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I'm glad you guys are enjoying my story.....this was a really fun chapter to write....I'm sorry about making Professor O'Riley so mean, but I doing for character development, she's been lonely for fifteen years, and she has a lot of bitter feeling pinned up, give her a chance. Anyways......Keep reading and reviewing and I'll have another chapter up soon. Nothing is my Own! ***************************************************
Chapter Seven: Detention Woes
As the Great Hall began to clear from the dinner crowd, Harry Potter glanced over at his best female friend, Hermione Granger. “It’s all your fault you know, if you didn’t have to be so outspoken then we wouldn’t have detention tonight,” she said, noticing his eyes resting on her. “You can’t blame it on me, I didn’t tell that foul git O’Riley to give you detention,” Harry spat back. Hermione rolled her eyes and jerked her head away from Harry. “It’s only a detention,” Ron said quietly. Harry didn’t respond to Ron, he was afraid he’d say something he shouldn’t then he’d have both his best friends mad at him. “Hello Harry,” said the annoying friendly voice of Cho Chang. “Hi,” Harry replied bluntly wishing she’d quit talking to him. Cho bit her bottom lip, “Madame Hooch wanted me to tell you that there is a captain’s meeting tonight at eight.” “Tell her I can’t make it, I have detention,” he replied without looking at her. “Oh Harry, you have to be there. It’s mandatory,” Cho argued. Harry shook his head, “What? Do you think I would rather go to detention.” Cho was turning red, and not a blushing cute red, “Harry Potter, don’t you dare snap at me! I was merely sent to deliver you a message, being you are the Gryffindor’s team captain and all. BUT if you would rather get yourself into trouble and not take your responsibilities seriously that’s your choice. Don’t blame me when you lose your precious Quidditch cup. YOU’RE THE WORST QUIDDITCH CAPTAIN I’VE EVER SEEN!” Before Harry had a chance to respond she had stormed off. “Two for two,” Ron snickered. “Shut-up,” Harry said coldly watching Cho pushed her way though the Great Hall doors. Hermione gathered her books together quickly and looked over at Harry, “If you're done being rude to people we need to get going, we’re going to be late.” Harry flashed Hermione an annoyed look but got up and followed her out of the hall. As they rounded the corner and entered the Defense Against the Dark Arts class room Harry was reminded of the previous year when Umbridge had scarred the back of his hand with her magical quill. He could only wonder what Professor O’Riley had in store for him. “Your late,” said an eerie voice. “No we’re not, Professor, we still have two minutes,” Hermione defended. Professor O’Riley walked quickly towards the two students, “If you look at the clock you will clearly see you are late.” Harry started to say something but Hermione nudged him hard in the stomach and made him loose his breath. “Miss Granger, Professor Flitwick is rearranging his classroom and I’ve been told you're quite good at charms. Report to his class and help him with whatever he needs,” Professor O'Riley said quickly, almost allowing a little bit of kindness to seep into her voice. “Yes, Professor,” Hermione said politely. She gave Harry a warning glare before she left. Professor O’Riley let a smile slip across her face. “She’s not my girlfriend if that’s what you’re thinking,” Harry said boldly. “I know she’s not Mr. Potter, or shall I call you Harry?” Professor O’Riley said quickly before her smile faded. “I’ve been told that you received a detention from Professor Snape today also. That is going to be cancelled. You’ll write me and Professor Snape a four page essay on proper respect towards your superiors,” Professor O’Riley said swiftly. “Snape isn’t my superior,” Harry snapped. Professor O’Riley turned her head back towards Harry, “So, hate does cross generations. Your father would have said something similar had been in your situation.” “You knew my father?” Harry said suddenly. Professor O’Riley nodded, “Yes, I knew him well.” Before Harry could ask another question the professor had retreated into her office leaving behind a scroll and a quill for Harry to write on. He quickly took his seat and dipped his quill into his ink bottle. He slowly began to write watching the back of his hand, just in case.
** Proper Respect Towards my Professors**
Harry paused still thinking about what Professor O’Riley had said about his father. It wasn’t news to him that his father hated Snape. It was that look in her eyes when she said she had known his father, she knew had known him well.
I should not talk back to my professors when they are instructing class. I should also not question their punishments.
