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Chapter five: Lily’s mistake and Remus’s betrayal James…James…James… Lily was tossing and turning, her mind was filled with troubling thoughts; thoughts she never knew existed. And the idea kept spinning, flipping over and over in her mind like a large golden coin. But she couldn’t get rid of it. James…James…James It was there, like a splinter in her mind, to tiny to see, but it was there, and it wouldn’t show itself. That word, that stupid word she couldn’t get rid of. James…James…James Her dreams were telling her something, but she couldn’t grasp it. What was it? The puzzle pieces in her mind were connecting and a realization was found, but she couldn’t see it, it was there, but she couldn’t see it. “James…James…James!” Lily’s eyes violently blinked open, her head that’d been shaking back and forth in a tumult of dreams looked up wildly, starring into the sleeping face of James Potter. “JAMES!” James instantly shook abruptly awake, muttering and stuttering about not wanting to get up. When his laziness was pushed aside and he opened his eyes, he only kindly smiled at Lily. Lily’s pupils turned to hard black marbles when reality came crashing down on her. I’m sleeping on James’s lap. I’m holding James’s hand. I’m sleeping on his lap and holding his hand... I’M GOING TO KILL HIM! “James!” she cried, sitting up besides him and looking at him with an eye of incredulousness. “Oh geez, what time is it?” James queried, stretching himself out like a cat. “James! Why was I laying on your lap, and why are you holding me hand!” James stretched more furiously, yawning now, “hmm…good question, why were you?” Lily gave a low bellow, throwing her hands up in the air with tense knuckles, “Oi! James, what did you do!” “Nothing!” he said offended, “you were the one who did all that.” “Don’t be ridiculous James, of course I didn’t” she sneered, skepticall. “Yeah well you wouldn’t remember now would you?” “What do you mean?” Lily asked curiously. “I mean, you were asleep when you did. I came over here to wake you up, but when I sat down you took my hand and…well put your head down and feel back asleep.” Lily looked away for a moment, “Oh…” “I take it this has happened before” “Yeah, I have a tendency to do move around in my sleep” “Well you also talk too,” he stated rather bluntly. “Oh…” she said distantly, repeating the line from before. “I didn’t mean for it happen like this you know” “It’s ok, I…I understand” “As do I, it’s like I said before, you can’t help the fact that your totally and completely in love with me!” Lily gave a deep moan, “Good bye James!” she called, walking out of the portrait hole and slamming it shut. James walked back to his dorm where as usual on a Saturday morning all the boys were still asleep, all except two. “Oh, are the two love birds awake?” sneered a scathing voice from Sirius. “Shut it, I don’t need that now” “James, what did you do?” Remus asked, a stern look on his face. “Nothing! Why does everyone accuse me of doing something wrong!” “Because you always do, do something wrong!” “ugh!” James rolled his eyes, walking over to his desk drawer and pulling out a slip of parchment. Remus held a confused look, “what are you doing?” “Sending her another letter.” He exclaimed, walking passed them and heading for the door. “Oh yes, and this one’s a good one too, I must say” Sirius sniped, crossing his arms and raising an impish grin. “You read my letter!” James cried, irked and vexed. “I believe the words ‘duffer’, ‘prat’, ‘ugly’, and ‘suck-up’ were used quite repeatedly in it!” Sirius called joyously. Remus gave James an incredulous look of shock, “You aren’t seriously thinking of sending that to Lily are you?” “It’s my letter, I can write what ever the bloody hell I want to in it.” “James you could seriously end up hurting her!” “I don’t care! My plan isn’t working so I’ve GOT to go extreme!” James was reaching for the handle of the door when Remus said, “You’ve gone way too far James, and as much as I hate to do this, I have to-PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!” Remus yelled, directing his wand at James who instantly fell to the floor. Remus bent over and picked up the letter from the paralyzed James, “I’m real sorry you know, but I have to” Remus walked out of room, but not before he set fire to the letter, and headed for Lily. Sirius just sauntered over to James, a curious smile on his handsome face, “Well…would love to help, but I have a very hot girl to attend to!” Sirius just stepped over him, walking straight after Remus. James tried to scream and call out to anyone, but only muffled cries echoing from his closed mouth escaped him, he knew it would be quite a while before anyone could help him. ********** Fifteen minutes later as Remus skidded to a halt he found Lily quietly reading in the library. “Lily!” Remus ran over towards her, breathless and panting. Lily looked up from her book, her hair straying down in her eyes, “What?” Remus rushed over to her, breathing hard, “Lily….look I had to tell but-the letters are getting so terrible-my friend-see he’s sending-getting so terrible-had to tell-had to stop-couldn’t let you get hurt…” Remus cried, breathlessly panting and saying it all so fast Lily had to take a moment to process what he was saying. Remus was still panting, waiting for a reply when Lily’s confused expression to that of shocked one. “You’re talking about my pen pal?” “Yes, see he’s…” “Remus!” she screamed, not letting him finish and throwing her arms around him, “Remus, why didn’t you tell me sooner!” Remus’s mouth hung open, his brows furrowed deeply together, “Tell you what?” “Oh Remus!” she laughed jokingly, throwing her head back, “Tell me that you’re my pen pal!” “Wait, no…no I’m not…” But Lily wouldn’t let him finish, “It’s ok! You don’t have to pretend anymore, I know you were just nervous that I wouldn’t like you! But I couldn’t be more happier that it’s you!” “Lily no, seriously, I’m not…” “Look I can’t talk now! I have to go…and tell someone!” she twittered, a broad smile buttered daintily on her silken skin. Lily burst out of the library echoing as she went, “I’ll meet up with you later!” Remus stood there for a moment, his heart pounding, shivering thoughts impregnating his body… Lily likes me… ******** James gave