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Chapter 6: Potter’s Got Game

The first Quidditch game of the season. The weeks leading up to it are filled with anticipation, house spirit and of course, house rivalry.

Normally Amy and I don’t get into the whole pre game competitiveness mania that everyone else was so into, but this year was different. We were friends with two members of Gryffindor team, one being the captain. It was our duty to look out for them and the other team members. Besides if Sirius has taught us anything, hexing Slytherins was just plain fun.

I never realized how much the Gryffindor team went through trying to protect themselves around game time. As the days got closer, their rivals became more ruthless. James, the biggest target, being captain and all, was forced to start having meals in the kitchens when everyone was at the great hall after a nasty incident with his food being poisoned. Luckily it was the wrong goblet and Peter should have the correct amount of fingers by next week.

“Are you done with your copy of Witch Weekly?” Amy asked from two rows behind, and bit to the left as she put down the Daily Prophet.

“Yeah, make sure you read page twenty two” I told her as we exchanged reading materials by tossing them.

“I don’t even know why you guys came” Peter complained from a row ahead of me, turning his head. Remus looked guilty as he put away his book while sitting a few rows behind him and to my right.

I don’t know if this is obvious but we’d agreed to attend a Quidditch practice on the eve of game day as moral support. As we were the only ones in this box, we had spread out a bit.

“I’ve been watching a bit” I lied as I eyed an article on that new band, the Weird Sisters. “It’s just practices are so repetitive, Amy and I get really geared up and excited for the matches.” Wow that was a whopped of a fib.

“Right” Peter responded disbelievingly and turned back to the players flying about tossing a ball and whatnot. I smiled as I saw out of the corner of my eye that Remus had picked up his book again.

After another thirty minutes of constant attention and support, James’s loud voice telling everyone to dismount signaled the end of practice. We made our way to the field and waited outside the changing room.

“Good show” I greeted Sirius as he and the rest of his teammates came out freshly showered.

“Yes, you were utterly smashing” Amy agreed.

“I’m surprised you noticed” he laughed. Peter looked at us disapprovingly.

“Where’s James?” Amy asked, noticing before I did that everyone had exited the change room but him.

“He usually stays a practices a bit longer, says managing us gives less time for him to work on things himself” Sirius rolled his eyes. “He flies practically as much as we do”

“Should we wait for him?” I asked, hoping for a no answer since my stomach was growling.

“Nah, he said to go grab lunch and he’ll get something from the kitchens”

“Whoopee” Amy and I cheered together.

“Well I’m going to say goodbye to James first” Remus spoke up. Damn him, always ruining our hunger needs with his good friendship. We followed him reluctantly; I don’t think James would be that hurt if we didn’t say good-

Oh my!

“Whoa” Amy said and we stopped in our tracks.

I tilted my head to one side. “Suddenly I’m not hungry for food anymore” I announced.

I guess practice can get quite warm. Warm enough for removing ones shirt and Damn did James look good all sweaty and without his shirt.

Amy tilted her head as well and sigh wistfully “Lily Evans, you are a moron”

“Forget convicted felons, Quidditch captains are my new vice” I voiced. The sun was practically gleaming off him as he jogged across the field to grab that big ball that was resting next to the large hoop thing.

“He’s not a Greek God” Sirius exclaimed. Apparently he doesn’t realize how mushy a girl’s brains can get over pretty boys sometimes.

“They don’t make them this good in Greece” I answered him, transfixed and still continuously starring at the wonder that is James Potter

“Let’s skip saying goodbye, he looks rather busy” Remus suggested anxiously.

“What kind of friends would that make us?” Amy asked him accusingly.

James noticed us watching him practice and waved happily. We giggled and waved back.

“And birds say us blokes have a one track mind” Sirius noted as he roughly grabbed both our arms and dragged our reluctant selves along.

“But I wanna watch Quidditchhhhh” Amy whined. I began to pout.

He ignored out protests all the way to the Great Hall.


Tonight, still on the eve of game day Amy insisted that we all ate with James in the kitchens to get away from all the attempts on her life. A good plan but she failed to show up herself.

“Where’s Amy?” Remus asked as we were finishing up dessert.

I swallowed my cake. “No clue, she said she would be here soon.”

But more time passed and she still didn't manage to make an appearance

“You guys nervous?” I asked Sirius and James. I gave James a big flirty smile that seemed to make him uneasy.

“Why have they both been doing that all day?” he whispered to Sirius worriedly and I happened to overhear.

Sirius shrugged as he finished his pudding “I think they are planning to kill you mate”

“My question needs answering” I reminded them.

“Of course we’re not nervous, we’re the best players in the school” Sirius bragged while spraying out food everywhere as he talked. I really had to teach him to speak with his mouth closed before he makes me throw up one day.

