The Cross-Over That night, at a quarter to three, Hermione Granger came and sat next to the graveyard, by the old oak tree Viktor had told her about. She was wearing her mother’s wedding dress, and was carrying a little bag with her. But Krum was nowhere in sight. So, she waited. And she waited. And she must have waited for about and hour, when, in the darkness, she saw a silhouette coming towards her. Her heart started pounding so hard… “Viktor?” she asked. The person came closer and closer to her. Then, before she could get her wand, she heard a familiar voice saying: “Avada Kedavra.” The darkness suddenly became a bright light for Hermione, and she felt that all her muscles had betrayed her. She couldn’t hear a thing anymore… It was just like she had fainted… Then, the light started to dissapear, and she saw her whole life passing before her eyes: her first years; the moment she found out she was a witch; her first time on the Hogwarts Express; the first time she met Harry and Ron; the troll in the girls' bathroom; the basilisk; the Triwizard Tournament; the Yule Ball; her first kiss; the Order of the Phoenix; Sirius’s death; her fights with Ron in year six; the battle in which Snape turned out to be a Death Eater; Fleur and Bill’s wedding; her first kiss with Ron; the final battle; the funerals of Ron, Harry and all the others who had been killed by Death Eaters; the lonelinss she had felt in her last years; the night she had spent in the graveyard; the high hopes she had had that day…Then, she crossed over. * “Viktor, where is the key?” Viktor Krum’s friend asked. “I don’t know… Ah! She’s got a bag!” “Is it in there?!?” “Yes!!! Oh, my God, I’m rich!” “You mean we’re rich!” “Yeah, yeah, WE’RE rich!” “What do we do with the girl?” “We’re next to the graveyard, aren’t we?” Viktor Krum lifted Hermione’s dead body from the ground, using a simple spell, and took it inside the graveyard. “Where do we burry her?” his friend asked. “See that grave?” Viktor asked while pointing at Ron Weasley’s grave. “Right next to it”. * The next morning, Viktor Krum and his friend were both rich. * Hermione opened her eyes, only to find herself up on a hill. Everything around her was so solid: the grass, the trees, the clouds, everything. “Hermione!” she heard a familiar voice shouting from behind her. She turned around: Ron, Harry and Fred were all there. Hermione couldn't believe her eyes. "Oh, my God! RON, HARRY... FRED?!? Oh, my God!" she yelled as loud as she could. Hermione ran straight to Ron, and jumped into his arms. He put his right hand on her cheek and kissed her lips so tenderly that the girl was now sure she wasn't just dreaming. Then, she hugged Harry and Fred. With tears of joy in her eyes, she asked them: “WHAT HAPPENED?!? I thought you were all DEAD!” “We are! And so are you!” “W-WHAT?!? “That no-good Viktor Krum killed you!” Ron said. "K-KILLED me?!? VIKTOR?!? But... WHY?!? "He wanted your Gringotts key, Hermione!" answered Harry. Hermione thought about it for a few moments, and then she realized she didn’t even care about that! Breathing heavily, she remebered about the others and asked: “Where are Tonks and Lupin? And Luna? And Sirius?” she asked. “They’re all at the Burrow, expecting you!” Ron said. “E-Expecting me?!?” “Well… yeah…” “You KNEW I was going to die?!?” “Well… yeah! If Krum hadn’t killed you, you would have died of a pneumonia a few days from now…” Fred said. * Hermione Granger was reunited with the people she loved. She was finally together with Ron, Harry, Fred, Luna, Lupin, Tonks, Dumbledore, and Sirius. She even met Harry’s parents! Hermione never did regret her own death...

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