a deep scowl, as Peter helped him up. “I’m going to KILL Remus!” he bellowed, stretching out his stiff joints. “I’m sure he only had the best intentions in mind” “Don’t you give me that!” he snapped, his eyes glowing with a fierce twinge of green. “But James…!” he called, but James could not longer hear him, he was stomping his way down the stairs. “WHERE IS HE!” he barked, as Sirius bumped into him at the Great Hall. “No time for that, we have to go!” “I’m not leaving till…” “Don’t be stupid, we have a Hogsmead trip today! And besides, Veronica said she’s bring a friend for you!” Sirius eyed a large breasted girl who smiled sweetly at him. James growled, “I have to find…” “Later, later! Now come on, the class is about to leave!” Sirius gave James a hard push on the back and shoved him forward. “This is going to be fun!” ********** Rain poured down from every direction, surging from the overwhelming tufts of endless grey clouds. The rain that’d been gushing down in buckets for weeks it seemed, never ceasing, upholding it’s power and merciless to autumn’s cool climates. Torrents of water hit the paved road like tin bullets, shooting up steaming cold mists of fog into the air. The wind whipped raucously through the air, and not a soul walked for more than a second down its cold, wet roads. Sirius, Veronica and her friend, and a very reluctant James stepped foot inside the Three Broomsticks, shaking over the pellets of water from their coats and hair. The four sat down at a table, laughter rose up and imbued the air, the smell of butter beer and warm food suffocating their nostrils. A roar of laughter erupted from a table near by and James caught out of the corner of his eye, Remus, sitting with a group of people. At once James rose up in a torrent of anger from his seat, a seething fury storming inside him, his wand pulled out sharply to his side, ready for anything. Steadily he paced bravely towards the group, twitching with throbs of anger at each hearty laugh that discharged from Remus’s mouth. And just a split second before he was about to call out with rage, he noticed quickly the person sitting next to him. Lily. James stopped dead in his tracks, his fist still tightly clenched around his wand, but now he was paralyzed, he couldn’t move, he was completely nonplussed, stunned, he couldn’t think, he couldn’t breath, all he could do was stand and watch. Lily was sitting comfortably next to Remus, and she was…. James’s eye twitched at the thought…fondling him. She was stroking his hair in the most affectionate way, smiling deeply into his eyes and every so often giving him kisses on the cheek. For the first time James thought he might actually cry. One of his best friends had completely betrayed him, and had taken the only girl he had ever truly desired. James stood quite still around the hubbub, his breathing becoming erratic and with each gasp finding it more and more difficult to breath. His eyes glazed over, starring at nothing but the thought that kept reeling in his head. Remus gave a jovial laugh but his face completely fell when he saw James standing and looking at him. And the fact that James could do nothing but stare scared him more than anything else. His face turned solemn and when James finally looked up at him, and Remus engaged into those deep hazel eyes, he could see everything, he knew what he’d done, and he knew what James would do. “Remus, what’s the matter? You look as if someone’s just died!” Lily worried, a fretting crease hovering between brows. When he didn’t reply, she looked deeply into his eyes, but found he was starring at something. Lily turned her head to see what he was looking at. “Oh James!” she called, but her voice fell flat when she saw the same expression that Remus wore on James. “uh..” she sighed, not knowing what to, looking back and forth between the two and trying to find the connection. “Well James, I have good news!” she sounded, trying to brighten things up, “I’ve discovered who my pen pal was! It’s Remus!” James gave a distinct sputter of a cough; he couldn’t catch his breath. James tore his eyes away from Remus, a crestfallen sadness in his eyes, “Well Evans, best of luck to the both of you” he said flatly. Remus’s pupils widened a bit more, and as James turned to leave he cried, “James wait!” James stood with his back to them for a while, his eyes closed hardly shut and thinking and trying not to scream. He gave a loud sigh, turning back around, and his mouth was in menacing grin, “Wait? For what? You’ve got it Remus, best of luck to you. I hope your really, really happy!” his teeth clenched in bitterness. “James, what’s the matter?” Lily tried, worried. He gave a sour look, “Evans…. Evans, Evans, Evans!” he fleered, throwing his hands into the air, “ When will you ever learn! Not every thing comes in a nice neat little package!” Lily sat and watched him leave, something wasn’t right, what had he meant by a ‘nice, neat little package’? Surely he wasn’t talking about Remus…surely… James stormed out of the bar into the cold rain. Remus instantly stood up and ran after him. A light flickered in her eyes, before she ran out into the freezing rain after Remus and James, a light that illuminated her mind, that showed the puzzle piece in full form, but it was gone after that moment. It disappeared and it wouldn’t come back. Lily took small quick strides keeping up with the boys whose legs were far longer compared to her tiny little ones. The rain pounded down on them, letting out its fury like the thrash of a drum, its ominous hands sounding down on their heads. Not much could be seen through the thick amount of rain but when Lily did take care to notice where they were going she saw that they were heading directly for the shrieking shack. (ah…the shrieking shack, this should make things interesting, and I do love a good love triangle, don’t you think? Ah, don’t fret, this is STILL a lily and James story, NOT Lily and Remus, I promise you. As you can see, Remus ALSO has a thing for Lily, but the question is, will he give her up? Hmm…you’ll have to wait and see! I’m going to hurry with the next chapter but I have loads of schoolwork to do, school is such a bugger. Anyways…I hope I’ve not left you on such a sour note, well until then…tata!)

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