The night of revelation {Give me a reason to believe that you're gone I see your shadow so I know they're all wrong} A loud noise filled the room, and Hermione had the feeling that somebody was holding her hand. She woke up and opened her eyes: there was nobody around… Just the shadows of the trees outside, moving in the rhythm of the wind… She had dreamt about the night of the final battle... Could that sound have been a part of her dream? Or… maybe it was the sound of thunder and lightning! “No… It couldn’t have been! Thunder doesn’t sound that way!” she thought to herself. And what about the feeling that somebody was holding her hand? What was that? Why did she have so much energy in herself? She felt the need to scream, but she managed not to make a sound. Hermione suddenly got out of bed, and went to the other side of the room in such a rush that she blew out some of the candles enlighting her room. She opened the door, and ran down stairs. She rushed out of her parents’ house, with nothing on but her night-gown. Hermione had no idea where she was going or why. She just felt the need to run, to get all that energy out of her… Running to nowhere, she realized she was really running in the direction of the old graveyard. Did she really want to go there? Or did she prefer to change direction? Nothing was rational anymore: what was she doing, out there, all alone in the middle of the night, soaked beacause of the terrible rain, and dressed only in her nigh-gown; running around like a crazy person? She didn’t even care anymore… {Moonlight on the soft brown earth It leads me to where you lay} Hermione entered the empty graveyard, and went straight to Ron Weasley’s grave. When she reached it, she just fell on the ground, with her hands around the grave-stone, and started crying: “Ron…” Thunder and lightning stroke somewhere, close to the graveyard. Hermione didn’t even notice. “Please… Come back…” she whispered while crying. The rain was falling harder and harder with each moment that passed (or at least it seemed that way for the girl laying next to the grave!). “And Harry… Tonks… Lupin… PLEASE! I can’t handle it all on my own!!! I DON’T WANNA BE ALONE… DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE!!!… Please…” she whispered and screamed in the same time. She missed them all… The few years she had spent without her loved ones were Hell on Earth for her. She became cold and insensitive, because, otherwise, her own feelings would have killed her. All that guilt… all that hate and all that love… Nobody could face a lifetime of loneliness, dominated by these feelings… It was all too much for her young heart to cope with! But she couldn’t keep her emotions tied up anymore. It was absolutely impossible. She had to free them. "Please... I love you, all.... so much... come back to me... please..." That night, Hermione Granger fell asleep while crying on her dead lover’s grave; dripping because of the rain she didn’t even notice existed… * A few warm rays of light woke Hermione up the next morning. She opened her eyes and saw that she was laying on the wet earth surrounding a grave. Then, she remembered what had happened that night… The grave-stone was warm, and the Earth was very soft and comfortable (or at least they felt that way to her). Tired, she closed her eyes again. For the first time in years, she didn’t see something that would upset her after closing them (deaths and grave-stones). This time, she just felt something she thought she’d never feel again: Ron’s warm embrace and the presence of Harry, Luna, Tonks and Lupin… She was not alone anymore… she felt she was safe from all harm, just like she did years before… * The girl woke up again, later that day. This time, she got up, and slowly walked home. Little drops of water fell from her night-gown and hair, on her parents’ clean carpets. Fortunately, nobody was home (her mum and dad were both at work). Hermione decided to have a shower… After washing up, she went to the kitchen and had a late breakfast, and then she went to her room to tidy up. She was finally at peace with herself. She saw the sun shinning outside her window: it was the brightest sun she had seen in years! She opened her windows to let the fresh air come inside. Hermione’s heart was finally cured of the hate and guilt the final battle had left her with. The only thing that remained from the past was her love, which was now stronger than ever. That was a feeling she knew would never go away. The loneliness she had felt the past few years would never be a part of her again. {Even in death our love goes on} * There was only one problem left: her wedding to Viktor Krum. Should she, or should she not marry Viktor?!? She didn’t love him. But, on the other hand, she knew she would always be in love with Ron Weasley; no matter what. So… getting married to someone for love was now impossible for her… The decision was hers.

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