Moments later we heard the entrance open and a gasp.

“The Hogwarts kitchen, wow” came Lily’s voice and we turned around and saw Amy leading her in. James sat up straight and wiped the ice cream from his mouth. Sigh, I would totally date the hell out of that boy based on what I’d seen today, Amy’s right Lily’s a moron for resisting this long. Perhaps we need to make her tag along to the next practice

Amy winked at me as she sat down and Lily looked around amazed. “Yeah, just a little discovery James showed us, he’s such a great friend” she cooed. Then she proceeded to ogle him for a moment before sighing dreamily.

James stood up and puffed his chest out as he strolled over to Lily. Oh boy this was going to be painful to watch. Or entertaining. Depends on how you look at it.


I was in shock; they talked, had a conversation, spoke, to each other, civilly, nicely, maybe even friendly and then left to go patrol or something. James didn’t make an ass out of himself and Lily didn’t do that thing where she gets all red in the face and crazy. Three jaws were on the ground, which would explain all the silence.

Amy leaned back in her chair with a satisfied smile “Just call me the lurrvee doctor.” She bragged.

I think there was a simultaneous eye roll from all of us.

“Alright ready for us to escort you back to the common room?” I asked Sirius in a sweet voice “We don’t want those Slytherin girls to try and lure you into a trap again” I teased.

He cringed remembering, if we hadn’t been near by, than the team would definitely be missing a player.

We headed back with only a few curses thrown at us but other than that we remained unbothered. That was until some crazily pale blond dude stepped in front of us. Behind him was Severus Snape, sneering but that was sort of normal.

“Shouldn’t you guys be hurrying off to bed, big day tomorrow and Black, I wouldn’t want you to be asleep when we destroy your team."

“Shove off Malfoy, I don’t feel like dealing with you tonight.” He replied with gritted teeth.

“Nor do I, I detest entangling myself with this kind of filth”

“Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing” Sirius spat with pure hatred in his voice.

I looked back and forth between them feeling slightly worried. But the Slytherins thankfully turned away and we did the same.

“Oh by the way Miss Springer” his voice drawled, I turned around, surprised that Blondie even knew my name. I raised an eyebrow in question.

“Congratulations on the return of your mother” he said with fake warmth.

“Err, right” I answered but he was already walking away, Snape trailing behind him giving Remus and Sirius a nasty look.

I stayed motionless as soon as his information set in, what in Godric’s name? How the heck did he know who I was? More importantly how does he know details of my personal life?

“Care to enlighten us as to what just happened?” Amy asked me.

“I have no clue” I replied quietly and turned to the guys and asked “Who the hell was that?

“Lucius Malfoy, major arrogant, prissy, and manipulative jackass” grumbled Remus. There was clear hatred in his voice as well as Sirius’s before.

"Good description" Amy commented. They both nodded angrily.

We headed back to the common room after that and Amy quickly changed the subject, but I was having a hard time putting what happened out of my head.


“Holy cow is it ever crowded!” Amy exclaimed after giving the evil eye to some younger students in the first row that made them scamper and cleared us some space. I sat down next to some kid with a Gryffindor flag and a major Quidditch fan ensemble. He looked at me suspiciously and I stared right back at him.

“Don’t you two usually sit in the back and read a magazine during the game” he said in a some what accusing tone.

Remus threw back his head and laughed “Oh I see, so when you said you guys were always excited to be watching the school games, I guess you may have exaggerated.”

“Uhhh…..of course we are huge Quidditch buffs” I said enthusiastically and yelled “GO GRIFFENDOR TEAM!” Everyone looked over at me and I realized no one was out in the pitch yet.

“So, big fan eh” I casually said to the crazy guy next to me, trying to be friendly. Big mistake, somehow I made the impression I wanted to hear predictions, quality of each player and a history of the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin games.

At long last I heard the voice of the announcer and the players started flying out. Everyone stood up and screamed while Amy and I just sat there. We looked at each other unsure of how to act. Finally we just shrugged our shoulders, jumped up and joined in.

30 minutes later

“WHOSE WINNING?” Amy screamed at me.

“NO ONE, NOBODY’S SCORED YET!” yelled Marv (the crazy fan guy).

45 minutes after that

The game was actually getting extra exciting, the players were ruthless on both sides. The Slytherins lost a beater to an….unfortunate misdirection of the bat on our beater's part but our keeper was flying a little oddly after a bludger to the back of his head.

“So wait, that’s a foul?” Amy questioned Marv who looked irritated at her lack of knowledge about the sport. Like we’ve had time to read the Quidditch rule book from front to back like he obviously has. We were able to talk normally now because through all the screaming seemed to have worn down due to people’s voices growing more horse.

