By noon, everyone in the castle, servants, musicians, and cooks were all waiting on the steps to the castle. Waiting at the bottom of the stairs, much to Sicily’s dismay was India, a Lady from the Northern Country. A skinny, beautiful brunette with eyes of dark chocolate. She wore a breath-taking dress of lavender. She was the twinkle in everyone’s eyes while the King and the Prince have not arrived, for she was the bride to be.

All along the main road are people who have stopped their businesses or chores to come out and see the Prince. Word spread through town just moments ago that they were not but two miles away.

After what seemed like an eternity, we heard a loud roar run through the crowd on the opposite end of the street. At first, we can only see the caravan carrying the riches they have brought back from China.

And then we can just see two figures, side by side, on horseback. I could see their bright red robes from a half a mile up the road.

They rode down the street, and as they drew closer, I could see them much better. The king was smug as ever, long hair pulled back, but then I saw the Prince.

I found that I could not breathe. He had the most entrancing eyes, blue as the deepest oceans I have ever seen. His hair was as light as the silk sheets on their beds. He smiled at the crowd, waving and calling out phrases to a few people. I tore my eyes away and glanced at the King, who rolled his eyes at the Prince, and stared ahead.

They dismounted; two stable boys came forward and took the horses. The King immediately walked over to his counsels and began to speak quietly with them.

Sicily rolled her eyes and turned her back to the Prince, who had India wrapped in his arms tightly.


The Prince was born and raised in this castle until he was fourteen. The King and Queen kept him in the castle at all times, for at that time, we were at war with a land to the east called Stratford. They had wanted our land to build a new and bigger port for ships form Egypt. This would have meant our town would have been torn down and rebuilt, something no one here could bear, let alone afford. We rebelled-they invaded. They took the Queen and the Prince in the middle of the night back to a secret area just outside of Startford. And that is where they stayed.

The Prince escaped the imprisonment, a deadly risk. He stayed in the secret palace in Western China, whom we are close allies with. That is where he has been. The King has spent the past three years on his own, planning an invasion on Stratford to regain our Queen. He met the Prince and the Emperor in China and now they are returning, making the biggest scene in all of our country’s history, for this is a story to be told for generations to come. The Prince of our half of the country has escaped the strongest superpower in the world and now, we are about to stage to biggest comeback in our history.


As soon as the Prince, the King and India were back in the castle, the maids, servants and cooks were sent back into the castle. My duty at the moment was to pick fresh roses from the garden for the guest rooms. On any other day, I would have been happy to do so, but today, I found India and Draco were circling the gardens.

As the neared me, I ducked behind one of the porch pillars, just out of sight, though I could still hear them talking. I shuffled through the bushels of roses to hide my eavesdropping.

“I must say, India,” the prince’s deep voice was very gentle, “it is a pleasure meeting you. I was getting anxious to meet you ever since we began writing. You are even more beautiful than what my father described.”

I peered around the pillar to find them walking a few feet in front of me. India pretended to blush.

“Why thank you, Draco,” she said a little too sweetly. “You are certainly charming.” Draco had raised her hand to his lips and kissed it. She began circling her, and Draco was looking her up and down. “Now, my father and I were discussing the changes we would like to see made once you and I rule the settlement. Now first of all . . .”

Draco starred her in the face. “Wait a moment. You are already deciding what we are going to do when we are in the throne?” His voice was calm, but his face was quizzical. “But my father has not had the throne for half a decade. His time is long but finished!”

“I understand that, Draco. But we must be prepared! Anything could go wrong at anytime! Our armies could fall at moment! And what should happen if something is to come of your mother? What if she is hurt? We would need a new queen . . .”

“Do you believe that if something happens to my mother, that my father would remarry?”

“Well, Draco, we cannot have a country with out a queen, so either he would have to remarry,” she said this rather quickly, “or your father would pass the throne over to you!”

“I see now. You want my mother dead, so you can be queen faster.”


Draco backed away between the rose bushes and down through the barracks. As he came closer, I ducked back into the gardens.

“Draco,” India said, warningly. “Come back here.”

She began down the path between the roses right towards me.

I stood and turned back into the porch between the pillars and the palace. I began to run, but I soon found myself smacked against th cement floor, the Prince opposite me, the roses sprawled between us. I sat slowly, the Prince sat up more hurriedly. He crawled towards me and began picking up some of the flowers.

“Oh no, I am deeply sorry,” he mumbled. I pulled his arms away, smiling.

“It is alright” I said. “It was my fault, Prince Draco." I realzied I was blushing. "I’m so sorry for running into you! Did I hurt you? Oh I am so sorry…”

“Calm down, it’s alright!” Draco was now smiling.

“Oh, please, Draco,” India said, strolling up to us with her arms crossed. “It is just a maid, you need not pay attention to her. Look at the filth on her dress! It is disgusting…”

“You are excused, India,” Draco said, looking cross. She gaped at him for a moment before storming into the palace.

“I am sorry, Prince Draco,” I said, gathering the roses into my arms. “I should have been more cautious, I wasn’t looking where I was going…”

“Nor was I,” the Prince said, handing me the remaining roses. “It was as much my fault as it was yours!”

“I best be going, I need to put these in vases…” I began to walk away after bowing to the Prince.


I turned to see the Prince running to catch up to me. “You know me, but I do not know you.”

I stared at him for a moment, the thorns of the roses digging into my skin. I broke out in a smile.

“My name is Ginny. Ginny Weasley.”

Draco took hold of my free hand and kissed it, is lips a whisper on my skin.

“It is a pleasure, Ms. Weasley.”

I turned and headed back into the palace, grinning.


I know the story is moving along kinda slowly, but believe me, there is a lot more Ginny/Draco stuff to come!!!

thanks to my reviewers!!

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