it was ok, PLEASE R&R…..morals

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