After her question was answered, my best friend nudged me and we watched Lily watch the game, trying not to look too fascinated by Jame's flying. It was probably a difficult job because that guy was a master at it. Too bad about the uniform covering him up.

Also, from my observations and according to the giggling chit chatty girls behind me, Black wasn’t too bad either.

Wait, I was giggling chit chatter. Damn.

……..and 10 more minutes later

“FOUL, HE STOLE THE BALL RIGHT FROM HER HANDS!” I shrieked, sincerely outraged and oblivious to the fact that you are allowed to steal the Quaffle in that way.

Even Amy rolled her eyes at me. I think dear Marvin also started crying but I’m pretty sure it was out of joy not exasperation because the yelling started up again and got even louder since our team’s seeker had caught the snitch.

Go us. Whoo Whoo.


“I’M GOING TO GO PATROLLING!” Lily yelled over the cheering and shouting of the Gryffindor house.

“I’LL JOIN YOU” I yelled back. As much happy as I was for our team winning, there is only so much my ears could take. I looked for Amy but she and that fan kid who sat next to me during the game were chanting out some cheer they just made up.

We got outside the portrait and could still dimly hear the ongoing celebration. I was amused to see the fat lady with earmuffs on. It was doubtful anyone was out of bed to be scolded at so we fell into chat about the Quidditch game.

Lily actually had some knowledge about the fact and filled me in on some of the rules. I must never admit to the guys that I find Quidditch a little bit more interesting now or I’ll probably have to hear as much as I did for crazy Marc.

Those Slytherins must be sneaky as the snake that represents them because neither of us heard them approaching.

“Ahhh the goody mudblood and her irritating little half blood friend” a voice sneered from behind us.

We spun and faced Lucius Malfoy, the guy who I had never even spoken to before but seems to know who I am. It was disturbing to know that he knew facts about me.

“Didn’t you like, lose today, badly?” I asked. No need to start a conversation on a good note, he only had one friend with him so I doubted they’d be starting up a random duel with Hogwarts’ greatest Charms student right next to me.

I looked over at Lily, her fists were clenched. I could tell she really wanted to rag on him for being out after hours but he would probably challenge me being out there as well.

“Miss Spinger, I’ve been meaning to talk to you” he greeted me. He knew he’d already gotten to me earlier and was probably here to entertain himself with playing mind games. I wasn’t going to stand here an cater to his whim.

“Look I know you’re upset that you team sucks and everything but we were having a conversation so you can just slither away or whatever you guys do.” I told him in a bored voice.

He smiled before opening his big stupid ugly mouth again. I’m sorry I know I’m petty but this is our first chat and I really don’t like this guy.

“It’s too bad your silly mother fancied herself a poor muggle husband, or else you could have been born into respectable pureblood family, although since she up and left both of you I must rehash my comment of her being silly, more like temporarily insane.”

He was so going to push me over the edge. Has he not heard what happened to Kimberly Roberts? His nose seems to need a little rearranging. Or better yet boils all over his body.

“Lily” I said with my teeth gritted together “hand me your damn wand so I can teach this boy the meaning of go away

She looked at me worriedly, like I was going to blow any minute. Actually it was extremely surprising I had enough restraint to not be pummeling this scum by now. It was one thing to insult my mother but my dad was kind among dads.

He watched my reaction and laughed “But I hope you don’t think she returned because of you and your father, more likely because of another member of the family.”

I stopped and looked at him confused for a moment and wondered again about how did this idiot know so much about me? Also, the way he said those words, like he knew something I didn’t.

I was conflicted, part of me felt like grabbing a reluctant Lily’s wand and blasting him inside out while the other part wanted to ask him what he was talking about. I stayed silent and let my anger boil but before I could react, he gave another cruel laugh and walked away. For the best, my cursing isn’t actually up to par.

I stared after him wondering, what I should do?

“Paige?” Lily asked “Are you alright? You shouldn’t listen to that git, he is just spreading his brand of hatred and feeding you lies to mess with your head”

I gave her cheery smile. “Of course, but he mustn’t go unpunished for this, I have a feeling if we mention what he called you to James, we’ll just have to sit back and watch as our revenge plays out.”

She turned pink.

I started to make my way to the common room with Lily behind me, I headed straight for James as soon as I got there, told him part of what happened and left him already brewing with ideas. I managed to sneak up to the girl's dormitory unnoticed so I could have some time to myself.

I had an important letter to write.


A/N: Wow I think that was the longest time ever that it took for me to update. School started a few weeks ago so I can put some of the blame on that. Now that I’m back in the swing of things, I’ll try to keep the chapters coming faster. I know this one is short but my next couple should be a lot longer. The reviews have been great and encouraging, so thanks once again.

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