“Snape should appreciate that line,” Harry said hatefully. Time passed quickly as Harry continued to write, when he had finished the better part of four scrolls he simply pulled out his wand and muttered a duplication spell Hermione had taught him. “There, that should do,” Harry said a bit proud of himself. He slowly walked up those familiar stairs leading to the Defense Professor’s office. He had now seen the office under four different professors, and this time was no different. It reminded him of Lupin’s office a bit, only emptier. Not at all what he expected from Professor O’Riley. “Professor?” Harry called out, but she wasn’t there. He let his eyes race around the room. A Pensieve sat exposed on a bookshelf, and a few papers were scattered around her desk. Harry walked towards her desk with his scrolls and set them down when something caught his eye. Faithfully Yours, Remus Lupin “Something catch your attention, Mr. Potter?” he heard from behind, startling him. “You know Professor Lupin?” Harry asked. Professor O’Riley nodded, “I do.” “How?” Harry pushed. “That isn’t for you to know, Mr. Potter, have you finished your scrolls?” Harry didn’t take his eyes off her. She walked over to her desk and picked up the eight pieces of rolled parchment. “Very well, you're dismissed for the evening,” she said, motioning him towards the door. “So you knew my father and Professor Lupin?” Harry said without moving. “I’ve already answered that question Mr. Potter.” Harry watched her carefully, “Did you know Sirius Black?” “I see you have not been taught the art of deductive reasoning. If you had you would have already deduced that if I knew your father and Remus Lupin then I must have known Sirius Black,” she replied, emotionless. “So you did?” Harry pushed. “Good evening, Mr. Potter,” Professor O’Riley signaled that the conversation was over. “How did you know them?” “I said, good evening, Mr. Potter,” she said more coldly. Harry turned on his heels and stormed out of Professor O’Riley’s office. He let his frustration carry him back to the Gryffindor common room. “Password?” the fat lady asked. “Whomping Willow,” Harry muttered as he was allowed passage. His feet carried over to a corner chair where he allowed himself to collapse. “Harry!” Parvati waved happily from over near the fire, she was sitting with Seamus and Lavander. Harry tried to act like he didn’t hear her, but she didn’t give up so easily. She walked over towards him smiling, “Did you finish your divination homework?” “No,” he said shortly. “You can copy mine if you’d like,” she offered. “Uh, thanks,” Harry said trying to act appreciative. Parvati turned back towards Lavender and Seamus, “Aren't they sickening to watch?” “Who?” Harry asked a bit confused. Parvati let out a frustrated sigh, “All these couples, they're everywhere!” “I haven’t really noticed,” Harry confessed. Parvati looked shocked, “How could you not! I mean with Ron and Hermione.” “What about them?” Harry asked, even more confused. Parvati pulled out her wand and summoned a chair and took a seat, “Isn’t it obvious, they're dating.” Harry shook his head, “No they're not, I’d know if they were dating, believe me, Parvati.” “Not if they were trying to keep it a secret,” she teased. Harry now was starting to get a bit concerned, “Why would they want to do that?” “Oh come off it, Harry. Everyone knows that you, Ron and Hermione are connected at the hips. They're afraid you're going to be upset. Two’s a company, three’s a crowd.” Harry went silent for a moment, he had never really thought about Ron and Hermione together, he wasn’t sure how he felt. “Have you seen them together or anything?” “No, but Hannah Abbott says she saw them holding hands on their way to the last prefect meeting,” Parvati giggled. “That doesn’t mean anything,” Harry said, unconvinced. Parvati gave him an evil grin, “Neither does this, then, I guess.” She leaned in close and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “See you around,” Parvati ran towards the girl's dormitory stairs. “Women,” he muttered under his breath feeling very confused. “DID SHE JUST KISS YOU?” Ginny yelled from across the room. Harry felt his face going red as he made eye contact with the youngest Weasley. “Why Mr. Potter, I think you’re blushing,” she laughed. Harry motioned her over, “You don’t think anyone else saw, do you?” Ginny looked around the room at all the eyes focused over towards their direction, “Maybe not, but I’m sure everyone heard when I yelled it out.” Harry dropped his head, “Thanks a lot, Ginny.” “I guess I should tell you about the captain’s meeting,” Ginny said changing the subject. “Huh?” Harry asked confused. “Well, I heard your conversation with Cho today, and I decided I’d fill in for you so you wouldn’t look so irresponsible in front your, uh….lady friend,” she started laughing again. “What’s so funny?” Harry said annoyed. “Well, I thought you still had a thing for Cho, but I see tonight that I was wrong,” she pestered. She’s getting as bad as Fred and George, Harry thought to himself. “Anyways, your tryouts are Friday at four sharp,” Ginny told him. Harry took note. “Thanks Ginny, I owe you one.” “As long as you don’t repay me with one of those Potter kisses,” she teased again. Ginny made a motion to get up when Harry suddenly stopped her. “Do you think Ron and Hermione are going out?” he asked suddenly. “Oh Harry,” Ginny laughed and walked away.

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